Live From The 2018 Erie County Fair 8/10 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 3

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, August 10th

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News radio 930 WBA. And the samba hourly and David Bellamy got its hourly and they'll be a news radio 930 W a VE. It again a thousand dollars that you came out of Erie county fair ball what is the food. That you know there are food right and I don't mean fares. Average. Mediocre but there's a lot of credence I only see at the U get it anywhere but there's some food. That you can only get at the there there aren't that circulate around here off the size I've ever seen any. The size of the com chopped a peninsula or are we vikings put stuff out there were three. Sovereign land. Well when you when you look at I think that the most famous it's got to be the Oreo Cookies that are deep fried and deep fried twinkies. Was it for that to keep the that you or the snicker bars but everything you know what I eat fried it's like. It's it's. Everything you can think that I could make it Oreo cookie or foolish if you know like it makes it with a check. Oh down. Was it facility ice cream flavors that are out. That I just don't understand and make catalogs it well welcome my screen but it unity somebody it's up there and notices like are you what are you ice cream repeats what argue well probably birthday cake. Ul ul you know they got it sprinkles. Oh. Yeah ice ice it was got a little bit bizarre so what you come to the fear Whitaker at the fair. The most decadent thing that you enjoy eating. You know I'll say they've even before the heart of that surgery I was not one of those guys who had eat the right Oreo. Sorry. I earned my heart attack the good old fashioned way with good old fashioned read the end to it that stuff. I mean the hot dog and a stick is. That's basically. We hear what corn dogs are yes or dogs there's no need for say this must happen. Let's put it let's put cult. Or promoting over a frankfurter and at least eight Bryant but it. Lady a real hot dog because that's like this week. That record it's not a real. You would never have a hot dog. In a corporate roll write you however after that actually is. It that you wouldn't do that. To make a court god you know deeds that it would just be honest with them about it and you call a hot dogs. RS's third you've been going around there's just a bigger face them. Passer odor that one let you walk around affair. We but obviously sitting here working you keep our eyes and ears of the Erie county fair so other than looking like an episode from live BP. As you do right now what. You've waited outside to build it well you're task. She was busy eating beef jerky. And just if you go to the fair and you get the beef jerky when they tell you that it's hot and spicy over the tell you it is hot and spicy I think they've got red pepper flakes and it. And uniqueness of the hottest red pepper flakes I've ever experienced by sinuses are about to rain after days. Make you beef jerky guy Bauerle develop anywhere at the Erie county fair where he event center which is located Redick crop in the casino next to the entrance. And we are he workers about hitters to fortunately I Nadia I'm Baptist right now up 20% off. And you call optional but instead G-20 percent off but if you call and give it they can order before the end of August. You could end up with itself now the trees Q which for the what Tom. And were also you're here that's because the time people are easy to economic news feeds that was awfully kind of them. And we're hearing you because. Your parents look. Yes now but but where we don't think that the job cuts today but there's also. Firefighter day which means that if your artillery volunteer whatever that connection you have fire department. Retired show up give your ID it was fair for free that got you to account for free. Ticket to the fair. Yes it does and that could break up. Yup it is the firefighters rate so. What you guys come here and there's certain things like cute guys if Bentley traditions at the Erie county here. And one of the biggest family traditions we have and this is I don't call it an epidemic because obviously it's a negative that. What of the markers. And you know we've certainly done and it shows on the slightly to one of the markers of the end of summer of course is the injury connectors so this one of these it was the best of times it was the worst of times because. The Erie county here. Frankly is so cool I hit that told mr. Portman I gave up on it for many many years and I got sucked back into the affair several years ago. And if this is the first of what will probably be about half a dozen visits forest because we love. And written. Oh absolutely hate that for the rest your life or this year all don't know for the rest of our lives as a definitely as a as long as long as we are living in Western New York it will probably fly back from wherever. To come to the Erie county fair because if he frankly I see stuff like I said earlier I've seen it stuff but it ordinarily wouldn't see I wouldn't pay any attention to. For example were right next to the black guy. All right and the the gap so they've got a collection of flags that is absolutely unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable and a look at myself while and he but he he's got a flag that is afraid or maybe dirty with evolutionary thing. Ideal opportunity to get a flight to