Lake Erie Nearly Ice Covered - Steve Vermette


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We're looking at Lake Erie this morning because there's yet another little shot of lake effect snow. We thought the lake was covered in ice Steve farmer Mac coordinator at the media around you department at buffalo state college joins us now and Steve and ninety's something percent covered yeah we're still getting lake effect how's that possible. Yeah we still have some local waters from the eastern based simply curious the deepest of the victories space and then. There's still a local water and it's not a 100% coverage so that's what kind of easing the lake effect. You know even if it is a 100% covered Steve. Could be still at lake effect. What nobody really liked cover would prevent the moisture and energy from getting into the atmosphere. From the lake and we would not get lake effect but it doesn't take much of an opening a lead. By enough moisture and energy to do that although it would be dampened because of the ice cover. It's been so cold here for seemingly so long should we be surprised that the lake is an a 100% covered. You know I'm we were probably a top power that 94 or so percent Somalis are saying forget that warm weather coming in that we can. And the next week or so we're going to be kind of a return above average and capriciously LC getting much ice here. If you look back at the records. Within the past 45 years and that's what they have the past thirty years of those have been over 90% hike covers with a somewhat abnormal what's really amazing about this one. Is how quickly it froze. How would a two week period you have to basically do your life to 90% ice coverage. An injustice of the dynamics have been there will be at that once Communist sixty degrees 61 degree days. We rock the boat 25% of ice during that warm periods so. We are looking into the future you will relate to coordinate you know ninety plus percent. It wouldn't take much. Global warming you know prove the wind turned the into the spring to really melt that ice quickly. That's good forum on speaking as a voter because it takes you know on the spring. Kind of like the last couple of years we didn't have all that ice covered it seemed like we got an earlier starts of the season but now with this ice for probably gonna have to wait a bit right. Not necessarily get all depends what the rest the winter in the spring brings because as I said. Well those few days of very warm temperatures melt a lot of ice and it will not take part. To bring it out like good stories in the past where we talk about. You know elites bring US still ice and so on and that doesn't usually happen the web the world well warmup and that I will disappear. All right Steve thanks so much for joining us that Steve Herman coordinator of the media around you department. At buffalo state college.