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Thursday, March 1st

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Doctor Wesley hicks is joining us from Roswell park doctor hicks we hear the news today that. Jim Kelly's cancer has returned. You are somebody who is very familiar with cancer as it pertains to oral areas what exactly is going on what what can you tell us about what ends. All first car I want her house forum were mr. Koreans are among friends and and communities for him to have an additional problem. You're on camera speaks specifically. Regarding mr. Perry's past a close situations and so I was not involved in his career. I could throw you in general power oral cavity cancers. When. Corporal Rick. And treated aggressively. Can do quite well. As well can I cancel and the two or cared to hear from. Are this depression or treatment is still suitable solution at this. Shoot horses don't they didn't markets. Is what we feel certain appearances where you are strewn remains the primary will be our group here. The other. Borrower to clear interest in turning the oral cavity connections. And advocates is in general. Before it's going to be a real difference in what is located at. Can drastically change the treatment approach to their particular cancer. In 2013 he had the cancer for the first time than 2014. Went away. Is it common for this type of cancer to return. Arm again depending on your rituals signs of potential locations. Are. Babies were salute your old attributable would be horrible if caught early. And magicians Mattingly. Rangers food arms course but also spoke English. For example. A cancer open or what can be moral core we. Can't sort of the book calls for more dependent you know. Location and size we. My understanding in this group norm form from what I read in the press there's the split. Carol this particular or financial woes of who's. Axel next to our poor draw. And I believe long Leo your religions wouldn't keep it. I believe those were started in those credentials the training will be spent to can be quite typical two week. However. There's too cynical and which was announced as early detection. And ski. We've. Russell doesn't heal. And you'll Calgary. Is it important fault with your fairway darker is them appropriately and neck or arms inspection. How common is this. Well what will reduce sort of divide that school. What we were supposed to record would look like expert what their answer them prepared as. It heads through that we all every cancer. And what crop alone too close for cancer which would call in feel. That is a commitment compartment what was in that. That we see you replicas of our our reverberations. Including also considerably. Award however it. So Edward and what your articles about wouldn't you receive entry. It was a big chances of all her. Our can be also list who are pro. And because Barry green creek who got one rust but also by all of a good thing. Did treatment for all of the characters. Could be radically different than the treatment of attention tomorrow. Again Billy Wilkins is a group we're pharmaceutical therapy that reason initially with low radiation chemo. Also we're sort of credit for so it just. You won't Mubarak to recruit rules of farmers and you and all what will be the reviews were put insert will care just over oral cavity. Would mean spirited tribute. Is still surgery what tournament or every mr. I read your op withdrawal. Google workable I mean what borrow good talk and your tree. Those appearances are partnered true it was circus and most important part. Well what sort of food isn't paying negative markets. And what I mean right there is do you bought your true woo the potential souls of good. Even weird. Data to marketers we wouldn't all the cool Sudanese that we can see people's pensions get additional treatment that additional treatment should be radiation. Or evil and abbreviations that. To help get better we're a little control of disease. Our doctor hicks is there anything else that you think the collection notice about when it comes to battling this type of a disease obviously surgery seems so. To be one of the I'm a big things that they. Can we need to know a lot to certain situation. Yes I continue to go early detection is important. Appropriate. And and necessary treatment. Is the mainstay. Of who do we.