#KellyTough 930in716 July 19, 2018

Thursday, July 19th

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It's 930. In 716. Kelly tough I tell you what was a senator made things are persons. First someone. Whose fight and further tomorrow. I'm Tim linger on 930 and 716 powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living. In a country setting. Buffalo Bills legend Jim Kelly the recipient of this year's G media award at the SPD's. The award goes to one deserving member of the sports community who has overcome tremendous obstacles through determination. And perseverance. Fellow hall of fame quarterbacks Dan Marino and John Elway presented the award to Kelly whose number you. Water and don't. And I'm. About my son's. As past recipients are shown the Jimmy V award winner usually delivers a speech that leaves few dry eyes in the audience. Kelly was no exception. He began his speech and immediately addressed his son hunter who died at the age of eight in 2005. After a lifelong battle with cred date disease. So many hot dogs drowned. Its continued Israeli Limbaugh among some hunter what are you about it while life. They were lovers law. And hello look up there I should do it and not see you on. I just look what about those tolerances rebuild through its policies we went through it all in good times are golf terrorism you know. We had someone fall. Did you are not valid. All. Year after year flights here. In Jong. On behalf of the class of ninety days three to five reporter about. If you thought when you choose Super Bowl forest where your refuted especially community and then. But. I'll look dot com in my life. I've always lived in Bonn and the poor house. The one I had out but I'll tell you it was flown even though I still have fun. I'd put you wanted to nerve he's worked really on an average house. Yes by Tenet. But it's a good or who's got his plans. This play is revitalized. Through my son hunter we won't make it differs. My family. All. Unless presented by daughter Daryn everything load times who walks into a hospital no 103 ever have a throne are things. It was always daddy you're not so good. The horse to reduce your your real hub like dark hair grid. Somebody tons. Schubert club will be an album do you wanna Weaver. Go but even today were few gone beyond a lonely vertigo. In light wind field. Your life heart. You are a lot of soul. You or what ever incident all of revealed. We're. Broadened. My blog. Broader path head right and did have that they've been through every zoom with these are good times about times. The Super Bowls we had fun. But I'll tell you what I wanna be here today to wonderful like far broader long Auburn does what bill Sam what is. On including Wilson sailed into Syria simply drew our new owners. So well after dual bodies Ahmard rules Thurman. All out all Andre Darryl biscuit. Wills tasker. All you guys. Every single day didn't continue to have brut Texan estrogen it drives me X ray Zedillo took me and it. Bush didn't do it and basically allowed to push Volvo live spaces. 100 soaked I have went. Through six you family's pretty calm Buffalo, New York. Doug Durham has held the same disease and my son house. Or tried to make a difference ice flow that doesn't know. That I will be home tomorrow we're like family through. So would do and BO will Roger make a difference my friends altar while high school football coach sue. There's really not have a goal death there's really not term proposal agreed on still sit here Terry hundred. All of these coach on Augusta people on here today in the audience appeared gaunt. Taught me in Denver Kermode best friend why should super warrior shirts and ties it all for Beers everybody Bartolo one beer. And finally. The thing it's I think what was assay and basic differs too dead. Push someone who's fighting to preserve tomorrow. When I looked across. This arena they'll want to talk to people look at digital need to be and Russell Wilson. And they're brought her to make the difference odds are. Every single close who's proved to be a difference maker. New movies as usual partisan go it just saw Barbara Morgan goes to work. But you exhibited good solution guys who put it small notes that isn't what kids are proudly detailing to say we don't want to dip verbal brawl interface. Toys urge anybody odds are you have some realtors operated dug up to me to answer. It's the result being on how pretty good day to be your mom or dad. It's a ring of grandparents. What you say GM news small you have water like that to me to differ Rosie magazine today. Remember that always always. Works for rear exit Libby said he never ever give thought. In my bills fans back home. I love you and everybody here tonight engines every rebound exit. Thank you for our league and humbled me with this award all of you all of gob bless related to lure continue to bust some guys who. The only returns to New York next month for what's termed an unexpected check up. Following cancer surgery earlier this year. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow would never radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.