Local Police Begin Crack Down on Illegal Handicapped Parking 6/13 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 3

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Wednesday, June 13th

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News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Where were among the bet rear where in that top 100 somewhere we just got her results are doing very well yeah actually certainly time for big break. An ex beatle. He's combo hourly you normally would have edit. Radler read yeah. Just go to charm is great fuel battles and David Bellamy rest assured that history will Mabry was okay. It's the hourly and they'll be that. Well yesterday so I was really disappointed on news radio 930 WD. It is. Hourly ability. And is ready and I'm thirty WB. ET and met. Welcome to the show it before we get into the annex part of the program. David something interest thing is happening in California. So they actually are gonna have any referendum in November and I don't know legally binding this referendum is going to be your whether it's gonna have any teeth to it. But basically the state we know is California. Kurt actually be split into three different entities now that's interesting because around these here parts for a long time. People of one of the unshackled. Upstate New York from New York City so we can be rid of the likes of Andrew Cuomo. I don't really blame those people at all what's happening California is you know fomented for a very long time you've got. Basically your between two states in California you've got the state of San Francisco. And the state of Los Angeles. And everyone else in between. And there's a lot of folks that worked real hard that don't have the same eye view of ideals her. Outlooks on life is as the folks do on the coastal areas there's a lot of money there there's life influence there. But northern California which would include. Basically San Francisco and Sacramento would be northern California. Southern California and then moderate to Los Angeles would be called California. Fresno to San Diego would be called southern cal or go to be called Mexico Bret well here's the thing it's crazy about this they have enough. To put it as a referendum. You need a lot of signatures to get a lot of that this is not just a pipe dream I mean you'd think sometimes you see so don't throw something out there for effect. There are folks that have put a lot of money. In to this now what would that give you. That would give you 246. Don't think that liberals are fighting among us there's a lot of folks that believe all this is just a bunch of you know right wing guys wanna get away from the liberals know now. The liberals the Dem want this too because now they have. The potential. For six US senators. And that's what they're even if it's 420. That's a whole lot more support they have to acquire us just decide well but looking at. It from the other side here for a moment just because. News. They would secede in 23 different states does that mean they have to be admitted into the union. They could be their own countries. This is true and the other thing is the idea that you would split the assets of the state of California and three different part like a marriage can you imagine that so it's like if you add 200 plows. I each each state would get a their own little plow or there'd be like a state of California everything must go on sale. And you're getting you know two workers for two tollbooth workers to. If that's for divorce buyer bed right so would kill for but again I would love to be separate from New York City I don't think. I don't think you would find many people. In Western New York that think that this is a great deal. And you hear about all the benefits Democrats we'll tell you benefit after benefit. Of what New York City brings. On our you know for this region myself in a minute what what world you live in and where these mandates. Come from the under funded mandates that are passed by Albany and that the cost be paid for by counties upstate. They originate with downstate politicians urged motorcycle tax expert. I mean when you look at all of the different. Things that we have to. Not only agreed to just because New Yorkers or said it won't western new Yorker knows what rent control. The seriously how many how many western New Yorkers care about the subway system in your exit. You're subsidizing it too. I counted them up were you seriously at these these are all things that nothing to do with your day to day and you hear about the water authority. Or you hear about you know the the the fact that night the New York Power Authority. Where is that located not in Niagara Falls that's got to literally black start the entire eastern seaboard if we. Lose cataclysmic. Electricity. Now falls. Is an analog system there's nothing vigilant. It's all the gravity. It's it's all in the last gravity fails us Niagara Falls gonna churn out electricity. Why would the center of night Libby and white plains new York and make any sense to anyone. Right here in a backyard. Everything is control that downstate. Well let's put it this way if we didn't. If we want Georgia to New York City how does New York's straight so called get passed in check. Mobile elected governor of New York there's no way none of it happens and and I I'm not denying that there's a lot of power in a lot of persuasion and money in New York City absolutely. But don't act like we're get a good deal out of it because everything. It comes at a price. The cost of living in New York State should not be as high if were only supporting western New Yorkers. Ridiculous now by the way we should also point out that in according to the latest in name list published by USA today. We are the number 34. Worst place to live in the United States in terms most livable