Live From The 2018 Erie County Fair, 8/10 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 1

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, August 10th

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News radio 930 WB EN it's Tom Bauerle in David Bellamy asked its hourly and del via a news radio 930 W. How this is the date today we're broadcasting live from the Erie county fair hourly developed yet we hear it. In the bath. Bidders boot the only reason this broadcast is able to be heard by you is thanks to good people at EZ EU TV they are letting us latched it to bare electronics so make cute too easy UT EP you can check out your website at ease the view EP dot. The least we can do for everything they've done for us leading to the show is it almost didn't happen. That's richer real wanna think that fitter. All of doing what they've done. But I'll at night after the present a shower in activist because this during the showed any given time I've made this wrote that take a shower and do you want to come down and see that most definitely get on down the account of events center. There's all these different things you know I don't find this ironic at all they put us spectators who of course right across from town about Lee's favorite product. And hit all favorite spokesman. Mike lit though I like that it might well we are right across from my beat Mike let go and hello Booth. There it and not by accident though now it okay. Speaking of things that authorities here at the fair who's going to be the first one domestic right the Euro bodies cheaper on the air that you heard this that there may be the first or the year and also the agency that the Specter you know Walt Disney is still with us because of the Euro bodies pictures this is true. If mr. if they got to blow right around the corner from where we are at that are moved. Where you can step into this thing and they basically 3-D for a bite version of you are so you have that horrified liberate Hobbs little honey I shrunk -- ability yeah. That would be a father that. I think it's somewhat ego maniacal but and I think about a couple nightmares where battles scenario played so what's that and that we have a miniature us made that it sucks Purcell. When I was here I like Sox are I was. I was going to existential. Question no agreement the units. You for. Randall little puffs OK we go to those boots they make plastic miniature version of outwardly Sylvia but what we don't know is night. Much like those dinosaurs used but it the water. He knows the full size it goes out and commit crimes and that he comes back hole what he crawls at the crack of the world like a spider and and it shrinks again. Q how sometimes you caught in an ad. For the radio station and it's it's to work so they speeded up a little bit. All you get the tournament in Washington this thing about accurately you know whatever it. All that's separate I recently went to long at that crank it up and it literally sell out. Like I was the mayor the village of it's awesome it really wants us that but if it's out of the area that was ultimately it every day. Yeah I don't really. It's not fair it's all happening here. That you brought up a point today a question which I thought if Michael it was really not because pockets where. At fair which by the way legal experts here. He pockets where. Well I just I want to be respectful and I wanted to try my best to the email that you were dressed up. I could pick up the jacket out please I've got my Iron Maiden underwear does that help out so wouldn't hurt him at the out of okay. What would read you what brought the question of all the people here not normally would you go to the fair. It's sort of political season you know election on the road you shall the fair will be. You meet people. You kiss babies she actually appease his people. Kiss hands shake you you meet people you replied that what's coming on the road obviously people here salad products doing their thing. What to do. If you're at the Erie county fair. Oscars. Congressman irked Woody's virtually essay paper or Connecticut stock tips. That's number one that's number one of the gets to Mel Gibson who's I would tell the ambassador at 20% off the the end of August have you get re. You know they come down the vascular. Who engage ourselves. One day even now that voters shows up. If you tell your kids. Do you think that. You are people angry and optical brought about yet there are some times when. Things happen people get upset and emotional and they and they walk up and they say I'm angry. Workers after Yorkers are 27 awful it. Were a little bit more simple we don't. Rot out there scream it's Scott Norwood missed the field goal we gave you know 80000 people showed up its and it's all right. You know what kills well no they wanna kill the guy fumbled against each is that this is. What was the name Mckelvin Leodis amber well Leo at where Ronnie Harmon with unions don't drop you know bad. Well this but it might I point is what you think people would would be like hey you know we got to actor. I'm sorry go this thicket about you because at the end of the day. What is its lead witness I was happy that I think that people like him would probably be very likely to say