get the bill they get support our troops. At that there's you know like hello guys across the way there's the Germans. Cookware guy across the way and that of course David. There's the Euro body shapers. Which I know it will circulation issues if you want that your bodies of it vibrates. It's interesting. Seems like the old news real photos and it made a giant. You know lasso around it's cyber exactly what that is but it does it. The ground despite. The try to work out but it's an avenue gets though. Unfortunately you know it just the issue so it's like California are you. Or the double talk here we've tried that one of the breaks I think you're gonna lose the feel. As sadly my pacemaker that out of my belt I. It looks there's that now it you know obviously a lactic acid builds up after work out by. Yeah look at her go out there I don't wanna do that. Yes we are describing your work outline gathering. I think you are ours here at I don't mean that you ought to say I I personally. Yeah. So at bodily. Nobody else would want to the other. Well off they go to the one problem with with coming to the pair or any of that is that just is that just appeared one problem I have news. David generally speaking with my diet you know the heart healthy diet generally speaking. And I slip up sometimes generally speaking I'm doing OK with it. However. In the summertime I have to throw the rules out the windows these rules. They could throw up there were out the window because it is impossible for me to be at a place like the eureka theatre where we are right now. And not have a bad the craving for. Italian sausage not to paddies but the lips and and by the way you can have an Italian sausage and it. Peppers and onions preferably. Preferably green peppers Rick reed bell peppers and onions instead of the sweet peppers and onions which I'm not a and a particularly but. Italian sausage is absolutely. Phenomenal it is one of the greatest contributions of Italy the United States queasy a sure they sell Italian sausage Italy but we we call Italian sauces and it is out of this but it definitely you name. So off to after nationality that go there yeah. The French Fries. Lebanese security all of you dirty itself. What you do it. Well yeah it'll 330s Fahrenheit 36. Yen. I ask. Your favorite. At the fair or just favorite pair out here. What's the craziest thing you've ever bought at the Erie county here because I cannot believe the money that is spent. Couple of minutes ago actually an hour ago they had this boot. In the event senator that I mentioned the beef jerky released pricing they had this boot in the events that are you stepped into the Booth. It either yourself or a bunch of people use that then. They literally take like almost 200 pictures of you for every conceivable angle and they use those photographs they pay and they basically make eight EDU. Make your. It's a treaty printer it's a three gets a three undersea get a little five it says evidence or night it's that you. If they give bill though that it was really weird is that what we're selling is that. Do you view what my bitch is seven inches or five inches and it took me awhile to say are atop the grownup be in the gulf so I took the adult I activate the bulk course. I will take what it has bought a few minutes ago is the strangest thing I know and I'd. The bears say you know what David. I'm really glad were two in the remote theory here because I really want a mideast that to myself that this is their one vote no over under. Now if for two people yet and it at the bigger it is the more expensive it is now. It's three X three and it's color. So I'll give me a high definition three eighths Q yes of top quality that it seven. I think I think this is there what with five pages in that is that a seven inches enemy. Well let's look longingly at the minuses are are winnable in the actual 31. We both know we boast that and a ticket groups and the more people don't be really challenging. It takes to get back correct OK so you come back with a statue next year. At that you get a shrunken version if you hold me harsh on conversion. At all which would break the matrix. I. You know what it might actually shatter the universe as we know you're holding up the entire time space continuum would forever be they'll that she can a lot of money. I'm not sure how many people looked audit. But appreciative of the Seles because we that we wanted. I looked but that place it really looked like a law that outlawed. But that's out. Or or maybe it was whatever out develop you were alive at the character with the orders which is inside the events that are at were talking. I'm with you guys about the the strange things that you ended up buying at the fair and beat these guys have like. Do you have a routine. You have a bitter root team because people looked at two groups of people in this world are people who love the theory if there other people who load the recount if I happen to be in the group that loves the recount there and I was not always this way I went. Years mocked their highway years saying nasty things about the there. And the people who attend the fair and then it became one of those people because I gave it a second chance about what about it. I'm having fun number one opportunities people are really cool. Number through a lot of these people are people who listen to the shell. Number four it is fascinating there's always something going. Five. Dollars. See these products that it ordinarily would