Ken Lovett- Dem's Maneuvers to take NY Senate

Sunday, December 3rd

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Delays let's launch right into with Ken Lovett. The Albany bureau chief of the New York Daily News Ken thanks for joining us tell me ethic a little bit about what's happening. In Albany specifically with. I'll push I guess we could call to try and see if the state senate could ultimately eventually flip from. Republican majority now to. Democratic majority at some point next year. We're headed right now the senate Democrats are extremely fractured. You have. The mainline Democrats have a group of eight breakaway Democrat who I've known as the independent democratic competently ID eight. Who are aligned with the Republicans in the leadership coalition. And then eleven lengths Democrats. Brooklyn senator simple Felder who actually caucuses with the Republicans. The governor and the IDC in particular have been under extreme pressure especially since election of president trump. To reunify. These senate Democrat with the hopes of giving them the majority. The governor has been criticized for not doing enough. This past week. His people rode his allies in the state party and then had major union and Joseph Crowley who's a congressman from queens in the head of the house. Democratic Caucus. They put out a letter basically outlining a plan to reunify the Democrats and that. These senate the main right kind of Democrat that they could live with a DI DC after some cajoling said they they would support it. And right now though you have a lot of progressive groups. Who don't like it mainly because. Nothing would really happen at the earliest until after the budget process. And a lot of the progress was like why are we leaving the Republicans in charge. During the a key budget process. Now have nothing would happen in this proposal to left of the budget process. I've got to wonder what sort of horse trading is enunciated in the letter. Is it budgetary in nature why are they waiting till after that. And what kind of things are on the table what carrots are they using to try and pull these are renegade Democrats back into the fold. I knew the biggest. A horse trading going out of the threat. That if these Democrats be independent Democrats. Don't do this. That they will be not only face primaries which they likely will from progressives. But that the state party that controlled by Cuomo will actually helped my mum that the parties operation. Will be helped with the primaries began she IDC that was a big point. On the mainline Democrats who basically said if they didn't agree with that they would the state party would call for a leadership change among the mainline Democrat. And of course remains the state party have got to chime in that the chair of that state party Cuomo's handpicked protege in that regard. Is buffalo mayor Byron brown he was a signatory on the side it was me. He was here he would believe could regularly and then vice chairwoman Christine Quinn. If it it's a complicated situation for several reasons one. Even if the IDC today. Said we're going back. The Democrats would not have the majority. For two reasons one because of who propelled us still sitting with the Republicans and he hasn't said what he'd do he says you know he basically will go what where it desperate conference. Where is that constituent. And two when you're gonna have to openings come January when the legislative sessions start. To see that we're democratic or now going to be open. Because the L lawmakers who represented at. Have moved on to other offices there elective run to the Westchester County executive and abroad and senator who's that going to be coming New York City councilman. So you have to have special elections this special elections are not expected to be called in at the earliest until after the budget. The reason is that the governor called it immediately and January 1. The earliest it could take place in mid march. And why that would be a problem that's right in the middle about to negotiate it. If you're the governor what do you do you don't know who's gonna win in particular that brought drunken state democratic but the last just don't want up for grabs. And do you negotiate with the Republican to negotiate with the Democrats you don't know how it's gonna fall and then after the election you'll have two weeks to put together a budget. OK so so apart from not knowing possibly who the three men in the room are whether the three Democrats are two Democrats and Republicans. Speak more broadly so what the I asked somewhat rhetorically so what if the of the that the senate clips to Democrats. Talk about the kind of change that that would represent. Well you would pay a lot more progressive legislation supposedly pick he gets a real. They would consider anything from strengthening abortion was too taxing millionaires you know increasing taxes on millionaires. Two electoral reforms. Maybe redistricting reform which is coming up in a couple of years redistricting. So there's a lot of things the Democrats have been calling for the question will be will they have the votes to pass some of that stuff. The last time they had the majority in 2009 in ten. They a lot of these same issues are out there the DREAM Act but they didn't pass it because they didn't have the vote even with a democratic majority. If the room at the special elections go the way they go. If Cynthia Felder sits where he sits as a Democrat caucusing with the Republicans. How much of this matters in that regard. Klein jumps the fence them the renegade Democrats. Join the Democrats again is that also a big so what. Yeah