hey I got two actors still support him no matter what the people don't like him unless they're the extreme radical political left people. I think which is basically look at sideways and walk like what was at whisper. Rock. I'll tell you that there's a lot of people that are on the right that our. Actually things I want it to late to the people to want to that before there was any of it they wanted to screen in what. So that that would change but do you think he. What you do for three coaches in the range political campaign well the one thing and opened Chris Collins is our chances that theory Easter today is about a we got a better chance to see Elvis dried. So that's way that we do as far as Chris Collins I think we have urgency Michael Dell actually have my like Clinton well I could see I could walk around affair but I could not secrets college walk on the whatsoever. But if you do secret now that there will like this solemn memories Collins at that I had to bring her to the Chris Collins border states Tuesday Crist out like a tough spot. Because college is what I would start which Internet that's what I'd go with this must be very very difficult time for you and I personally which is the very best that you a lot of credit. For standing up on stage it must have been worse life that excellence delivers she is a classy lady always has been. It's four. That other family that's all. You know I'm sure they got an education century old. And I think they probably just that you're the lecture about the financial circumstances. Chris balances the Nazis family I mean obviously in it like that now that the super rich now with the super rich and the media rich and now with the media bridge. The media rich media Regina but apparently there are exceptions it is and don't let people on the Atlantic copy it and went to work many many years ago there's guys used to work with horses is definitely worries used to work with horses he was stable boy in an area of players now. So things. But typically what that hire him he. The players don't either mentally stable boy because he would be fighters known girls the love of all things Aqua. So. What went back in American history look at you know. What sort of engineer it's up to the tire that the IT. That this is something with it. Give me a date we're still use it to this day what an incredible law firm was involved. I mean you know we went to war where Robert Woods Hole everywhere you know and then all of a sudden we still has come up with. It's still hear the figures in World War II you know let it ration gasoline. It wasn't. Because there's no shortage of gasoline it was to say a rubber leak what is that exit yet the beat the that was all it themselves. That's exactly the rubber tree. It only matters. Go to either. Tire brought three yes they actually had to do grown trees but the question is that those plastic dinosaurs you. If fossil fuels a result of dinosaurs rotting with a plastic dinosaur. In to a boy is the plastic dinosaur there for real dinosaurs. With a plastic. Just something on the Internet but it wanna this year economically and that is my own original thinking at what was it me everything I tell her that everything I don't like I want. Other teams I wanted to talk to the English professors who read a paper and so it's partly. That is one of the funniest things I've ever heard that there. Teachers out there correctly the paper where did you notice where this comes for a and it's like me. Gold fields FaceBook page yes yes and that is now you know actually I would say it like that tires. On less unless you were actually up level like it that's ample Saxony but I thought well I. I'd ever I'd ever with the talent a couple of an ample Faxon meanwhile it's not impaired heart by the way it's Apple's response. A career but he. The question we're asking it at your county fair or used to see me you know bills and sabres who knows. What you see partly like a fairy events that are we're at the bat better crops from. My pillow. Would you say honestly. Not out here Tikrit talent yet at that you're on the air economic. I mean honestly don't think that would cross the room. Because anything I would say it would probably not be very nice at this point. I I I could not say hey I'm on your side. I could not say gee I guess you made a mistake so I can't say something nice I would say anything at all. If I saw Mary's college on the other hand I would absolutely. Sure for the class act she is and I would accidentally see the hurt because frankly she views and in his party to this whole thing. I can't argue that at all and I think it's an extra but this I don't I open about it. What in my life that you I don't I don't know if it would get an idol looks good and it's like a little Q shield but I'm just not sure that that is. If you were to be a spot like your mom and dad your parents say year your loved one. If you go down on something that is you know you're here this is you career is over you've done so horrible. We're all we are flawed people we we all see it we ought to. You know stupid things but if you caught it in a public and I don't know if you if you do that because. I tell every time I've seen it on that the state count and now I see it like a couple