Live From The 2018 Erie County Fair 8/10 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 2

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, August 10th

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News radio 930 WB EN yeah it's Tom Bauerle in David Bellamy got its hourly and del via a news radio 930 W. So op we have some people that we need to give shouts out to let them before we do that we mentioned earlier the basically the businesses booed him. It's a little bit pricey side you it will take pictures of you. In the Booth and they use the picture to make basically what amounts to a while or at all but gave it a miniature version of view we talked about it. At the beginning of the show. This is there did you notice all the picture we just. I. Totally. Answers at bats. He hit me up when you lacked only Allah they don't really have something like that so when you guys and you. Ran around playing. And it came back in it that I wanted to drink let's go. So you lock in his boot. And you close and I. And a 175. Pictures they're taking you within that. And they keep you from every angle and they actually in the unique eight years. The boat spent in this. Unfortunately as well humanity today. The extra week is sweetly that calls in 3-D but it looks so cool you also do little head. Doesn't do little heads are they go out. Give me that line come. About don't make it that easy plays mrs. Larry night. Anyway. It's critical I can only that the I I can't wait conceded admitted it's kind of it's it's a cool thing and hey maybe we can work got to deal with them so we can buy hourly and bella via. We can have what the hourly and Sylvia like miniature statue giveaways but we've mentioned before at the very beginning to show that. There is a script here David mr. script writer there is a script in which the little miniature versions of you that you have made actually come to light late at night OK they go out of it all sorts of sordid crimes they creep back to the house they reached rate these swipe at your door with the spiders and then you went up and defend yourself against what you were between B did after your team be expected to regular size. Yeah that was a toy soldiers that left at. It what's got it right it made utterly. While so they're a gentleman sharing Villanova. New York. Who's been listening. Opportunity for years and charge on that the daughter and it's not a lot futures settled while futures sorry about that on to the but hearing 74 years old you are top hourly I just talked to a yet John his future somewhat nature you do in the ought to grip that the picture thing is that a majority of phones so utterly cool Jerry hello John. Pleasure Christian you. And we Sasha are sure are John and it is cool. Gerri nice to see you now we've before we left we are talking about. You know it's fireman's days here at the fair if you are volunteer odds Hillary whatever here affiliation of the fire department. Did show up show your ID in the fair absolutely free. And there's a peek hole what the parade at 6 AM that's gonna be a lot of fun. And we're also write about that are which is that the events that are crops the casino here fair clad only in towels that you can come model for sale. Don't think about it. First spotted if you volunteered to be. Well now I would have but unfortunately yeah that issues that the meat from ever getting involved. Won't be your interest wanted to help you know what I. Like I mean if I was doing this for a living within the other things going element like I think that being an empty them volunteer basis would be wore along and it is. Is physically you know I do. Paul would be politically medical crises Adam usually rock and usually calm voice whose is it do the Heimlich maneuver whatever but he feels so a lot of people joke around town so well it's harmless. You know what the funniest thing is twice that actually happened out. But. At the duo myself wants but he even though I didn't freak out if I got a hold up well. Now it was at an inhaler. But that app with the you know. Sort of like this if you want to appreciate. First responders. Did not down to a Third World country all. And you never get to new York and went that would be a fire and the firefighters were fighting each other over who's gonna steal from it. That of the daily recurrence in other countries in the world. What you see. You know whether it's a volunteer. Depend you know what city you're. Right front shock the United States if there is nothing like an American first responders there's a code of ethics there's a professionalism. They're I've seen you know I obviously war torn country went to Germany. They'd just. The polls out show up and act now on about there they don't keep their tablet family get out of here go away runaway you know we'll see you later it's you can't come in the ambulance. You've never seen that in the United States especially Western Europe. What we've got me obviously David with his military experience he certainly use it devoted a great deal with his life but in service to others and the United States. At what you first responders hot. Why and how did you get into doing that whether you're a professional or volunteer with the URE firefighter. Or cop with that you are and yet the what got you into that line of work or that line of volunteering endeavor at is that what you thought it would be. Because obviously today weird noted are up first responders in western new York and we are broadcasting live from the eureka county there are. Worthy event center and we're in the path that is who. And we once again you want to thank her for ends at. Easy view TV it's easy view TV dot com it's all word SY EG UTV dot com. They let us use their electronics that we could have read what was brought yet so. Basically everything wrong with the broadcast the two votes our ability or give any that