Kevin Hardwick, Canisius College, on Percoco Verdict

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Wednesday, March 14th

Kevin Hardwick of Canisius College on the Percoco verdict and what it means to Cuomo's re-election bid.


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Kevin Hardwicke from kinesis colleges joining us on the WB yen line point and kept them the news came now on Tuesday it to a super cocoa. Plead guilty to the corruption charges obviously this is something that's been lasting for several months. But from a political science perspective. What's your reaction to everything. Well it's never good when you're running for reelection in and they Andrew Cuomo Wednesday. Corruption charges. Angle you're you're so so want to. Who it has just been depicted. Corrupt church. Having said that I think that the history degree oh Cuomo's re election efforts I think there's got to be a war they know they're cook will be more this could be part of the bigger narrative. Of course that the optimal billion at least not in the U other cases around the state. And that could be on the ground governor yet. But unit itself on a church where people. Have been following their students to make a difference it is upcoming gubernatorial reelection chip. But. Again it's as quickly though. Long periods when they're exit capital of the dump it between now there. And it will be some bad things will happen that there are between now. For those people who have been following the case they know that Governor Cuomo was never accused of any wrongdoing in that. Do you think that works in the governor's favor do you think he'll constantly mentioned that when asked about it. Well I think he's gonna try to we consider any policy about this changed that a yeah smooth talk a little bit about it as possible. You know this is all what you are talking about what's taught about. He made he could not polite to New York State. He doesn't want to bout them. Corruption eaten or. Directly to its people close to their where you know that matters and and there are. Or there's a tendency to build upon so it's out there and I think in that spirit. How does the results of Tuesday's trial affect the way to New Yorkers will look at state government. You know I think most New York. Have a theory you you all wouldn't be students and a lot of heat which distribute our current permit each. They keep the plenty. Attitude. Pay to play culture. Let in tests while permeates all wouldn't. Aaron boats probably got there changed it to me much at all. Do you think that New York State can RO pass ethics laws or something that can try to. The rays that approval rating if you will. I think that that in recent years we have passed a that's on there have been reforms. But you know. In India are at it it's very difficult to legislate epics I mean well I was there at what we have something out. An epic epic salons or go to. You know cultural dubious doubt she'll that the debt. You know when. You're gonna epics and squishy topic do they come back to the difference between right and wrong and it's your mother didn't teach it to difference between right around there in your your operating entity distinct disadvantage in unfortunately. It is seen an awful lot of politicians. Particularly in Albany who wouldn't be learned their lesson for their mother. Kevin I wanna go back to something they talked about earlier how there be other things that come up during. The governor Cuomo's a campaign season that people attack came on. What I think about the 2018. Gubernatorial race. I look at whoever the Republican challengers going to be and there's not really any significant name that's. Come up obviously there's there's some people out there but how tough is it going to be just in general for Republicans to take over the incumbency. It is proper that we can work. You know when George Pataki. What George Pataki when they pollutants. Andrew Cuomo most popular Mario Cuomo paktia. A little older now 1994. Hours. All you bit uncomfortable this they have actually registry. They're. It's damage is done in the in poor publicly and why it works. And there it's you know he. Republic it would blow person. Lying. Registration cards that the south is where he was known that to burns or. Well it's it's going to be an old pretty typical incident and earn more. Our expenses I speak to your opinion with multiple media markets including. Theory LB most of the market in the country. That the arts are. Market events or you know to consider it to help they'll decline in order any or all of our lonely Republican challenger. Down so many. Registry it's.