Lesean McCoy.

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Thursday, July 26th

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Regardless of what you know about this case book applications we know about that you. Tonight all those allegations against you what what can you talk about this case where is that we're ascendant and house. Open investigation it's our league best that. And that's going right now I was. Right now my main focus is here my teammates. My team sort of built together and came and Bruce or go to go to the championship. But that secure as of right now I'm just because we're seeing so I'm hopeful was as anarchy is capable questions. All Iowa how is this all turns. Creation job. Well right now I'm just maintains focus we'll want to be a leader for my teammates. Wanna get the best shape possible. This is open season. And I say. It's mostly folks yeah. This focus and focus groups. While this. Is only for. He's bringing them to twelve elevenths entering our work our. Trading window francoeur. Crafty veteran absolutely. Strongly are no differences. Stage. Be effective. Productive. Careers so still a lot of things. But insists that it. Has. Yeah it's a very serious just so. So much for me. So the focus. Which are the same. Routines have been doing the same thing. Oh. What can you say it's him or. This album what it's suppose it's. Along the very things you're comfortable. Salute there. About anything or related. All. They've got to have a good girls are ousted regime currently there will. Garza but some players and so diplomacy. Pajamas Garland started playing live. It's. Played well last year. Here's exactly where it had to have them back. When they are so these are guys step up intimate place. I've been there where we have mark it's it's it's. It's obviously. Themselves in so we'll see how does it. Well. Seems like the more. And. There have been various sort of everything. There as well. That are back in it and so it. Won't this. We'll move toward greater role that was. Everything is here don't just make this team. There will be here for my teammates and Garth approaches. It's Brazilian and and just go long coma for. Talk about things and we wouldn't understand. So what is it. Some of our. About. Long. If you're a long time. Branded and did we just do I guess this is part of your message I'm sure to them and just how. Reassure where and what were you happy that discussion. Just I mean this to be Johnson's strongest. The regular program. So it. Just themselves first and I was so. Snowstorm that. This just keep an awful. Okay with the rules of total offense Jeanne yeah. It's gonna be a better leader in the player or something. Leno today. To twelve I think it is Richard what's been your completely normal question. While I was living there shares at thirteen 2000. I think. Right subsequently tends to. It's hard. You can't from Houston bounced bounced. That's. All well. Hopefully. Do. Mean just. Long you've been through a lot lately career. Even if it's awesome to know things are great. This there's a so there. I certainly saw horses. Speed train our trailer does distract. That things are certain. And we have. Gee my team so. King air pollution can't read about. Literally. He'll. Be yeah. It was place we want from Iran and America. Yeah. Mean. We're broke I was friends girly you know sodomized sir what is there. But the players usually is we're zone and else. Who's in training there are so. I like the media right next. Expressed its own got a pretty much all. My old things. You know what question you guys are very where oh where you're places and history is a bad. Something happens they weathered an injury or investigations can take away from the game almost everything bogus and me appreciate what you are doing and don't mormons. Actually looks he needed to hear him play this game tomorrow plea for an. They as as ballplayers. Themselves obviously this agreement. You know passive or agree executives mentioned Syria. Every day did you go other breakfast played my team is in the locker room. So cigars you know at least as good cleats up. You know interact with fans artists the list goes on never asked if things have been helpful. Quarterback. Flaw they all their corporate suffered a good. There are also more of the industry offering that was. Invalid the competition always been this. You as a player. Homicides are everything breaks down. I mean I've been in a situation for Washington quarterback battle battle it out. The good things each quarterback gets his shot sequence. Or shot the kind of learn and to do so. Where he starts. And you like a big difference is that Joseph and or Garcia.