that now that that is just the way it is but let's ethics and call shall we that lets that. What you want want to do I can't see a line want and let's go to our next Jerry. And upon word yet though it to build. I don't want that's next Saturday Texas Terri from ramadi yet buffalo net taxes on Jerry. Vietnam a little behind the capital that aren't secret countless on the birth mop the put him on a pretty good at workout program get a. All the dictionary or get a reference you girls this is his fifth reference to veto this week I think that was. So oil like my chest. After it might just. Premier Mario separate partner whether you're backwards hat take care rights that you would tell you jokers callous to start working out getting his body shape for prison and maybe some self defense classes is that witnesses they'll. Our. World for Ireland and oh yeah are these adult it was a Kevin Hart was. The only difference yeah yeah well. Yeah yeah. Is the name of the movie I have let's give you. The real phenomenon. There are wealthy people that find themselves in situations. And they hire people. To walk them through life and it's like the first day of school absolutely every school's going to be like you know. By the way were written from the shower as you're talking about prison the other way that awkward we have I'm not your world at eleven Euro girl. And they were up here that they show every single day. And I thought that. Beach and then they started off optics all my goodness it. That's cool yet that is what we we want it stopped by the book it's just that we got we got like a long excitement now will we will be free for 25 or so so we're not new it's just we can't talk you guys or the lives it is that what you guys that they were a couple of schools. So. Let's get back to Terry in Texas a W Ian and Terry. That I have a couple people I'd like to create down there was out there actually maybe like in and let you are joke about half. Most Kaplan in the great country. The. Or there's always the Chinese president because the Chinese that we're not very happy with the recount like this our guys made over one of the yet coral reefs in the south Tennessee Texas Jerry it's always great appreciate that. I hit it I'd that you let let you know that built musicals because I still can't be like two given a penalty. Now it's like a couple days and our evidence battle that what's going on appreciate Terry Kevin a battle to go ahead. Good up and gentlemen good afternoon to the treaty in your presence. Umpire Al the question here occurred alms from ensure and there are a couple of days ago. That we're in deep liquid you're against Chris Collins in the prior every couple years ago. You won six of the seven calm peace. And he 41 theory concrete. Howie I need Sharon's order until the heat and the being the nominee would you won six of the Syverson. Yet but there's actually eight count your accent though little sliver Munro there's Ontario on me. You've got the most important count you know relief pitcher Genesee Livingston Orleans Wyoming. You've got theory of course Niagara county road count me out here account. And we Richards. It's at its population. It's about votes but give up and it and it Erie county. Toward the last. Thirty years is. Not an. Let's. It was affairs where election there shenanigans but the Russians go look for those are involved. But put it to me it shows the power of what. Organized. You know GOP get out the vote and what the Republicans do it and that it would effectively for years all and we got we got. Level by. Kevin if you get something else to say we certainly wanna hear for abuse were gonna put you on hole. Thank you feel you will be in charge of our telephones in a field is you know will Le. Let's shoot bill went to make up that will let you know what to click now it and now you click click down on Kevin in Pendleton a game. So can I haven't. And then the question was a with David winning the number counties he did when he ran against Chris Collins and bribery how to view the blues and if you just if you look at the population distribution of that district you'll find that. It almost like New York City controls the destiny of all New York State Erie county at that point it would rather control the destiny of that particular mr. white to its population game about electoral college's. You know congressional race so it's a popular vote things that you could. By 70% account. And accommodate them while. But unfortunately count it excited. And the population but okay it's a bill. But you guys know too if Dijjer figure Vernon. Rob or I to replace her I'm seeing you all care and Niagara content but to even go. Indeed he did drop the charges that the judge judge did say. Why he didn't cite the instruments. We know that contribute towards the you know advocates. He was fully aware of what is we don't. Our arm if we do indeed be DiPietro. You guys seem to know even I know you've got a bit of you secretaries are men OK but do not go global after it started you guys because. Green on damaged goods. Kevan and you know we should let up for those who forgotten that you have been in this game you also ray. Didn't we hear what what did you learn from that experience because it can. I you know I talked before but being on the road playing music but as far as a being on the road playing politics of that what we can July we've got to be at everybody's parade on the same day. And yes I wanna beat you wanna put it. People of the picture of that because most people haven't run for office and you know you're running of like your friend Renee Zito is running against Brian Higgins David of course primary it. Chris Collins at its that you don't Kevin it's one of the things where it. You you find yourself get out a ballot if you do your best. And sometimes you gotta. You have to there's I humility if you're due for the