Kiss Cares for Kids Radiothon 930in716 May 9, 2018

Wednesday, May 9th

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It's 930. In 716. It's the kiss cares for kids radio Thon 2018. And it's important we are looking to buy transport iso lack. This is a neonatal intensive care unit pretty much on wheels I'm Jim winder on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. Millions of dollars has been raised through the annual kiss cares for kids radio Thon to benefit O shy Children's Hospital. This will be the first year of the radio Thon is happening in the new hospital on the buffalo Niagara medical campus. It's all day Thursday. Inside the hospital it's then so much fun to see the growth in our community. In terms of embracing the entire medical campus I sat down with Janet Snyder from kiss 98 point five who champions the annual radio Thon effort. With her morning team nick and Wheaties. When we did do because cares for kids reading them last year it was exciting because we knew this would be the last one. It's actually. When we do the kids cares for kids radio planets the six month birthday. The new OSHA Children's Hospital yes everything. Having spent time there and been able to be on all the flowers it's truly incredible. Where you guys going to be I remember eaten at the opening of the hospital you were up on one of the the upper levels and visit did you downer. This time you're gonna be we're going to be bright in the lobby. The nice thing is it new aero. Did in nice donation to create the new air pavilion where they could do concerts. Have performances speakers right in the lobby of the hospital very close to Tim Hortons which is important to me variant. But it's it's a nice. Area I find it at the hospital there's a lot of areas. To have time to yourself to kind of reflect or gather if you need to talk to somebody it's they've done a very nice job with that so the new air pavilions of. Yeah I saw that it's pretty cool area covered some news events there and it's really I don't it'll be good spot. In what you just said is really important when you go through that new hospital Florida floor they all reflect one another but they each have their own identity. But it's welcoming it doesn't look like you're walking into. A sickened by chairman and you're walking into a friendly welcoming warm and by. Well and you think about the patients that they're dealing with these are our little ones that really can only process it to a certain extent and it is. Very friendly very colorful. Very inviting very happy. And I think we. Had seen that creating that environment helps the kids do better in surgery in dealing with the doctors and recovery. Let's get down to business now because you guys have a really important role here they depend on this radio fine you guys raise a lot of money you've done this for years. You know what's the goal this year what are we looking to fund. We are and Anna thank you for saying that about how much we've raised. One thing we're proud of with all the money we raise spending wants to donate is we designate the funds and in the charitable word. World that is. That money can only be spent months and that's really important to us because. We know how hard our listeners work for their money and we wanna be careful not everybody else isn't but it's just important to us. We are looking to buy transport iso lat and this is essentially. Think of a premature baby being born. Whether it's somebody's house or at another hospital that doesn't have the same kind of neonatal. Services that that the essential to the hospital has. This is a neonatal intensive care unit pretty much on wheels. That can support breathing medication. Delivery and monitoring while providing. Warmth and visualization. By the transport staff. And this right now currently this is the scariest part right now there's one. Wow so you have twins that a premature. You pick which ones in more critical need deputy goes first and it's just like it's like as a mom at that makes my arms week. And so. There's a great need for it and it costs 175000. Dollars while to a lot of money so you know. Somebody who is a couple months Clinton Og I have really if you don't know why. He has you walk through I went through the hospital alive and know when it when it was opening in your opening did the tourist. You look at all that equipment like the piece of equipment we're talking about here but. All those carts and all the different you know attachments. He did that need to happen in each and every one of those rooms. It is not cheap it's incredible. It's not an even just and and frame and listening to this if you have a child that is in need of an emergency room really think to go to the Children's Hospital. It's so different between eight pediatric. She emergency room and an adult emergency round. Much smaller. Things and they accommodate a child vs an adult. And that is always something to really take into consideration and so we we so desperately need this. And out right now our annual transfer rate is over a 170. A year. Bring in the second iso that we could almost double that. And this so really how would be helpful. How can people help how can you know obviously they can listen they can respond that way though it's always good to go into these things. With money up front how can people help out. Now. Out to the universe. At the clinic. I really believe and that they can donate via phone 3232500. Area code 716. You can go to kiss 95 dot com and is it donate here button that is available to you to make a donation. You can texting and use cane and share it on FaceBook Twitter instead Graham. Wherever you're on social media I believe that spreading the word helps to. And even come down to Children's Hospital on Thursday and just make the donations. So they can comer in Perth in recession yet in you know having been in that environment and at first floors it really is user friendly mean you can just keep it right in there it's. That the hardest thing and I want to too much time but yesterday I went because we do these interviews free radio I'm tucked its yesterday took me. Up to the eleventh floor and because of a lot of reasons they don't tell me much about what I'm walking into. And locked. The eleventh floor and then down holing actually a little child's mask. And assign who couldn't read what it said yet it took me not to get there and it was Cody room. In Cody is nine years old. And in how a nine year old will Wear out their pajamas the where am until they're like three sizes too small so minions to jam does that. That are three quarters of the way up his arms and everything. And he's having cupcakes. And it's his ninth birthday Astor. And he literally could have been a child movie star Hughes who goblet just the cutest boys accused spears accused everything. Any tells me he's selling cupcakes 25 cents a cupcake for his ninth birthday he's trying to raise money for the hospital. And I asked him why he was there any kind of played it down like. He has no idea what cystic fibrosis but that's what code these conditions and that is something that doesn't go. And something that brings to the house on spends hours and hours and here is the nine year old who knew enough. To sell cupcakes for the past. And he has cystic fibrosis and probably one of the most positive attitudes and have a Mac so if he knows enough to raise money for the hospital and I think. He sets a very good. Example for all of us. To help out greets story in the and you guys are gonna be walking the community is going to be walking again this weekend I love our superhero plot. We are it's a great education on the medical campus it's a one point two miles superhero walk ons and it starts at the hospital on those big block. And you're encouraged to dress as a superhero wears superhero cape. All the money will be put into the kiss cares for kids radio Thon which finished with a big after party that includes superhero Christ and thanks reference appears ice cream. And I I just love the idea of a lot I think it's good and it had whatever your ability is. We take everybody wet the year in and we'll share a stroller. Your on a leash. You're walking your honor it doesn't matter just common be part of and its us. To like you said it's an education and that medical corner fuse not hopefully a man down their for need. But if you have not been to the medical court or it's incredible what's going on down there not just children's I mean that's just a ton of activity. And in years past all of the equipment that we have purchased for the hospital that all went with the move. And it's so funny they just met girl she is a massage therapist a physical therapy massage therapists came up to me. And that is something tournament Y and she does because my thirteen year old daughter and she said I found out the other day my daughter needs. Massive back reconstruction surgery she said does ice microscope that would buy a few years back which was. I remember in a huge. Costs but we really needed it and our. Our pediatric neurosurgeons believes in that particular microscopes so much and she said my daughter's having surgery with a microscope. And she does and I feel like the outcome will be better just because. Hi Gabe and I know that everybody ounce gave in science it's a good feeling you know Clarence host kiss tiny foot five dot com. Will link it up from WB and I've come to to make it easy for people and the phone number. 3232500. Area code 716. All right and I am not memorized that ended the new phone number doesn't the new hospital and they keep saying you know the number and I'm like now on I'm trying to figure out how to learn between today and around. Just now with. Good luck occasionally I know you do it no pressure chairs just get it done how he policy down market great cause massive effort. You can donate online at kiss 95. Dot com hope to see you there. To act tomorrow. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.