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On Friday October 13 of this year buffalo police officer Craig winner was attending a training exercise with the underwater rescue recovery team of which she was a proud member. At approximately 12:45 PM Oscar winner under the nagger river to begin die which would go tragically wrong. After five days of many agencies tires and searching for an officer Wiener was found and brought home by his teammates. Friends family colleagues of Craig's of gathered together thrown fund raiser to support his other great passion within the police department the canine unit. The event is scheduled for Thursday November 16 from more than 9 PM here club mark Charl well located at 439. Pearl street. The proceeds of this event will go towards purchasing a new police canine. To be named incur examiner. We ask that the community come out and support this great event. To help keep Craig's legacy alive because as we all know Superman never dies. Proceeds if for people they wish to make a donation. And can't attend the event can be made to the attention of the canine bond. And sent to the buffalo police federal credit union located at 74 Franklin street Buffalo, New York. 14202. I'll take any questions it. Am a few. On that decision we made with the family wants the boundaries to purchased sat down with fame means he was there which there. Yet too I mean the dog and honor of Craig and his commitment to the canine team. Sure the average please canine can range anywhere from eight to 111000 hours depending on which. Eight to 111000 hours depending on. Which breed you get what breeders and dog available. Hobble through the fund raiser there's going to be a 5050 raffle. We have approximately at least seventy baskets have been generously donated so far by members of the community. They'll be a silent auctions while for some higher end items and as well as all the food has been donated by various restaurants roll Western New York for the event. Your ticket at the door includes free soft drinks food and one beverage. Yes all she'll this kind of make in the torque as we say so he's visit a lot of local high schools. Again the outpouring of community support has been unbelievable. There's numerous requests a lot of schools and other institutions. Are taken it upon themselves to do fundraisers. And dress down days and other things to raise money for shielding in the canine team. So she'll continues to kind of fulfill. Those roles right now with in the department. Lieutenant we'll see as well as officers Marshall. And can challenge him really been. I've taken their time spending it with shields kind of rotating their responsibility. So as far as the process of finding new handler its continuing. It's union contractual things so they are working through some of those issues right now kind of looking at the seniority lists and trying to match up the right. Handler to the dark. Yes he what he will be it's just a matter again. Matching his skill set up to the right handler and then begin in the re training process. The dog has to go back to where he was originally trained which was in Canada. The nagger regional police in San in the U handler. Through that training as well so that they can make it. I'm I would assume within the next thirty days it'll be done it's it's a matter of in house. The way that policy works or strangers once among the top of them. Yes same canine training that the new dog that would be purchased with the time. Yes. Correct this would offset the costs to the department to purchase the dog so it allows the department to expedite the process of bringing another dog. On board as well as another him. True from department funds we've seen in the past I foundation as actually purchased two dogs for the department. And you know there's been so many donations pouring in from so many different people donations from the underwater rescue recovery team donations for the canine unit. Donations to the department donations for the family on the people that organized this in. Kind of want to focus on continuing Craig's legacy there's a lot of things going on the community in their home. Amazing things I mean again I can't speak to how many. It's it's overwhelming how the community's really come together for this so this is just another extension of one of those things that. And they wind can narrow the focus to get. A new dog named in honor of Craig to continue his legacy throughout the department. Rick question we have to. I believe right now we have working now officers. This would be the fifth.