on. Well but you know the hardest thing the Spitzer once was stopped. Well it was but I'm sure you've experienced this because obviously that in the political world to you that's not very nice things written about you but that's not very nice things written about me. And the first time you leave the house after that but he writes of the just absolutely trash hue and eviscerate you that first time leave the house is always a crap what if I get a written about your society. Can't believe it or not and businesses of solace for Chris Collins police would not people are pretty cool they're gonna offer yet but here's the problem we're still living nightmare. It went what's that nightmare and there's time for healing gone but when you're still in the moment it's kind of hard. There's only lost fifty geez innovative it was that is what I. I'd lost that the large I definitely have something sacred scholar popped on us those in the best of their company. What would you think it's gonna happen every day come Election Day you don't think it find those people put can't at all based. Every commercial that's going to be a democratic parties would be I lost my life savings. And here's the audio from. You know here's the video from his little speech where he's talking about don't worry about me while I'm sorry so on people could sort. You're the otters you know lost so we're gonna take some calls from. People at 8030. I'd thirties started 3180616. WBB and if you ran into Chris were buried some Collins at the fear. What would you say to them or which you eight or. Which you ignore them which elected the next row over to avoid even having the encounters with the congressman and who would you like this is a theory out there you know is that the Erie county later today it's easy top that is you know. What. They they are teach Jimi Hendrix like ours they actually have been profoundly influential foreign number of people which is funny because most of their cool most of their songs of freedom were court songs to deceive them though it like 1967. The coach he's. They had actually there is worry there's a story behind how they grew the beard evidence of other initial commercial albums kind of flopped. And they came back they regret that they re marketed in that I've figured they had a roof as it normally Canada. Picture of buggies to work. Well I actually frank beard that's the bill Billy Gibbons obviously legends in the music industry easy. That covers ought to on the original stuff then the others don't go stronger every. Hectic and active tour schedule TV top Ashe against aids. I suppose. I could probably do that. As long mine only condition as we have to lately grade. If that's definitely what it really so plus I just don't wanna be seen playing bush. I just it's just personal play. So anyway we're Bauerle ability at. Larry like thirty WP the end and up up play and pearl like with either you know what OK why he's the top of it for those who don't Wear our public and it's happening right and these are probably the treatment. It's easy to hop songs if you listen. Closely you'll find so many double Tom Cruise and so many adult humor situations. Which would not the parent the children. Shouldn't be apparent the children's bodies in the Internet age. But for those of us with certain age you grew up at a certain time. There is usually a party the package at every pops up next. I'll leave it at that this. Yes it goes round hi. If it that we are. On the proper vote at that awkward popular arts or what to say to Chris Collins if you had to do with the fear what we say to Mary's college is your editor at the fair and which electorate to at. At the eureka theater that's where we are on news radio 930 WBE. You know what I was reading glasses what was doesn't obligate to go ahead. Article yeah that's good art in 0309 birdies start at 310616. UP ES. She Amherst. Are on Bartley ability go ahead. No I don't. I know you are WP yet. I do and Lidstrom. Bleacher I just literally just spoke this. Yet it went to Chris Allen who's. I'm mr. Obama led you to take place. Are there any literally said that to me as well I agree with yours and that's exactly try to split up the radio show up but I'll. Jindal and ulcers this what do you say went where there's even our own personal I've done that speakers counts but. If something happens that's public and there's humiliation involved. Do you confront it do you at least acknowledge it or do you argue that type of person that just says hey everything back to normal even though I would say this about you. I wanted to know how do you handle. I would acknowledge it you know the bottom line is he did something allegedly rock and it gives up at tiger's area. I think he's ever did good no matter what I would step down just for the good of the people in the party itself. You know at this at this point the other there my piece of information coming out in the next few days over the possibility perhaps of some other name be on the ballot but. As of right now I will tell you bet if you see the world the way we see the world and a regular basis. That your best bet if you live in at like 27 is to vote for Chris Collins even before anything is adjudicated. Because that is going to be the best