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The investigation continues. As police looked so learn more. About the man behind the deadly car attack in Toronto were joined by Erica it's her ski now when Aron. A lot of noise being made about this FaceBook message posted by the alleged attacker. Just before that incident. It was police said a cryptic message and the post referenced Elliott Rogers who was the killer behind the 2014 I'm the Vista. Shooting and stabbing that left six people dead and fourteen injured on the campus of UC Santa Barbara. Elliott Roger had been referred to in this posters as it is supreme general we're not quite sure. Why Alec mean as Ian was fascinated by Elliott Roger or whether it will ultimately. Prove to be a a relevant factor in determining motive but but Roger had. Also fit the same kind of description something of a loner socially awkward trouble. Socializing with the women and so the authorities are seeing if any of that came into play in Toronto. And what do we know about the suspect targeting women because they send apparently that he. He says he was rejected by the romantically. We don't know whether he said that but. The victims were predominantly women and so the authorities took note of that combined with the FaceBook post. That references. In sell for involuntary celibacy it does make investigators wonder whether this is someone who. Was having the social difficulties we've we've women and whether he he set them out for target. But the authorities have not made any firm conclusions. I think though it it's it's there worrying that somebody with a perceived grudge against women. And no idea all the ideological affiliation can adopt a tactic used by crisis to the rundown ten people let that that is. Terribly warring. But no I'd directs a suspicion yet that he was actually targeting women during this attack even though it appears that. Most of the victims appeared to be when. That's right as I say that it did have the predominant number of victims were women. Taken together with that the FaceBook post that references involuntary celibacy does make investigators wonder. Whether Alec and as he and may have been targeting women but the authorities have drawn no firm conclusions they said it's part of the investigation. Does it seem do the Toronto police are being extra cautious in not releasing the victims' names as of this point. Well it it's up to the corner and he said that he wanted to be 100%. Sure and he is being terribly cautious now we do know that he had to seek out. Other kinds of records when 8888. Facial recognition wasn't possible we know some of the injuries were terribly catastrophic. Two catastrophic for the police to even describe publicly in their news conference yesterday. So the corner said he wants to be 100%. Sure. But. It could be a couple more days yet before all the victims are positively identified and that you know. Only prolongs. The the agony for some and the Nancy and appeared in a courtroom yesterday was there anything notable about his appearance. I don't think so he wore white jumpsuit he answered yes when I you know ask some basic questions of understanding. I think who we. We're witnessing his father's reaction and in and the father seem shell shocked to even be there in and who could blame them to comprehend your son. Capable of doing something like eloquent as he ended. And outside of court when asked whether he had any message to the people of Canada but as against father only said sorry. And meanwhile there's a growing shrine at the same and it's a big scene. Hey it's it's it's of of very long seen in you know a little over a mile stretch of of young street that had been closed at the EP didn't quite last that entire distance but it is. A long stretch and it is still closed although pieces of it are beginning to reopen in and people have come to drop flowers and other mementos says. You'd expect is that the city struggles to to comprehend and I think that was reflected in the comments of prime minister Trudeau and he said it all Canadians are united behind Toronto. And almost strikingly different scene happening in another part of the city a lot of people are gonna be downtown in. The middle of the street is they close down a few streets to watch shared the Toronto Maple Leafs the Toronto Raptors and a whole bunch of other Toronto sports teams all inaction. At the same time tonight but when you're in the city airing yesterday did you get the feeling that people. Although their mourning the loss are kind of quick to move on. Yeah I don't I I didn't since. A paralysis on the on the part of you know downtown Toronto we're far from it and in this was in north York goes away from the heart of downtown so it was a different feel. You know around the day and Laura or or or Horry you'd know that that heart of of downtown Toronto. And witty arena is is is farther still and so the police chief said that he would make adjustments as needed to make people feel safe. But he didn't see any follow on threat coming from that event attack it it did seem to be. Isolated as big a crime scene as it was. Isolated to that today at one stretch of of young street but it is still baffling and and it is clearly there at the topic of conversation. Even though it doesn't seem like it's it's been paralyzed the city in anyway. That's correspondent Arendt could Ter ski joining us with the latest. On the Toronto van attack.