city in the United States number one was Detroit Michigan and number 34 was buffalo but there are some cities and Florida that are also on the list of least. Livable places look out Scranton here we come back. No please reload and are it is 515 news radio 930 WB Ian hourly and albeit hey. Even mean livable city and here's what I guess sexist and otherwise meaningless list some idiot shows up in the buffalo airport and then does. You know an apt to hide skip the issues and is upset particularly on its five restaurants that give the dish is in his hotel. And he writes of the stupid you know here is her experience. At you know she she bitter finger eaten chicken wing. It's ridiculous these things are absurd livable city. In terms of why. In terms of we don't have a subway system in terms of our transit what what is livable me parking spots. How many homicides. Let's. I don't I don't believe that. In the USA today in some cities every day comfort and happiness is much harder to attain than in others. Quality of life they say David is subjective. And difficult to measure still there's a wide range of quantifiable. Factors that means you can measure them that can impact quality of life in a given area. And here are here they are affordability. Safety job market strength quality of education. Infrastructure. Average commute times air quality and the presence of cultural attractions. Are just a few examples of factors that can influence overall quality. Of life well the education system certainly is hurts Western New York the jobs again I think we're victims. Of the state even though they've made a lot of sweetheart deals you businesses here when I seen the jobs I mean Tesla a dead island folks away from. It operates courses completely or if you're in Texas or Arkansas company Hearst paper business friendly but if your business in New York State you know get ready for your surprise visit from the Health Department here so proud of salamander. You're surprise visit from the various workplace people you know like anybody else they've got to justify the expense of their jobs so you can be running an absolutely smooth ship with no problems whatsoever according to most people's standards but you know they got to justify their existence though they command your restaurant you can expect that your right at 2800 dollar check the New York State. They can your factory they're gonna dig for 15100 bucks minimum depending on how many can you go working in your gross annual sales it's just it's part of that the on the scene acts of doing this shakeout. Is it just trivia it's a tribute. You know what it is nothing more than mistake waiting in beat. And the soldiers of this state who work the various commissions they've got to justify their salaries and their civil service law. Well look if you had laws that were more like taxes if you got rid lists the state income tax. You don't think that changed people's lives by the way and of course everyone wants to blame the trump tax plan for causing people to leave New York State people are leaving. Every check every census you know what it means what senses in New York means you're losing congress represent. Every ten years there's going to be less people in New York because of what. People leaving because they can't do business here or there are the opportunities. And why is it because everyone's when they're being it's a really big big Q speaking. It is the gigantic enormous speak we're talk sharp piece of fruit loops bird that's that's a big peak is that you went. Through but you know what New York sorry but your state deserves everything that it gets in terms of population loss in terms of business laws they have created a climate that is not differently they've created the climate with an income tax the competing with states that don't have an income tax though. Quite frankly. You know they they peed in the water and they can derive the benefits elect that are up. That's what happens though people they vote and they had to get out. Went vote with their feet now but you know there's not much can make that transition. Handicapped parking spots are also in the news. And we're gonna get into that coming up but we do have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect. If you're seeing any issue at all with the weather the wind where the rain and thunderstorms UB short of service attacks. At 3093. Mr. ovitz 30. 930. That is or text port number you get any weather or traffic issues to report right now hourly and Bellamy. David. Sometimes in it in the past and in talk radio we've we've done shows on what irritates people. And typically. Anytime you open up the phones as to hey what's grinding your gears what's irritating you. People abusing handicapped parking spots is a very very high on the list and periodically. The local law enforcement people come out this this is a once every four years story I think. Were the local cops come out may say hey we're gonna start cracking down on people who are using handicapped parking permits. It legitimately. Now for those who don't know the handicap parking permits or your doctor has to complete paperwork you bring the paperwork turning to your municipality. Where they will issue you you're handicapped parking tag sometimes their permanent the blue ones sometimes they're temporary the red ones. The red and they got various writing on them. And one of the things that a lot of people don't know news. That. And they they will tell you this when you get your handicapped tag that you're not supposed to drive around with any thing. Hanging from your rear view mirror especially something as big and as blocking as a handicap are subject of giving here's a problem where issuing far too many handicapped tags. There's got to be a different requirement if you get out of your car with a handicapped