not even pay any attention to it's how is that. Now do I think I would buy a hot problem probably. I probably we talked and who would have thought about it. But no remorse achievement while others go out there in these elections whatsoever about a certain way that's as an assistant at the rumor but you don't the that I am amazed that is the model the volume of people hear what. How many. I mean their the there's been buying wells that are about to walk around looking here you know articulate it people are getting bad read about it. So what just ordered a shop that's pretty cool it's an effective taking the job. Right behind a right or Kelly it was my shower I don't wreck and pull through but got notes it's pretty impressive. If he looked this way we member. At the fair during that time economy. Signs that the economy. Question York it was good thing because. Spreading right there we we we we did that might build that again because as think of myself okay. I've come that there are enough over the past few years to know what is typical for people are right. I have never seen as many people coming here. And spending. The on the prospects in the events that are is not seen this year David which at least one out of every fifteen persons here is buying at least something in the events that are now look I've got my bag beef jerky you know that's obviously quite visible but people are really the they are spending money. And I wonder if this is aside and I hate to bring this up but is this Tuesday in a sign of which put them. I mean. But I'm not just talk about a package or. Although I don't think there's some hot right you drop. A hundred bucks more titles that through myself a lot of statute yourself a three B rated is just that the catharsis. But it the peak but it's not if you're not at the summit and you're approaching the white cap now I think that. Pretty cool how about a three piece that you a birthday coming up up Iowa about etiquette in. It only takes a second out anyway I just idle one street. All right. Did after the accident that well -- mere three actually speak with David is concerned about is that the Amish adult Internet it will go. Pre and it AR fifteen put it inside of the again. A five inch they are fifty. Just upset. Only a few things. Salave'a news radio and I'm thirty WB Yemen just mention the words Italian sausage and in what I walked in said he. We'll issues we just met a guy that was sent us hurricane photos. From Florida. And remember we were talking about the whole buffalo connection with a big hurricane the storms that last year we expect him that's so cool that my life mail carrier that's right. I think we got some calls commitment that's go back to the phones you know 30930. Start by thirty what it under six with six comedian Phil helpless outline one. Oscar Easter aura. You are on an hourly they'll be good. I am a good friend that wanted it something weird that would bar at the spare onetime. I did Foster kids for years you're you're gonna. This is about twenty years ago. We had a fought your being boys who were. Real handful to be an Australia made quite a few things that there. And one of them was a camel. Hide. Pat. It was made have real Campbell I didn't know it became a plastic bag. And when it was. We wanted to one of those like I'd like dog house the home what do you call it the whole craft building you know what your eyes. And it was raining. And that has gotten fat and you could hear people going. Although Mike what is the extent that now it was his pet it was grocer smelling road anyway. It was. Let's describe the the texture that was like. Silica and how they would like crocodile going to be checked as well looked like while outlet it just started to smell. It was like the bottom of it dumpster in August. All the states and it was so vial and a court date I was hilariously funny that people like. You know going all the what is next think you know all of a sudden it was like this mini stampede of people trying to get away from missed engineers at. But if they're home they're American they're like bent over double last but it does smell what color was. They would have. Video shelf life of that had to give me an alternate. Yeah well it came in a plastic bag and I don't know why they do this let's hope that a lot of this has felt a little bit by the big. Got them with didn't tell you is that the Campbell was smoke I don't think years ago. Headed cow and or any that I you know we can't get your refund if you don't act. OK but as far as Q Robert how much it cost was an expensive item inexpensive. Jack I think it was like eleven or twelve bucks but backed twenty years ago that was you know barely spent that. The bottom of his own money. One mowing his stuff and if we don't we let him spend whatever they wanted to almighty spirit. He thought that was the coolest thing ever is it looked like a Crocodile Dundee at you don't have a little teapot and stuff. And I thought they had that smell that was the worst now outside of like got a lot of court site members. I think you used to work load it. What is that the hood how quickly a happy moment the fair concern. And horn takes a little. We currently we got a lot of laps automotive later after we come down to my wife who was my wife was pregnant. Where it we were sitting in the car he get through McConnell their head up early the bag and a leak and it. He just couldn't open it brought this up and watch that all over the dash and you know it's just