chance of keeping that seat in the red pants and obviously there are many of us who like to see if they'll be represented at like 27 in congress because. You know he's he's here in jeans and a work shirt and he's he's. He he he did not come from a multi billion dollars background that he knows I think how most people in this area live. That all due respect and my friends over there it's not a Spaulding lake. It's time to get people who represented the regular common people not the rich. Well. Just. I I truly sorry you know with all this going on. Stepped down what are your business events and your politics it's wolf Portugal like it to the theory here. How do but. Do you let Ariza are you two guys there now but where it is right. Chad appreciate your call sir thank you very much very kind. Elevate their you'd take care we get a break. It is 320. Six it is ready at 930 WB hourly they'll appeal we will live at the Erie county there are the bath fitter Booth and we wanted to thank her for it easily view TV that's easy viewed TV dot com for the step into their electronics. Yeah rock in the Erie county beer tonight hourly develop field we are live at the Erie county fair. And we are lives. Through the courtesy of our very dear friends that easy beauty EU or letting us use their electronic setup that they. It's easy DP EG UTB got on that you guys you we've made are basically say they're vacant as wouldn't try to say. And their hourly developing we are right by the wheel in the bath hitters boot which is only slightly awkward sitting for more hours in front of the shower with another man that I spend more time with any other human being on the planet but if there's a shower you wanna stand in front of it's the bats better shower all. Ethical this thing it's just nothing equality and right now you're 20% off. If you count Bauerle abilities that you and until the end of the Monte get a free velvet trim kit which is really pretty eyes yeah and we're gonna try to get this is there to list them underneath it and the shower to demonstrate the the goods when she gets back from presumably your quest for alcohol but. After last night that made that actually happened. So what you said Chris Collins or are recent college if you saw the but the fear and who would you like to be where seat at the Erie county there what would you like to say to them. And I cannot believe we discussed the set but we just got to seized by fans which is really cool. And what we're actually doing the show it's difficult for us to talk but once the commercial breaks c'mon. Stop by and say hi that's a proper brakes as you know on longer than others but were right across from my pillow were right across it when he walked into the the events that are you're gonna see a sign with big German flag black red and gold on them and were right across the German flags which is fine in Tuesday. Let us say it back to the calls shall we news radio 930 WP EN. Live for the Erie county fair we got Kelly yeah. A cell phone Kelly your honor with Tom Bauer and with. I. What are they can hear you I would think you're so. All I'm. Willing behind me in. Here. The explanation. Error and then why shouldn't. And what it is a pot luck. A. It gentle whole lot. You know I don't care at the wedding vows fidelity all that it takes a whole lot to stand up with someone. It seems like the entire world is against you it it's really speaks volumes. About the way nothing in that 31 page indictment mention. Her name one time. And in fact we never would have no. Outside effect you heard our cars we put at Notre Dame had. She happens to press conference and the only reason we're bringing her up is because Chris Collins brought her up and we're bringing it Mary's college up in a very very favorable way we both really that the world recent college there's a lot of current case that isn't obvious because unfortunately sometimes what happens is. When a spouse gets into trouble you automatically assume that these these bounces spouse is as somehow complicit. Or immoral or. Or whatever and it is absolutely positively not the case in any way shape reform. And for that matter just remember we always like the point is out Chris Collins has not been convicted of a single thing. And Chris Collins must beat resume as innocent as the child that is yet to be concede today. And that is the government's responsibility to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. So as as as strong as an indictment might read remember Chris Collins is not at his day in court. You wanna continue with it bought them. That brought carried out because very good but Mary. Well she is that Mary. Beck or. She will. Not last you know. Say add more and why are about how op and of course is in until proven guilty but I think with all the charged debate. Against him. I hope that justice does prevail and we'll get appropriate and count the plan because people need to know point eight. We may delete kind of thing if you're Hackett went there and you're not about a lot. Your feet. I'll let justice be done cannot disagree with you at that statement Chris Collins is 68 years old. And by the way that you used to work that I look out buckle it I also enjoy balloon hat and with sometimes. For a guy who's got that much money. To put all of any everything at risk including its future freedom for eight years seven. 