tag. There has got to be some sort. Kitsch to your media. If your doctor is willing to sign off on the paperwork for you. There's got to be a perfectly good reason medically while you're while you're doctor signing up you know I don't think the settlement his or her reputation risk I'll please people are signing him because they're the reputation lost it. If your. Jail sentence for fourteen handicap slipped to me it's like hey make payments on time handicapped that it but doctors at the white car dealers are about one in every corner being honest when they are but I'm just saying that I know a lot of people they can't handicap tags. They have no business having handicapped tag and 810. Them I know legitimate. People we'd tags not bothered by this. It's the fringe handicapped tag people. That are outraged. Because they thought they had just gotten over for life RJ what what do you mean by fringe handicapped tag person I mean that there are folks out there that are putting tags on their vehicles. And they have like motion sickness. You know I mean you actually know of this that they've motion sickness and that's where they've got the handicapped arrived there is one person has vertigo high if you're vertigo and you have tree you should be drug. Course is right that tag will the tag follows the permit holder. So if the university is having over a passenger in your car who has vertigo and has the handicapped tag that's not the driver with that that's the passenger with. Listen I'm saying that if you'd sit at eight. Of a parking area long enough you're gonna see budget seventeen year old kids getting out of the Gramm his car. You're gonna see much of thirty year old people drowned out of the moms tags. You're gonna see a lot of people abusing handicap tags. Legitimate handicap people park inside the store safely if you can't I don't care. You as close as you can see you can have normalcy in your life god bless you. But the fifteen year old kids get out of cards with stickers and stop it that is the abuse and it's happening every at bats but it again that passed and he cracked down upon. Because there are made their dark there are you know there there's always too many handicapped spots until you actually need a handicapped spot. And then they seem to be a very very short supply are pulled out we got lots to come here and news radio 930 WB the end. And noted but it appears it is a handicapped parking permits. By the way. Let's seek out election of two that you really can't judge one of the things that the past few months of the army is. You can't really judge. The people getting out of eight car with a handicap permit now obviously. The police are going to be making sure that the person who has the permit is actually in the car. That's what this news conference was today because the handicapped parking permit travels with the person with the disability not with the vehicle OK so. Oh and if they wanna put option at the grocery stories and big box stores to make sure that. The person with the apartment is actually. In the vehicle and using it that's great. But as far as you'd you have no way of knowing. If the individual getting out of that car looks young normal and healthy you have no idea they just had knee surgery you have no idea if it's surgery you know and you've got that up. Pulmonary obstructive disease you look at what's going on in the life you know often going through chemo. You don't know if their doctor said today it's not good for you being cold weather you have no idea what their individual medical situation is. And just because stage and this is something else that it is important stressed this. Just because somebody does not have a sticker on the mirror does not mean. That they intentionally. Parked illegally. See here's the thing. Oh you were and went when you get your handicap parliament. They tell you where they should tell you you're not supposed to drive around with hanging from your rear view mirror unit posted anything saying. From your rearview mirror not air freshener is not Jesus not Jesus that a strike that Jesus out of noose nothing. All right. You can't add anything hanging from your rear view mirror as probable cause Brady get pulled over. Now think about how big those handicap tags you really want that anger from your hurt me that's taken up by at least 5% of your view as a driver so a lot of times it'll happen and remember a lot of people with a handicapped eggs. May have some cognitive deficiencies brought on by age. Our I think they can as clearly as you were I might be thanked him. You know they get to the grocery store they followed the law they didn't have the sticker hang him from their mirror. And they park in the handicap spot but they forget to put the sticker that they forget to put the tag on the mirror you know entirely understandable situation. So you know the police can be the judge and people can sorted out in court but. If you see a car and a handicapped spot without the tag on the mirror. You are not really in a good position to keep that car because for all you know it's it's somebody's grandmother who just forgot to put it up. Now why don't why know about this because I've got a handicapped tag for my vehicle I have a temporary handicapped tag. And I got to the hard work. Quad bypass baby. And it was. And still is not advisable for me to be outside in cold weather. Especially right after the surgery that in the bought new walking a lot didn't want me outside a lot. Do I abuse no peers there's just not enough spots with which to abuse. The other day we went to the air show. Now all eyes and actually some poll when the weather's good out of actually supposed to walk. Okay I'm supposed to walk. You know whip with strident see in my step because he's good for the heart. But we brought my mom who is 84 years