LISTEN: WBEN Interview with Jim Egloff

LISTEN: WBEN Interview with James Egloff from RCR Yachts

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The Lake Ontario flooding has caused a massive problem. Along the Lake Ontario shoreline few weeks ago we went to an individual's home and we side eroding the rock along his speech Klein home front. And here it looks like you guys are running to similar issues what exactly is how. Well here in the lower Niagara river we're finding just that the same things that they people are seeing along the lake enters shoreline. Are rising water levels are causing. Flooding issues. Along. I can speak here you know speakers property of the bank's own yacht club. Were having all kinds of increased water levels which are Rodham hampering our duties as far as gaming boats in the water building enthusiasm for our customers again excited about the season again. Things of that nature you know it's something new everyday you know whether it's a more debris that has washed up. Maybe. Talked in the pants and boots a little further because again what. Com so whenever and we never know we're gonna see each game command. Week before this interview started you were giving me a little bit of a locker room we were at an area where it basically had a ball. That was being held up you you put the boats in the water that way. But when it comes to operating that machine which is an integral part of getting a lot of these boats into the water. Could you explain the background for so what exactly am talking about and secondly how the flooding is affecting your work. What you're speaking others are travel left that traveler is it basically it recited machine that lifts the boats. With a series of pulleys and hydraulics. The issue that we're seeing now is when we backed the machine out and a over the water in order to lower the boat and it's on steel rails and these rails are now under water. And our biggest concern as we can still do our job we just do it. A little more cautious basis basis based on the water. Because we are under water we have our times seen. Exactly where the tires are on the rails so we have known couple extra pair of eyes. I'm ordered to guide us back but as long as. We don't get any. Northeast northwest winds that'll bring waves into the Laura Niagara river. Will be fine and we can continue doing our jobs and servicing the customer. How much more rainfall. Do you think that this area can. Received before becomes a means are you serious issue now but before it becomes an almost unmanageable problem. I I don't know. I think that the biggest thing is. More of a wait and see what can happen I mean there are articles and you know things out on the Internet where we're talking about another maybe forward cadences rise in the water level. What shall bring that water much further up on the shore. Cause more damage. Than we have now. The biggest part of the biggest problem right now that I see is we can't see. All of the damage that's being cause especially in the the docs and underneath the concrete where there's been some. Undermining of the of the gravel support on there so. I don't know how much more water can come I guess. I guess only time will tell but we'd you know we can pretty much expect that the more wanted to get the more damaged organs. You were explaining to me that the water levels because they keep rising people can't bring their votes back to dock. How right now there's a bunch of boats how can people get to their votes. Well here it yards on yacht club we have a series of mornings which basically anchors on the water. We've provided launched service to take the customers in the members to their votes. Our customers enjoying. Bringing. The votes to the dock that's wanna that things that makes the arts and clubs so attractive. Is having your vote right at the dock at what we call wall. Two. To enjoy. Because of the water level is now over the docs. The cleats that you would tie the votes to underwater. On the boats are basically. All of these docs there was nothing that ties to. I'm and I think that's where some of the enthusiasm is being lost is because the people can enjoy their votes at the dock like they would like to. How has that knew what type of providers measures have you guys done to to try to doubtless you mentioned that it's much tougher now but what do you guys have to be different. I think the club itself. With its membership and with its. Board of directors has probably got some game plans in hand and you know they're communicating well with. The membership from what they're looking to do. We have done some sandbagging to try to keep some of the gravel. In place by air travel let slip which is basically. Like you said before critical part of what we do here. And the loss of that. Basically most honest down. And other club as. They have talked about some sandbagging in front of the clubhouse. And try to keep the water as much as possible but. Sometimes that's not always about even when I mean you've been working at this club. Off I do what are Syria talks right now for five years. And in those five years and frankly throw your entire career have you ever seen anything like no I haven't. One of the advantages I have working here is both the owners that are extremely involved in the business and have been. Here since the beginning. Robberies who's one of the owners. Has mentioned. You know times back to 1973. He's been here's since the sixties and this is probably. The worst he's seen it. Jim can you explain how mrs. and the fact property damage lies for. Homes along this area for what you guys conduct their business and Youngstown. Yeah I can speak a little bit of it to star little bit to that based on what I've seen I know that there's we've had some neighbors that have sandbag. On their property to try to hold back some of the erosion. We have seen firsthand and some of the property here at the arts on our club world we have that is not. There indicated or supported by steel beams. Some tremendous amount of roast him. I know the arms on our club itself. Is. Has some damage with concrete. The undermining which I spoke of earlier and witches. Extremely. Stressing the concrete. Some of the way to the concrete with votes on the concrete and weak spots those things things of that nature makers were concerned. Or anything else you want to talk about how the Lake Ontario flooding has affected you'll. We got everything right at. I think the biggest thing is is. The enthusiasm. Of the members is a little bit. As much less than I've seen in the past based on the weather. The enjoyment of the vote. Doesn't seem to be at the top of their list right now it's you know now that the snow's gone and the sun's supposed to come out soon. People always get a little excited action taken this up and blow bigger smiles on here but we're missing some of that right now. Probably won't see it for awhile but. We will. Provide the service that we have been providing to our customers and passive abilities and you know and Kurds and again there into the water.