Kylie Jenner: Youngest Billionaire - Jason Nathanson


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You know we have to have it over here on WB Ian. We've got her fair share of fun poking fun at the Kardashians over the years poking fun at the Jenner is certainly. Over the years. Well maybe now on the fingers pointing back at us go out to a newsstand picked up an issue of Forbes magazine and who staring you in the face. Kylie Jenner and on the cover says she set to be the youngest ever self made billionaire. That's right. Billionaire with a V here to talk about Jason Nathan and Jason. We all know the Kardashians who they're famous for being. Super rich for doing as a lot of people would say absolutely nothing but in this in this case Kylie Jenner that I'm happy the case. That's not negated all she does a lot and now. For the first time ever in my career and a reporter asked actually distinguish between which one it alien couldn't handle. Which are not happy that I have actually learned that distinction but highly is the one now who runs would be cosmetic company color cosmetics. I she's the one that has built with cute that the kids go crazy over. And it's all you know kind of little lipstick in the the lawsuit and liner and. We we know Joseph Joseph lug beamer uses a body he tells he tells us all about it. Head and that 29 dollar started I think it's sad says 29 dollars that it's. Has made has turned it into an 800 million dollar company according to Forbes. Which she owned a 100%. And then he added in her other things she is the deal with pull my. Reality shows and things like that but it's not a 900 dollars or 900 million dollars. And by this time next year they say that'll be a billion dollars. At which shall be what do you want she's won me right now it's this will be the youngest self made billionaire ever. But male or female. I've beating Mark Zuckerberg who was twenty degree when he took FaceBook. I had made billion dollars there. So every you know it's not just are being famous that she is just off reality shows. She's actually turn this into a very very viable business empire. That is absolutely. Amazing and is she the of the family does she have the highest net worth. She got I I think and gnashing comes in at about 350 million but she's way above there. By a peacock came crashing in and Kanye West together I still think Dave Dave don't get. As size. As much money as she had. And she just had a baby as well Susie Susie young mom so she's got. She's got a lot of money you know and a couple of houses to spend it on. And actually increase is empire and she says the Arab there and you're informed that doctor they go behind the scenes. Mentioned very involved in the database decisions. Of what goes on down to the colors down the the make up in the seal of her make up. She's very hands on. It's absolutely incredible. To hear that she is it silently via you know economic powerhouse. In the entire family hey edges and before we let you go Emmy nominations set to come out a little bit later on today anything big to watch out for. A couple things on the comedy side we're gonna get a brand new winner for the first time in several years he does not eligible this year. Because that taking time off virtually Louie Dreyfuss as she can get better. After recovered from breast cancer. Scare there. Associates so we're gonna get a new series on the comedy side the or maybe Atlanta did get in there. You get the model mr. nasal which one that's an Amazon show that won the Golden Globe earlier this year. I've been on the drama side of things yet and made stealth last year's winner which is gonna battle game approach to the first time is game approach was not eligible last year it's going to be eligible this year. So those to the blog the ones to watch this morning. Could Rosie didn't get in there. It could probably not this big show itself. Both for the whole scandal it was probably going to get a nomination for best comedy. But now because of the scandal and everything it's not going to be your awarded without most likely. But you'll see probably on the acting side of things. Laurie Metcalf nominated for best supporting actress. What could be an amazing year for her that would that would add an Emmy nomination security is an Oscar nomination this year and a Tony nomination I'd she won the Tony. I'm and then maybe also on the acting side John Goodman could get the nomination as well also Sara Gilbert. From the show so. Acting wise yeah typical season nominations for the show itself. Probably. Aren't close and stuff to watch out for Jason thanks so much it's Jason Nathanson with a look at the Emmys and also can you believe it rightly Jenner. One of the Kurdish Sheehan says to beat the youngest ever billionaire that's amazing to me I mean Kim Kardashian and analysts expect it. Slick she isn't anywhere no matter what her own little sister's youngest ever billionaire on the cover for its.