all my mom is quite obviously elderly she has eighteen. So we used my handicapped tag which is temporary runs out this month I will probably not get it renewed because that'll like after you. And I hope I don't have to get a renewed frankly I made tennis convenient is hell I gotta tell you but. Tom I kind it would feel bad at you know. But by the target expires the final day of this month I just can't justify asking my dot. Actor to do it unless I have another heart attack then we'll talk but. The red ones are temporary the blue ones and what they expiration date is on the blue one scares. I don't think ever. Yup my mom's is blue I don't think they're doing it goes forever it does go forever yup well mean unless Jesus comes and lays hands and your father he's not going to be cured. But you know remember you have no way of knowing. In all seriousness if you see somebody leaving that car you don't know if they've got something going on like cancer. Or. Any of the disease as I mentioned before so you're not really in a position to. Confront somebody I really are really wouldn't recommend that that's not really a thing to do you know if you've got doubts about the validity of somebody using handicapped tag. My advice call the cops the cops at the time to send somebody over and I'll ask the person come into the car for identification and they'll try to make sure that the individual who use the tag for that spot is in fact the person. For whom the tag was issued and if it isn't a very happy to tell you that the cops are actually gonna take possession of that egg and return it to the municipality. That issued. Now where I live I had to go to the I think the villagers with all forget it was back in December and I should have been driving and here is Matthew M locked port on the it was just around the corner. Matthew Laporte I'm WBZ. And Matthew is it time to start cracking down on the people who are using handicap tags even though they're not handicapped as their mothers. Absolutely and I album and wanna say first all time David thanks for have me out here. And a quick story this was probably or five years ago Brenda mine result wheelchair wheelchair prone as wheelchair band. Parked in a wheelchair. Band's spot at a grocery store. And it was in the middle order and are shopping game pick out someone are in the ash Merck's next. At all. So I there. And I was just that could be at the store like Joseph brought he's like. Literature and cigarette he's elderly guy. Does this guy Parker. The concern that I have to laugh and away he was sitting in his wheelchair having a cigarette. I'm I'm sorry but I do you understand why I find irony in that right. Do OK thank you. Guess I don't I don't wanna be that guy who gets all preachy because I think people should be free to do what they wanna do but I will tell you that smoking cigarettes is one of the worst things you can do for your cardiovascular system it will clog your arteries like a bad zip but go ahead. But at that they are absolutely. Fighter disabled and be more. According smoke looked quitting smoking is worse than trying to quit heroin nonetheless a lot of people have been able to do it but including me vehicle ahead. I wanna be and it is very difficult what comes right. So Jo white to me that and agriculture are an insult all the way or shall up it's freezing cold all. I'm so you know our secure your keys impact span now. What is going down got a wheelchair off he went and I was upset about calls. Well you should be and for those who are heaven of a problem following this Matthew those hash marks those those blue lines mean don't. Park here because the signs should usually say wheelchair van and accessible. Right there. I'll the person who parked there is a selfish bastard. And I can't agree with you more so I went and talked as our manager. Came back out are gone to share were or to be filed. So I and the idea. Of given the authority to floor managers. To write people Checketts said violate our culture are spot who. Because it's my tenth at a time after all or are new York and work our tickets. Yet well and it and here's the problem you get Iran and to if Thomas store manager I'm not paid to be a cop and I'm not paid to confront some six foot four guy 240 pounds who's gonna start pushing me around 'cause I'm trying to put attention on his windshield. That's probably a good point is well. And and a promise store manager busy making sure that that he has the cucumbers Stockton at the doughnuts are coming out of the front. I think I'm just look I mean people abusing handicapped parking really pisses me off but. At the same time as it pisses me off when I'm trying to do here is I'm trying to. I'm trying to offer a different perspective to people that just because somebody emerging from a car with that sticker might appear to be totally healthy and totally normal you have no idea what they're going through or what they've been through where their doctors yeah I can't have you and eat I can view and called. People going through chemo for example that you might not know they're going through chemo but their doctor believes that they should get the handicapped sticker and I can't disagree. I'm not I figured the more. I learn a long time on the world to judge people. All but when nobody. What do you feel about. I'm getting some some text your common and about about fat people there at being fat is not being disabled. And there was a time in my life that I would have agreed with that sentiment. But what I see people that are you know squeezing out of their cars. And bacon barely there barely ambulatory they probably have you know very little cartilage left in there in the whether or you know however they got fat who knows maybe they're service veteran who I got blown up and a war they couldn't walk they put on weight they