Live From The White House- Karen Travers


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The president hoping to swing back attention to. The US Karen Travers joins us right now she's live from the White House that tells a little bit about made in America week what exactly does that mean Karen well. It's and essentially the White House trying to counter program that you know they said last week that the president was frustrated. With all of the coverage of the Russian storied but as we talked about last week. He also spent five days behind closed doors before he headed off to Paris and quick trip to celebrate Bastille day. So this is the first in the series of themed weeks you have made in America week and then soon to come will be American heroes and the American dream. Now is there any policy announcement in any of this and not that we can see so far. President today's going to have an event spotlighting companies that make their products here in the US from all fifty states. When they will sign a proclamation and the importance of making things here in the US but add beyond that we're not expecting some of legislative thing to be announced by the White House. You know interesting that the Russian question continues to dog because he can wish it away here trying to leisurely valley wants it's not gonna make it go no it's certainly not and you know I've been at the same time the president continues to tweet about habitat tweeting to fans of some dying junior pushing about the fake news. And that's kind of the cyclical thing you know a chicken or the day they don't wanna talk about Russia they wanna talk about policy but. What the president is treating about tends to be his frustration showing on the Russian issue how. Involved has the president been in health care over the last weekend will he stepped in over the next week as talks continue it's been pushed back because of John McCain. Break the White House is MP vague about exactly what the president is doing just saying he's been holding meetings this legislative legislative affairs team in last week that was vice president pants about this we know pence has been very involved up on Capitol Hill. But it was interesting yesterday there is a briefing when the president was in New Jersey and a White House official was asked you know you do on these theme weeks Americans. Heroes made in America and on health care while at a health care week. The White House would only say it's just an issue focused on every day. There are and the president tweeting yesterday. About some of the poll numbers that came out and even though almost 40% is not as bad this time was just about the most inaccurate poll that's the president on Twitter. He's paying attention these numbers are as an. He certainly is that tweet that you're defending his approval rating which right now is just 36%. It's the worst started any president since polling began its six months into the job to be under 40%. Is pretty remarkable that the president rounding up. Quite a few points there by his saying it was almost 40%. The president also was blasting the ABC news Washington Post poll but. You know in defense of that the final poll that ABC Patrick for the election exit pretty close to that final results if you look at the national. Results not just Electoral College. All right that is Karen Travers joining us from the white house with the latest from Washington.