that it is a comedy I swear I'll look at the world I would rather have been trying to get the smell moderate. On it is. I mean you know well Campbell. And yet it's no Campbell that all of us humanity can technical. It is I just don't feel comfortable Campbell at. And say that and then of course those delegates in that makes it. Inside of the Toyota a great ride home in an article of clothing axes and at that it is probably not a good idea. Yeah. I don't know what you can do but if you opt fabric softener that they hope for the last July. Well at all Foster kids do their big don't spend a lot of time we knew they were in and out of our lives and when night they were packing up to go back to their they're robbed Europe or parents we got. Nature that that would sidestep the partners within current era soups it left. That's great story thank you opt to appreciate that. Let our guys know I love your show believe me so our public. We appreciate there is that if you'd like to call it talk about the crazy things that you purchased at the fair not to be. You know story ends with. You know there at smelled so bad up here advocates back. A terrorist all that chain of vomit but it. They could have something to do with you know a crazy item that you bought you know that type of food get where there's food that you get. Other places but here's some food that you are only going again at Erie county fair. And it's also. Of course it's firefighters didn't fare so. If you are in your exemplary volunteer work of art department here. I get it sure you're right he hit it for free and there's the breeze kept up. About one. And it's always it's definitely always log on when talking about what you buy what you do with the eureka there will be here there root team. What is your fear budget you okay I'll go over budget. Or over budget and I don't care because it's it's fun it's been well it's been well worth it misses there what was that. What was that lap. Who have the you mean the budget for the I admit it right let's say that I would to a certain amount of money that expected legal hold it into the plastic. You have got if you. I haven't been outside his building yet I haven't been outside these three roach who are given a sudden shower this. Attitudes either shower from that bitter about my warrior currency that better to port 89 the united. A great deal right out what it was set up everything. And they'll they'll be attention you get this who lives standards I'll treat it. That we are asking these guys but your fair routine your their habits. What you guys by anybody who haven't experienced by something at the Ehrlich the the ill fated camp. Campbell at. 8030930. Years before that were 8030. Thirty start at 33 on the cellphone. 180616. WP yet 8030930. Start by thirty at 180616. WBE. And would help the other people have paid their budget but. You know again David with me it's the food unfortunately the food is my downfall. Because technically a lot of what you see me eat today I'm not supposed to eat so I have to do all of my bad habits diet stuff. When there's a good reason for it and I'm sorry but when there's a gathering like this with all these people at this kind of weather and the what basically the last huge thing of the summer until the Clarence festival at the beginning of September the labor they've weakened that which we never missed. I mean this is like the last chance for beat. To be able to justify. Oh in Italian sausage you mean filled with that aha you need filled with cholesterol off. Upon you the latest legal with peppers and onions and that a consultant in butter. It Campbell skipped it and I'll skip it. It's not this guy. I bought at Campbell ski hat for its laughter but its lot with their own that right well but he does it anyway laughter back. They have out shot and it smells like the battle. It's not like Alibaba. It's its belt more at a camp went through. I've never really that's assuming that it really was that a camel that's right because there's two things in my mind knows story that one was really made Campbell. First and foremost ever to some of the production process that they skipped a step ahead because they usually. At least smelly cat it was beta camel vest has one goal and never had a beeper. You know a lot of the yeah a lot of the old school is where it was. When he went back in the you know use CBs you've seen these movies with the guys were there the doors and a lot of those guys basically. Were worried the doors made beaver. So I ever having had a foot or two in my life and haven't worn one in the in the raid I've had the experience of ants now. Certainly that the loading courts would now. I like some Ukrainian soldiers at the Russians pushed it. Ought to demand that it's pretty to great you know like because we're tackles well they were sweaty. It is now because of the whales. Let it out that he had had actually start well. But. Is that. Would that. Little. Crockett again the he showed Davey crock pot of oil and hear about it steam will probably. Okay you know I don't we got to constantly hat maker of buffalo has a lot of work for the Hollywood studios at least. No more accustomed and the people of Canada but a couple of things like keystone business. Broad you know he is but it's been a while but at the anyway. He would make his hat is that all ought to be and again having wore his hats made out of Bieber. Here. Downpours of raid I never had the experience at all with race smelly cat ever. So so it