went through outpost it as stress it's a situation you know you you don't know what somebody's been through that has made them fat it might be glad you're really might be thyroid it might be a side effect the medication we have no way of knowing why that people with their asses touching the ground on either side of the scooter got that fat but if they're doctor says they're disabled. That's good enough for me. Bright and like it earlier I'm not here at George you know I I think I'm I've I'm blasting him look good to see the good genetics all. Also figure also tension in my diet and you know what I'm not here to judge what you know are somewhat overweight or you don't carry around extra body work that you know bad. It. I'm glad you cleared that up because when you talked about tearing or a minister Ali I'll just take it the Billy bad seeming good balance. By the way that they're aware rate Leo that meant my favorite actor Robert dinero. Toward the end of the movie were the early hands in the match book and says. At that moment I knew I would never come back from Florida that diner Pittsburgh down the other. Yeah things laws. I. It was called good fellas diners owned by some Greek guy and capture these great food. But anything else you want it and your your body with the wheels sheer who had some do we park in Somalia as. The colder story is before people well he made it report to pull back up. Rolled around faster window and we will be on the guys when Jack order. Oh. A tick by and well here's the sad thing. You obnoxious people who do stuff like that even noticed that somebody lose heed their window was the message delivered to. Because if that's the case the birds in my neighborhood are sending me messages on a daily basis. I don't bring your birds and in the message I think to have entered the messenger. Yet at. Eric Wright thank you I can just see Ellen the deck or on the corner releasing the pigeons poor public are just getting thank you very much in magical. All right 83 all right thirty lines are open is about time the cops started cracking down I'm handicapped parking abuse. And again folks and a few things about this but I market acclaimed via cop a lawyer or an expert. But it is important that you know that the handicapped parking permit. Is issued to an individual that permit travels with the individual. Okay and that person is not supposed to have a on the rear view mirror while the vehicle is in motion you can edit anything and from your rear view mirror. Com it is that is believe it or not probable cause for you vehicle and traffic stop so I mean if your whole week you have your whole week around it you've got Jesus on a rope from your mirror. You have just given the cops probable cause to pull you over so if you're Paulus of them around you know like Billy bats in the trunk. Make sure your mayor is free of anything including handicap tags. 8030930. Start 930 and 180616. WBE and get all and I also by the way I do want to thank the owners of the cult's. Because. Quite frankly at this the cold is a great place to transit wrote. All right and they've got the best bathrooms ever especially in the transgender era they've actually got cubicles like from you know for from the top to the bottom. I mean it's total privacy thank you to the cult that was a big investment for those guys. But they did something that was a real bad PR move over the wintertime they put their shuttle bus in one of the four. Handicap spots they had an even though they own the place it looked horrible I put a picture of it and FaceBook. And within a week actually within a few days they had moved it out. And put it elsewhere and I just I want to thank them for paying attention. I know what's left the end of the world. And look I'm a patron of your place I love your place you support local music but I had brought at a privately to managers nobody cared until I put it on FaceBook announced that they had to do that but. Like I said you know what you always think they are too many handicapped spots until you actually need one then you can't find. And that. He's one of those unspoken rules alight but what do you wanna see the police cracked down on his part is handicapped stickers or maybe even you know life in general. And that again if you're just joining us please understand bat. Just because IndyCar is handicapped spot. And the person did not put the tag up. Does not mean that you have full license to key that car. That person may very well be disabled but they were following the law which is to not have the tag hanging from the mirror while the vehicle is in motion. They might have been thinking about OK I gotta get roast beef I gotta get snapple getting it green peppers and limit forgotten to put the tag up. So let the cops worry about that that's one of the lessons I've learned from having my temporary. Handicapped parking it situation I forgot to put up a couple of times. And I got dirty looks going out to the car and actually held it up and said oops I'm sorry this is legit I bet. And people were pretty cool and I don't blame I blame anybody forgive me dirty look you can I give me dirty look. Because it didn't look like there's anything wrong with me I think my shirt off and that looks like I got blown up it's kind of cool though I would say another star another story. Would be wrong to say it was a war hero. David. It is up hourly. The war on heart disease vets that Barack is the war and heart now you know echo with that Eric we've got another hour coming up we will take a lot of phone calls and hourly ability that you're hearing news radio 930 WB yen where this Friday. Nine to noon sandy beach celebrates fifty unbelievably. Awesome years in a radio edit is must if it's appointment radio here on WBE. And the to honor the great legendary multi hall of Famer sandy beach.