right reasons and the people speak and they don't want you. You know what it. You honorable thing to do is to step aside and said that I can keep fight this thing in the courts are actually do whatever you lose an election you lose an election. Our friend represented at Calvert now faces a tremendous amount of pressure for a lot of people that are asking him. Look what are we gonna do about this if this comes down to cap it. Sabine president rob. I mean is that. Right now this if this election holds up across the country that Democrats will win the House of Representatives like three seats three seats. If those happen between your except what you cabinet penalty civilian. Not a candidate at Seville would you be really. To vote for congressman Collins. Knowing he is eventually going to step aside you can pick your own candidate. If that meant say Donald Trump from impeach they'll tell you what Democrat about representative Donald Trump is getting impeached so. Election I felt I was never change or extending and it never will. Until we've fixed the process and the system the bigger Greenpeace supporters right now. The biggest. Supporters right now it's a combination. Of people who are not register with parties like myself. This grunt group Republicans and disgruntled Democrats. Are right no we beat up at six the electoral process. And until we do that. What it doesn't make a difference to a lot of people don't hear what that we put. You can you not eat but I played what they've put much motoring or to put caught at the jets would do two things it just won't go to the okay all just out of China protests that broke walked to the other guy because of our big concern it wouldn't matter. Well we we can address that coming back after the break Kevin thank you very much for the phone call we'll look at it that little bit. Also we wanna hear from you win the first responding profession or volunteer aspect of life. What make you do we gonna recommend that your kids you know 30 my thirty start I had 3180616. W Ian we're live with the theory out there. The event center. I'm I'm I'm I'm. Well done bill well that. Hey guys I don't think the guys. And nineties and it went in nineties and last night and this somehow ended up playing Jimmy eats world and the middle. And that in Neil young's gauntlet that it's an eighties on. Rocket pre world which in my upper throat campaign. And that somebody was at the birth basically gave him forty dollars to play simple but scattered so we went back in the 1970s but thanks everybody in the band lithium for being stupid enough heavy upon states to play guitar at it was it was a right now I left my the middle to its all agree lyrics. All right it is by hourly and Sylvia we're live from the rafters who incite the events that are at the Erie county fair in victory county fairgrounds. And during our breaks especially you know the port 25 in the pot and that there they're 25 after and the 55 after breaks is. The best time to catch up with this because the other Braxton revealed little bit shorter ghost and to be able longer so we can actually talk to you would meet people and a hip. Picture they can elect at a stop them. We've already met. Great number of very very very nice people when oil listeners to shield for which. We are very very grateful do not ever think that were not grateful that we truly are but. The best time to stop by our table would be 25 after the hour and 55 after the hour because otherwise we got a you know we've just got to focus on what we do make sure she notices. Descent into madness madness. So obvious emphasis there will have a pretty big rated as the yeah with what I've just. Blown away by help us. Very eclectic. Like that he your Q here's what she's over there did you say be sure to publish them eat your body and got. These. I'll wholesaler do you have any idea how much at that you jerky giving money. Well I've got the money I want my beef jerky it looked really get it there's guys make it to witches or this guy's aggravate me. After this German guy. He's aggravate me because look at his cook ware first of all it is high class very very well they Wear. But here's why he's doing me he is whipping up some food in the it took where. It looks absolutely delicious Andy's eating everything is me. And it just article over at you distract them and up to steal one of the burgers at okay. I'll I'll take that hot burner right now that I'm good at it happened. And that he like he made eye contact with they would definitely yes yeah it was very it was almost like he was ball in his chest like want that. Let what are you don't you made a mini me you're making eye contact. Although the Armenian brought out. Tiger did it he's not. He's not all of these knowledge about it it yeah yeah and it's like yet I don't know he speaks German but maybe you don't I don't I don't real. Are really fast and if you are worked with one never count yet. Could you get the you're giving your simulating. A real. Flat surface we know this is this is one. The things that I like about the recount expert witness folks were gonna talk a whole bunch of different things here before we get the show back on the rails if you will worst show for a squirrel you're okay. This world that were wranglings world but yet folks but this is look at what you do it remote broadcast this is that time we went with about the squirrels but. You know the education bill I am in love with like George Foreman Grill but I'll look at it this cookware over here and upset at myself this is amazing at what things are below but eureka there is the fact that. You know I can see stuff that you get this stuff and everybody gets disease stuff that ordinarily we might not see me for example I've heard of this Coke where I need you the German code where it actually see it right across and that does this guy with but I can honestly edit it