LeSean McCoy Update - Atlanta Journal Constitution's Mitchell Northam


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We're joined on the line by Mitchell nor thumb of the Atlanta journal constitution. He's following that will Shawmut quarry story very closely from down there Atlanta of course right outside of Atlanta excuse me. Is where this entire home invasion happened where the investigation is centered around Mitchell thanks so much for. Coming out with us this morning one this story broke. I'm curious to know reporters down there and Atlanta. Was there were a lot of buzz going on now what was this as big of a story as it it was around here in buffalo and Philadelphia other areas were LeSean McCoy is played. Period in turn me on arm in you are actually solve the you know I think the initial. Things that are coming out about quarry on Tuesday will this get cost under lieutenant Graham posttraumatic account that we still don't know. Food and not all of I'm Tom on. He's cool morning but it what can really connect Q. Hard to look at it that's a minority at my column where it would be good. Leaving him no matter how earnings. And and you know it's more important one on you know we or. You know groups that there were only reason that happened. That it helps you know. Yeah and then. You know he's been on it here the Atlanta journal constitution. You know he used to hurt either been reported on it. I'll eat the big deal we're we're definitely. You know on the streets strewn around not under present to our site metrics but I think it was one of the most current storage or what city. Thumb yesterday and they are you of people are definitely interest in this story and you know a lot of media outlet governor are covered. Could well. Mitchell what are the options here that he did it. Which I guess kind of seems unlikely because it really seems like he was in Miami that he had someone duet. Or that she did it and she's framing him right. I'm not only cure. You know police are. The police department could be a liquid now omni really haven't released a lot of information. Com and muscle we've been pretty quiet you know aside from that that's Steven that he could also can be on Tuesday. Yes and no we haven't eaten them and knocking. Around with you know whatever happened there the movie Hillary now is that their home court. You know the week and I'm quoting Lou this court on orders. Police record on the disorder Kirkland who was in the home and home invasion happened a local group who warrior out. During an elementary and she Greece and edit their own gun. Our book report that not yesterday communal farming in the series. You know lack a lot of you know I'll put that back up that they're orders actor Peter saw a home with a good. Oh that that article Robert -- umpire we didn't and now there's not a lot of backup their own than their home and he's not. But column was home. And she was the victim of. Now we learned yesterday that McCoy hired defense attorney Don Samuel to represent him what kind of reputation does he have around the Atlanta area. Yeah. You know it definitely hear our profile and you know between. You know you go so they're buffalo. You know my money or some other folks are so I'll represent a great list. And about you know when. Lewis was I think Clark with a double homicide here in Atlanta. I think those around the corner waiting and rental plan. I think we're. Good careers eventually got dropped so. Well look you know it was an actually in court this country up on your present and problems there and they my sexual harassment that I want to do. He didn't represent. Rapper he got in most recently who is humble heart macabre to. A locally that might not motor was good. He was a pretty high profile attorney himself down here. And he was actually convicted comments are guilty of murdering his wife on the influence. The bums out of them. All of them that you definitely. A home pilot didn't you know workers and some high profile people and as good equivalent well where's. Yet and is the woman in this case claiming squatters rights. Still. That is sure there are home with. Exactly when that. Typical court records Crocker U records to only that could own by courts are called. A group. When they. Cost or something some murder that are in my career EEE. In debt that Ellen and taxes you know we're in this sort that the cost of the book or actress broke. I trust them room and knocked over according to school. Or don't linger on in the program who's also in Atlanta she couldn't. You know you'd look in the home since October 26 team. That there are quote record to kill them we like our director of course happen in at some point seven. Didn't go to them because we've. Moved in. You pixel was final. Tom Quinn is weird that could see at her from her on that despite. And I. We'll be seen home and I'm trying to look at duke and we that it didn't matter I have to let supply on the Curtis you know what room. And art and culture then that we you know that serve properly. I'm an Allen never done more to offer is cyclical or that you know we can't service that you noticed that he specify. Looked at that was literally followed up on. You'll recently in tune. We tried to Victor yeah and at that time. One of its expert who ate it universe expert. I'll be eviction notice on his instead of a lawyer. Scoop because of that are warrior who tried gum. You know that this century noted just talked down the party is curt followed it. Not but he was ordered. Art all Mitchell we appreciate all of the information and hold to be talking with you again soon in the future its initial Mitchell north them. Of the Atlanta journal constitution.