Local Judge On Westminster Winner - Robert Ennis


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Be shown freeze today. Yet to say with that little bit of an accent named Flynn won best in show at the Westminster dog show last night at Madison Square Garden in New York City. We have on the line right now Robert and that's bleeds down native who was a judge at Westminster this year and Robert we understand that. And not during this competition but in the past. You've had a couple run ins with Flynn. That's correct that judged to that numerous shows. Previously to the Westminster Kennel Club show. So is C a great choice to thank. I thought he was an excellent choice. He really is a superb specimen of his lead. He almost looks like a stuffed animal when you ways so fluffy input is that how the B Shonn freeze say is supposed to look. Their coat is supposed to look that way. But when you are examining the dog and you go underneath you can feel that is. Skeletal and has muscular structure is exactly what the Greek requires. What is it about this time to think that was so convincing last night. Heavy more than all the luck. Well for one thing he's a great showman and when you have an excellent specimen and an excellent showman and it just combined. To make for winning go out how does a dog become a great showman. We have the wanna do it the handler has to. Trained him well. Make it fun for the dog and the dog really have to enjoy it. You know and and watching some of the school competition I mean. There's a lot of pressure on the handlers to right. Yes there is it's a tremendous amount of work to prepare a dog. For a show not only. That gating. But the dog has to stand perfectly still let the judge examined that. And of course the many of the briefs are coated trees that require a lot of Coke here how many hours go into all of that. Can you give us an idea of how. Common this type of dog is it whether it's in shows like this or. I just a long everyday people and dog owners. I think they make great parents. They're very outgoing. I wouldn't say that it's. Heavy populated breed but it's not a rare breed deeper you'll see them occasionally. And tonight I've been saying all morning Long Beach on free say it seems like detected dark greens to put that little bit of an accent on it so what do you think how do you pronounce it. Are pretty out with just the exact way you do. Her I ask you this I mean being tapped on. Being crowned the champion last night what does this mean for the breed what does it mean for flu in the stock. Well for the breed it probably means that. Bill be somebody else they haven't had just become aware of this breed and that may look like an interesting breed and they make a well purchase one or blend this with. Probably going to be his last show. Once you win the greed are started the best in show at Westminster. Usually dogs they're retired because it's the pinnacle of Cilic. And once you attain the pinnacle where do you go from there you don't. Exactly you know for Flynn is a must much needed break after the tough life of bush showed Don Kaye robber we appreciate the time once again and the wind the be shown freeze say I was saying your rank this entire time he won best in show. At the Westminster dog show last night he not an extremely popular dog amongst regular dog owners. Which is why am kind of hoping they'll come out let's get a lab in there. Something that so we all where's the Westminster for months.