Kristin Jopp, Organizer of Opioid Forum Wednesday

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Tuesday, May 22nd
Jopp talks about her expectations for Wednesday's opioid forum, which you can hear on WBEN.

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I am with Kristen Diop one of the organizers of the popular reform. And Kristen. When it comes to this popular forum they'll be taking place on Wednesday night. What are we expect. From this form what are your expectations. While we are having productions from drag it to them background and what we're expecting and hoping for is to make. We all emotional connection with her and we have recovering addicts we have family members. Addicts who are worth. And that we do experts as well so we want to provide information. Give people resources. But really can make emotional connection to people who might be struggling with addiction and south war and like which are with addiction. And difference without people. Why are we doing this. Form on your addiction how Karl. If the colts how Hamas were challenge is this appear crisis we have here. It's huge it's huge and it's everywhere it's not. Just here it's our pre ware. It's something like a 120. People in our country alone by every day from Nokia eight overdosed. And outrageous epidemic that is growing year after year and it's. Bronx five times in the last two. Twenty heir to spite our empire of adultery and what you should be it's it's out of control we need to do something to try to. Some people but it has helped out there's no specific. Group of people that are suffering it's everywhere in and every neighborhood in every age group an average background and we need to figure out what we can do to get a handle on our. And there with this forum on wins in a word you. Anticipated as far Aaron is making that emotional. Connection how important to have missile. Emotional connection. To. Help for help put a stop the circular crisis. I I think it's tremendously important. Particularly when we're talking about argument you know. It's that. Discussion of politics and open to everybody out into the community and the parents and everyone but really it worked and the targeting argued with Corvette and don't let the people who'll. Statistics don't mean that much you you know in that that might get locked up a bat so perhaps we can. Connect with an emotionally and they can hear from people who are back in the same situation or Contra and the horrible thing that happened to them while they went through that maybe that'll get them. Cannot wanna start or maybe it started and may hear about someone who you know. Lost her father lost they're brother all over kill himself and and almost right how many times more than a lot. These people know data can help me I need to act opera house. Every one comment I mean I hope everyone from. Everywhere conquered it in the gates on it it's not only for the attack on our. Every age every community. You know we want we want to be reluctant to hear it. Ever got a great great ripped apart are cute and at that I am an out.