LISTEN: Reaction to Lack of Body Cameras and Dash Cams


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Specific information about what happened on Sunday night in the black rock neighborhood is still being compiled by authorities but they've been quiet about that information because they don't want to jeopardize the investigation. However multiple police sources confirmed at WB yen on Wednesday that the buffalo police department. Not only lacks body cameras but. Possibly more surprising. They don't even have dash cameras we spoke to several individuals in the black rock neighborhood following this new information one man named Marcus was surprised by that news. Crazy kills like it's not hard for them that cameras and it's better for them that cameras. Wind because it's easier for evidence reasons and sue. It'll make them look good zoo as one people like all they have body cameras so they're going to be better and then Mike you can prove that you're better. With the cameras and a dash cams and all that. Another man who didn't want his name announced said that dash cams should be given. And that the community can take on a watchdog role when you see there. Something going on don't set your window don't closure doors turn your cell phone camera on. And go live on FaceBook or go live on something just recorded in ought to be honest if someone's doing nothing wrong there should be no problem with the policing the police I think it's the public duty to do that. The Niagara Falls police department despite being smaller does have some body cameras for several of its officers. Mike Bagram. News radio 930 WB yen.