must've forgotten and it properly you know. And then there's always the view maybe it was made modes you're a year but a lot of people aware animals goats the people throw paint. You gain. It. It's like a judge acted. Like that. You know make one jacket so so so but the never ever hear about that actual. Animals can have. Throw him under its own right it directly and that's what we hear about it. And they common go whose side they're one of the cyclical thing else is cyclical that app with the beauties in bikinis with the propellers on top of whatever they were big for about an epic for about a month that in 1990. And they'll be big Nagin never know all if you wore a hat. The propeller. OK I would never speak you never want I would Wear one number two. He is especially if you live in an urban area. Trust me this I believe it was December of 1992. This summer of 1992. In particular urban America Black America there was actually a month were wearing the with a propeller on top was actually OK it was cool. Quiet of the stories of stealing your line you're telling me that it it it's eighty. Yes where fashion is normally that's where fashion becomes corrects people in the suburbs though. Smart fashion trend to correct. Correct and city people were propeller hat but I am telling you is yes there was one he had the lead that would that on or about so now I feel it definitely read the column. The excitement and author. All out or about August September of 1992. For the period of one month. And if you live in a black reporter for the let it rest of the you can back up but there's. One month at one month only the propeller the beatings with a propeller on top were actually status symbol and then I think common sense of the matter of people. They would I hope that they'll like which I don't act well I think what's soc guys and you know outside. The well the when it pillar I like Italy which adds. You know. Q where that cash. Well this'll be okay there are some special the dance like there's gone wild and yeah you know what there are propeller hats worn by the party. Right right it's all part of their schtick but it. Ever. He denied it and you heard today under well under is obvious that it's. I'm pleased that he'd get people are doing an interview I mean this is now that my memory is that this particular fashion trend of actually doing an interview but Beatty adds that we live from the Erie county here because joining us hopefully it through traffic sees all the Stewart enjoyed your weekend. But we're talking about the theory county. Your paper there foods you love the eureka if there you know and the theory here can imagine you would feel though I used to be in your crowd. But the way I repented eyes on the error of my ways they gave the second shot and I've been able oil there Goer for the past several years because for many years shun the right away from. Now I absolutely positively and racist because it's a lot of fun. Analysis tool to we will be here we will be at your body produces the first it will probably be four or five or six visits easily. And it's so big and so expansive. I said expansive wouldn't say it is so expansive. You cannot possibly do justice to all these habits everything here is to see it what it's not really enjoy it you know I'd love to see the poultry I'll let go to C goat's. Horns the all of the animal exhibits adult and the in the house and everything else but. You get a lot in the poultry. On the tonight. Probably development we have about another hour to come from the injury county Payer. And that we are located inside the key events center at the Erie county fair. We are going to be here so let's just before 7 o'clock. Coming up at 6 o'clock is the firefighter parade and for today and today only future your volunteer firefighter IT. That's today only you will get into the theory can be there for re what usually vote with your far greater IP. You know I I was thinking about the worst possible locations that you've ever had I was assigned to army. Mercury. And they sent me to further festival which at all yeah I'm not either yes I don't know. Birdie men and you're exactly right for every when they're automatically disqualified because that that are participating Ellis the or where a lot of but the army decides. A competent courts out with blogs. So you've got like swinging lots of people to him walking. Mailed me. And now it became like a accounted for state court because people are following can cut it with the worst thing in the world. And you yourself. Going to the further applicable. And making life decisions. I think I'll serve my country now that I've seen. Fourth ghost reports and he taught me in La decided ago. And lift for six years but we're at Erie county there at the events or crops from the casino entries. We are gonna be here at 7 o'clock out tonight. At the very little bit. And now we're gonna take your calls it 30930s. And 3106. Point six that media outlets talking about the propeller hat but what do you think. In what do you think fashion item using so when that it's from twenty years ago it's back right now. OK I get another one I'll voice jackets with a fringe purposely. There were huge in the sixty bust you if you look at women's team right now they're they'll ask you that it's right that that Brooke Shields in Jordan ash. They're high waisted jeans human Albert comes between you Mike Jordan has been she and Barack Obama wore free. Oh geez it's true or it. Correct yeah pray now.