output you know then what it would do it's what most people expected that. In November whenever you have seat of the legislature is up for grabs. That's where the battle's going to be the Democrats gonna push hard to pick up enough seats even 123. Seats. That they can then claim they score the majority of worked elder wouldn't matter. And the Republicans obviously are hoping to pick up seats so they don't even need Felder they want Felder that's but they would like to have the majority just to among Republican. So someone has probably done the math about races in November and figured. If they do this first they can get the majority that way. Well that's part of it it's part of that you know they want I think for the governor also political. He doesn't want to go into as we election and the convention which is probably going to be in May. And have that hanging over his head the governor is looking at a potential democratic primary from the left and that would be a huge issue in the democratic primary that he's failed to reunify. The senate Democrats so he and in one way he wants to get this done so he could say he got it done and and tried to left in the issue. And then another way at the fall apart he gets to say well look I tried I did all that and they just couldn't they didn't pick up enough seats are they couldn't come together. And in light of that let's talk history a little bit he in the past is kind of aligned himself with the Republicans in the senate and ordered to whip the assembly and a shaped as he really want. Democratic senate to. Well that's the question right because you have all these liberal issues that we just spoke about where the governor didn't have to worry about it passing the senate. All these progressive issues so the question is how much does he really want it. The people on the left groups on the left don't trust they actually want that they point to 2014 when he left runs through when he left ran for reelection. He agreed in order to get the working families party progress of minor party to get their backing he agreed to help them try to win the accent it. And they feel he reneged on its promise they didn't win this and that and they don't necessarily accustomed now to say that is gonna fight bird again. So listen to what degree than is he really doing this do you think. So he can position himself. As a more progressive guy without having to really give away the store to the progressives. The couple of them being located at eight at this point. He needs to go to the left so I I don't think it would bother him necessarily. You have a senate democratic Alberto help them politically it would. Get rid of the big headache for him especially if you want to run for president in 20/20 being able to re unify this party here in New York. However. He can use. The independent Democrat who tend to be more conservative much in the same way he used the Republicans which is two blocks stuff that he doesn't necessarily want to get the real. Some of the moral leftist. But agenda items. A right now and after the break into my talks on tax reforms they Weathers for one other question here. He mentioned the possibility of a primary challenge from the left what are you seeing on the horizon there. Well the other names that are out there at Syracuse mayor Stephanie in my narrow vote she just. We open the possibility she may run for congress and Syracuse against the incumbent Jon kept up. You have a New York City councilman that the money Williams who has been named and mentioned as a possibility. You have let Terry get sort of former state senator from the Hudson Valley. Who has already formed a campaign committee and and that he's definitely running buddies on the campaign today. And the most interesting one would paid from the public's perspective. Actress Cynthia Nixon from sex in the city name whose name has been out there although she hasn't that you would run but her name's been floated as well. She as is an avowed liberal has even said as much once it trying to bring education issues to the forefront says that of the current government. Doesn't. Fund education while enough. She's an out lesbian she's someone who has been really active in progressive circles would she be the progressive but champion that the progressives want. Well I think any of them people have to mention probably would fit the bill I think what Cynthia Nixon in all likelihood most people don't expect her to run. But by having her name out there and her not shooting it down there hoping that the governor in the coming budget. Maybe deals with some of the education issues in a way that the left wants. In order to get them stopped and so you know the state feel that maybe even just having the threat out there will be successful in moving the governor to the left. Right when we come back we'll talk more about the governor specifically what he's saying. And and you've addressed this before can the idea that everything he does lately seems to be. Designed yes to resonate in New York State but also perhaps with the little bit of a back thought in the in his mind about how it plays on the national stage he's talking a lot about one of the big national issues that is relevant here in New York State. The senate tax reform bill by house bill already passed the senate help bill passed on Friday. Now the two will get together to some degree. When we come back we'll talk about salt state and local tax deductions. What exactly the governor saying about that and why stay with us Ken Lovett is here from the New York Daily News and much more to come about tax reform after that to its hardline on news radio 930 WB EN.