100000 dollars were his son which is like you were IE you know who. Putting everything at risk for seven dollars I just have to make any sense especially. When the guy who spent most of his adult life in entrepreneurship. Most of his adult life in that finance at the guy that is not he. What I think Chris Collins can never do and that is complete ignorance because he knows how the system worked you have a system work. And that the word that we keep use it described mistress college situation is hubris you know the fatal flaw we alert about a separate lit. I don't I just wish. Mary who the bat. Crippled YouTube. It still might be helpful politics a little bit of overlap as sometimes happens and a remote. If it got Mary sues. If you're center art because if you do pepper and sometimes they'll when the whole world seems to be against you or your family getting the cart from seventy years ago saying hey I'm thinking you have a cup coffee wanna blow off some steam don't hesitate to reach out sometimes it is really appreciated and memories too classy lady ever but he says that effort this for years late. I have not seen the good state. And got. Over I can't quite get. There. How are. You. Know our. Job. They eat. Out of the. Don't don't be afraid to reach out to hurt because it's very she's got a lot of their mind right now and you know what he center argument in your former today and I'm here for me but there's gonna come a time when she's gonna say they what's their grip that cup of coffee that you call. We're live at the Erie county beer and if you saw Chris Collins book which stated that these up very soon Collins is very classy like who's not accused of anything that at all. Even that slightly remotely shaky. What you see that very soon a person where we both very repeat their respect them. You know. I'm sorry but you know that there's been talked about before but unfortunately. And a lot of times which is the wife the spouse in a situation like this skits. In a position that is shall we say. An enviable they've been out on Capitol Hill on hey let's go back to phones and that ripped it wheat field. Rick your hourly belt Diego and it's there. They guys say thank you for a picnic on not David out thank you for your service sir appreciate it. Are they just wanna say it if Mary. That's like Mary do I'd wanna give her hog. Our thoughts are I am. What Chris Collins I called the comeback. On target but that's an embarrassment to the position of congressman that you took you took your old. And that is what you do really now I understand what he did for his son you know that fatherly instinct kicked in. But out of all the other people that you told invested in the in the you know in the company. He didn't didn't care about them it was all about the family you know I gotta say I'm not surprised by this because this man. That is how he is went went you when he walked cedar county executive rate to mark own cars he never called the Q what congratulated and never did it. Yet if you listen if you go back to fight back concession speech that that's really accurate word of every he also attacked all the people. It may question about it like it all the people that mistake today and yeah it was it was really kind of greens were. And for the last six years. He whenever town hall meeting for all constituents like really you can't be bothered without your help. Pat found at outlets critical of mr. count bottles that now. Count me getting shot no I'd pick out pretty stupid there for awhile I don't I don't necessarily here Collins won. A lot of you know there was a lunatic fringe out there. There's there's two. One suggested it but he Albie she'll. Shall be at the nature it is your constituents. To. Security that people out make sure it's with the fire. Away yet not by. Remind me of Eliot Spitzer when he stood up there after his sex scandal was brought in and his fourth wife. Withstand an era that's how I felt about his way into their I think you would. People are up there and it was embarrassment she should even put up there he's the one that they opponent don't don't which report wipe out there. She had nothing to do what that you should have been there. You know off just a terrific appointment can appreciate calls Nokia there could run. Your character who would you like most around to obviously that's not legal. Guy who left us but I would say the topic in the building. Mine that. Yeah it's easy to operas are I mean but that their last game was similar policy in Nebraska when they got it now. I have no doubt that the party somewhere at least two weeks ago. Frank that's the silly ones rafter at buffalo. Yeah it's almost like if the NFL excellent Trout like a double check that but it was quite some ways from your character with GM easy but these guys how to. Elections in the music industry. Events like what it's really about how many on the tour. Comedy it's there but if the dates until about Stewart about this summer. And folks it is ruling. You know you see people playing music stage and a lot of them make you look absolutely effortless and it looks like it's not work at all in a buyer's rates