Ken Macur, President Medaille College

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Monday, July 23rd
Macur on rising college costs.

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We are with doctor Ken baker. And I college and doctor baker. We're looking at. College financing not just two which in and bought Ruben boredom walks in and all the other particulars that go with. College life and what is the trend that you're seeing as far as. The cost of going to college. Well that net caught Philip Lee who we look at BP did three big category are caught. Yet tuition and fees one. I'm campus room and board is the other blacks being at home. And then the third it is broader category of other costs of attendance which it ball. The quiet. Miscellaneous personal expenses and then transportation. Costs. What we're seeing in the situation side. In those. Gross tuition at a price to wish you continued decline each year however net tuition. Has pretty much help laughed under. Cost of living adjustment for her collection. So again sticker price goes up and now that you see on the first loss of one key is that the net price calculator. Most people aren't being met a lot of tuition tuition at private outed this state pretty flat. Other doesn't increase at the same rate NN is different right now just because we're providing more and more financially. How would room and board European normal cost of living three or 5% increase on the clock and room and board are living on campus. Op Ed obviously is a very relevant caught BP talking about it you know there's like a good don't ya. Or opt out seen by the Internet not in the city like you know subsidiary on urban setting like that I counted. No the yet almost always baked into the clock independent. He had buffalo with so many great actually it in the city. Extra money for room and board. Is sort of a luxury item object folks choose to pay more skill and cap it. I'm happy that we're all keeping a bunch of students outside of that vote. Athletic and could be one of the best places to recruit to a college from outside the city. Those being copied will pay room and board. Transportation caught that are variable if you're living on campus we built I'll have to caught up depending. The cost of getting to and from home on break so those international speed aptly that it. But in general though there are pretty flat. Medical and personal expenses that Sheehan who's no beer because we're talking about college students. And all the other things and then the interesting thing in terms of Trent who wanted book in the lives. I walked out textbook and can be really expensive because of the small print runs better on computers and Harry Potter series. What we're seeing more and more colleges you to go to alternative sources electronic checkbook. And bella as a way of trying to keep the clock out bat cracked down to a more manageable level. It. I'll what advice do you have for parents who were trying to send their kids to school of cowards. Making the payments. It's far have those expenses in those arm. Our expense on the side you know world of social personal life. Yeah we'll keep in mind so so let me when your head not think Alex the idea as always you argued IP at I don't want to previous conversation. Are talking about what your first career is gonna be. Then think about what major yet he's an actor and buying about schools you know for your ability to pursue that nature. And then once you're at that major and you're thinking about it school go after library dollar financially bet you can guess. Because they're a lot of interest in Detroit and pot of money that really eerie update on circumstances. The interesting thing about room and board and all those other caught attendance is better. One of B. Spending target that a student loan is designed for. So when a student goes off to college they're looking at financially in looking at Arlington or he's not in long. You get to borrow up to it and now bad debt is that total popular and it. And we'll look a lot of feet behind the student loan. Hopefully that student doesn't happen where we all know about her again but a lot of the. There's student loan to cover all those food and books and dot. For the student can work lab and spend more time on the classroom in the canyon their study. The you want that when you talk up an insulated by here at this school that you're looking out. Make sure you ask questions about the total popular attendant and what they ask me. Those poll ought to be and so when it comes to book and the hype obviously. They have to go off you know sort of historical average of what student epic spending. And then you have to judge for yourself you know mom and she home how much input you need to know personal expenses. Kind of thing. How much of the transportation caught he can do that may happen now that you really want to after all that it met all the pot independents. In Canada the Cosby cheers sort of made your bat at the net and back out those things again change over the course the year basically got it contemplation per year.