and eating without offering surety of is is really something what are the odds that we eat a brilliant Sylvia are put directly across from them by hello. As you don't want pints of my pillows before I leave it right are amazed at how many decoration these people with this I can't believe. It it. Thank you so Michael's love Phelps dares get 85 gold medals. Yeah what event. In the Olympics in practice I believe that was the German cook ware Olympics outside Berlin restaurant but we have courts aren't the best hitters who. And that figured by the late great that report to back you know it kind of up to hostess here at the reason why your hearing that show. It because that's how they work to deal with UTC dot com a bigger sales department no program director at Morton dues but I'll give you credit thank you Annika yet. And and it's there and it's trajectory because she. Well it all that was a three day that I two years red now about the way would you ever if you were gonna pop the question. Would you ever do it. At the Erie county fair that dialogue that's. No no because people that ask you port like questions you want you want the honest OK I. I would not feel comfortable. Asking somebody to marry me at a public event like bills gamer buys it and you why because I think what's the woman any theory. On enviable position because what if you really haven't talked about it. And you she thinks that she's maybe that ready to make this commitment. She's almost got to say yes has anybody ever said bill with a proposed to insure 101000 people. I don't think it's that it. If it's just wanna be jumper Jumbotron. Big TV. Guide at and watch it back. BP. Kicks up this year. The the field in the whole proposal thing you've got I think you're giving some heads up I mean what do you think it can happen. Do you you your your girlfriend got a game like. We're we're going on the field now money for what purpose I don't know just go with it you know it. Yeah our. But what are you running do you agree that it puts things in our society we're gonna catch hell from people who say well nothing's as a woman can ask a man to marry her. Give me the rock maybe that's so you know got what they what they that would be. I just tell you lastly it would be. We it would be awkward. For him but I'm sure this thing happen with this generation ever going to do whatever they want. I'm sure women have proposed that I don't know ticket you'd do that if while that we're there yet. Maybe 2030. I don't think that's ever good idea because I think it's unfair to the person to whom you are proposing because you're not gonna get a realistic answer and it seems to me if I'm not mistaken it was a sitcom. Boy I wish I could remember the name of the show but. For some reason the belt just went off that illicit somebody said yes where they were threatened to thousands of people but after they got home. Rescinded the Nate you put me on the spot and upset people do that real life you I don't know have bonded with a Jumbotron an audience you know they have figured thoughtful without. You know what's funny ever. That the politically correct kids can't. Oh yes of course right at every sports they show a picture you'd actually kept. At the end of that the joke used to be that she'll be opposed TE. And they shall like Eric Lindros at rock acts though the flyers and it did it go and kiss guys laughed out psychotic. But now that everything so politically correct no way you know it's not funny. Right I'd it doubtful the argument of too many kids what's wrong with that while we laugh at that wire you make it joke. Over someone else's lifestyle. Humorist art Q it you know what guy old guy with. You know whenever the deal was it a little packet is she. Grant daughter. The PC stuff it's we're all our fun well you know if you believe everything everyone's offended. You can't have acute care but you know here's here's the thing I remember situation this was their right up to the crossroads reader which is now known as keepsakes at a rate after it opened up. There was a couple of girls and they put them on this kiss cam. Well I don't think the people at the sabres this predates non nuclear but far. I don't think the people the sabres quite expected what was gonna happen next let's just say. The word explicit and you can fill in the blanks in your own mind with these two young ladies and now. They have ever received with a camera switched off pretty quickly. Now if they switch whichever off that quickly in 28 team. There would have been a chorus of protest so it's been instead of going from wolf that is just downright indecent. Did you would say it and decent they didn't give them. It'll time. The outward when the sabres what you. That it darling yeah that's what public. They had a tough. Night was always the broadcast at least the opposite through hotel room and the packaging cults of the Nelson. We'll they would that ring in the new year with a it would Wear a tuxedo. But anyway. They had a microphone out players aren't they never not vote for John Tucker. Goes into a face off its own on the streets up and literally eats. Words I'd never heard. Decades. And are vomit that while John Tucker told the rep re exactly what is. And John Tucker just note John Tucker was not in anyway shape or form a bad guys. It was a very very nice guy a lot it was it's a hockey game probably a bad idea of alive hot bike. On someone that's. You hot Mike and it airline pilot hit them. We will let that value would ever be all things what did you listen the cockpit. Conversational like that changed quickly yeah it's a lot of things you know there's too much yeah I run if I was dealt. Audio recording and after all intents and I don't know who is gonna be over. Thirties have it or not where we're at a twelve digit grid. Oklahoma it is hourly developing got under his radio about thirty WP yet we're