on money for not the but I will tell you. Just as somebody like the law is set I played was three hours that I was absolutely to raid after three hours that absolutely straight. The idea of these guys do it if the dates over summer what some cases seventy dates over sauber. Ultimately it does that stamina and it takes a lot of dedication your craft to want to do it because you can not afford anymore when your rate you can afford to have a net showed you can never built it. People are expecting your absolute best so it is a high pressure situations so. And especially you know that we it is. Sixty degrees 66 years old so what is. Real and does he top we're not exactly spring chickens so. Very so I will argue it's like her day the ball berth responsive responder it's. Let's artillery fire volunteered. The full time anyone involved in fire department you show your ID at the door theory can get it today for free at 6 o'clock while on the show. It's gonna via parade. And that can rate. Well fortunately we are getting buildings on the sirens from the fireman's parade are not going to penetrates so that use that's actually quite good at least for us now. And we. Our hourly ability under review by thirty to what you BP and as we've all along today during the show petition asking you what you like the secrets college if you saw him at the fair which sit in recent college these are earth the we like to go weed like me. There we also want to talk to people who work in the first responding like work you know what drove you to you saw Chris Collins at the fear what would you say to Chris Collins you saw very soon Collins what would you say and they. You couldn't care less about meeting your congressman who would you like to bump into at the Erie county fear me I will tell you do not know who you're gonna run into your and what are the things about Western New York is that. You know we're basically one degree of separation from anybody. It is one of those situations where everybody knows somebody who knows somebody at a party Brandon do like three airport listeners who are one. Person removed from mutual friends it's just a it's bizarre so what he's coming here you're gonna see your friends and neighbors and all that stuff. And that was just inside the bath or shower imagine out of the habit just out of Atlanta. It's not a people either want to buy it stop it signal that you. You do that you go about Erie county fair if your fire fighter. Artillery fire fighter volunteer firefighter. You are topic for free to show your ID to get it isn't fair for freeware at the events that are right next to the casino. And we're. David described the location our phone number now we let me switch into the yup firefighter first responder topic I would like yeah because. After 4 o'clock we wanna talk to those have you made. The Indians he'd be a firefighter. Whether you're paid where do you volunteer police officer. Whitney decided to go into that line of work. At me obviously you've got. Very very difficult situations very dangerous situations. That you always encounter so we wanna find out what made you get in to be a first responder and would you recommend being the first responder. Do your kids are one of the things you find with the lot the volunteer firefighters as. If grant but was volunteer firefighter dead was a volunteer firefighter if debt was a volunteer firefighter. You are you volunteer firefighter it's I don't Marines all absolutely don't. Ya know what breaks that chain Ellen goes it Gavin Grant we're Marines but. I joined the air force though but he does that well very few people do what they've got the famous portrait of Belo wood on the wall that your grandfather and a the first world war you can not to in the air force at that point that's right that's right. So we wanna find out though what what got you into a recession I'm fascinated by that he gets. You know after 9/11 maybe. There was I mean of course every which way the military a lot of people join the fire department. There there's it seems to have been low went. Be a firefighter it's cool to be but the job. It doesn't matter what repute the job. Where people stick around as a first responders that it except for read of the individual you are seen. The worst of the worst. Every single day and has its wonderful at the surgeons. The medical you know partners is all the troubled people we have east Yangtze idiots that first responders that gets to that C. And that is the difference like that but I mean that patients stable while they get to. World class carrier partners in horror that they're withdrew. But not just life and death situations situations where radio host who just had open heart surgery go to bid cities and New Year's Eve and have four drinks to get knocked them their butts drunk you got to show up and wrecked your whole figures in celebration not that I we know anybody who did that. Yours is 27 28 tee the but I think his name is hourly that was probably one of the or embarrassing moments of my life. But there because in the ambulance crew I did not wanna go to the hospital did not want ago. But I was. Unfortunately your subject the better advice all right we are 8030. Thirty start at thirty at 180616. WB yep hourly and quality.