Latest From the White House - Karen Travers


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Let's go live to the White House this morning check in with correspondent Karen Travers this morning there's a new threat from North Korea. That may. Put the North Korean US summit next month in jeopardy put Salinas and that's Karen not to tell how big give it hiccup this might be to the potential summit next month in Singapore but. North Korea is angry about as this annual joint US South Korean military exercises are routine thing that happened every year. And they abruptly canceled a meeting they had planned with South Korean officials today at threatening essentially that. This military exercise could be a roadblock to moving forward at the summit with president trop. Isn't a big change of heart from Kim Jong-un earlier he had said. Through South Korean officials that he understood the need for these exercises and that he expects it will continue but then he'd like to see it at draster readjusted after they have this summit. And after the security situation stabilizes a bit so. As throwing a wrench in things perhaps or is it just you know big threat to see how president trump reacts we just now. And the president has Knoll. Design your aura it plans to stop these exercises from happening ranked no there's no indication of that in the Pentagon of course is saying it's a routine thing it's on the books it's so hard to pull them back postpone them again or suspend someone's parity. The plans are in the works for. Hey Karen the severe storms that hit the northeast yesterday and no DC was kind of an apparent that this how bandit again. Yes actually it was a bad for us it was Monday night we had some really bad. Lightning wind. And some damage out in Maryland and Virginia suburbs aren't where we're hearing this morning at five deaths across the northeast from severe weather.