live from the Erie county there were gonna give them the whole first responder topic and by the way. If you are thinking about committed there January volunteer firefighter today you show your volunteer firefighter I'd be at you get in for free free admission for all volunteer firefighters to the Erie county fear 6 o'clock tonight we're having a parade of firefighters which she is if you like sirens you're gonna hear a Japanese of sirens right at 6 o'clock I don't think at this that parade. Over the past few years for some reason we should be current firefighters died and it's always it's always a great deal of fun. But what may Q what prompted you get into being a first responders now we're gonna open it up to. But just firefighters but also those of you who are or who have been EMTs either professional or volunteer. What got you in to being a cop that we actually hit the cop show by itself a few weeks ago. Because is Barr is a jobs that you are basically going to be under the gun belt but it didn't it work. Know that but you know department to look. I I at this point I will tell you I don't know a single cop who like to idle a lot of cops and I don't know a single one of them that he is telling their kids you know what you ought to consider a career in law enforcement. And unfortunately David this is tragic but the morale because of the public hostility and the perceived public hostility towards cops. The morale of a lot of police departments he's really low if it's the and enter departmental thing it's because a lot of cops feel like everybody out there hates them so that we don't. Now it did you notice something though that it offs. Around 2006. About five. We. There's a disproportionate. Amount of physically fit police officers out there used to be a bunch of fat guys. Remember back in the day there was always. Per department at least four morbidly obese police officers and it was sold to audit joke at that they all sit around and eat. Now they are these. Men and women. That our physical specimens. I don't think we've ever seen that before that that is a new phenomenon where terrorists for some reason these police are. Elders don't ever underestimate the power of shaving there was some cheap illegal act of 1980s and detonate the then it now wanna see you got hang over your belt. And it. The the the shaping of course you get from other officers because if you can't lift it if you can't literally carry your own way and you've got to back somebody up but apart fighters that they believe me they're gonna tell you about it they're gonna make sure you give them their start the bench press and build up your upper body Easter walk itself go to the 25 infantry better. Our now I know at all is solidly developing a lot from Erie county fair with the bath voters boot and we are. Haven't had a great time here theory can edit their. And the best time if you wanna meet us the best time to do it is typically 25 after the hour and 55 past the hour because that's what a blogger brakes are so we don't have you know rush you want treatment like that so just not where you shoot at you should know that now we are not talking about first responders you know David hit it amazes me. That we still have people were willing to be volunteer firefighters and the like because. Number one everybody I know is insanely busy with about a billion different things go out of their lives again pay the bills that got to make sure their houses McCleon. You know you've got responsibilities with your kids you've got responsibilities with education. You're socialite that Sutter so. For me volunteer firefighters to basically put the community first and themselves second. I've got to believe that for everybody spending time as a volunteer firefighter there are things in their own lives that are falling through the cracks because there are open 24 hours well technically 23 hours and 56 minutes in every day. For people to have. Edit your volunteering your time obviously you have to make sacrifices in other areas so I just want to give a round of applause to all of the all the first responders and particularly today were crediting the out volunteer firefighters I don't know I just that it takes a somebody very very special. To volunteer in today's busy society with the Internet everywhere and a million different things to do to volunteer your time but that. Just extraordinary from either the real quiet player fighters. Our I think the craziest that kindness and the most impressive though. It because what you think about it law enforcement. They're protecting the streets. They're taking criminals off the street because at the end of the day they're kids on the street view right. Everything works to the dynamic of the individual and community make the community battered Wednesday. A firefighter is risky it will light essentially saved your comfort. Everything about that what all the cats that that people are out of the house that firefighter is still in that blaze. And what it would essentially doing. They're doing that that's our security our belongings are comfort summit is risking their life for all of that. And also to prevent other property damage. I don't know many jobs last Q rich life for someone's property. Exit forty that's pretty yes. Excellent point and of course to a lot of times it's the guys and ladies of the volunteer firefighters and I hate to be morbid but it is a but he finds body in the middle of August house that has an air conditioned. Few weeks for a lot of us. Well to sale a lot of times to volunteer firefighters who have she'll open you know at least for the initial response recorder. Tom's independent films coming out this article to accept that. That at dollars as the you know knows that donors know these people I've I've heard the stories and some of them just are so some of them are are rather on the corporate side.