Kavanaugh Makes the Supreme Court Cut - Bob Klump


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We're joined now by a political science professor pre law advisory contentious college bombed clump talking about. President trump Supreme Court nominee Brent Cavanaugh Bob thanks for joining us looking you tell us about Brett have enough. Well. He is out and really well qualified. He had certainly as that your previous interior time indicated. In Washington insider every act every step of the way. In fact he's even born in the DC area isn't his entire career has been enough inside the beltway so to speak. And one thing that's noteworthy about him compared to the other individuals who are in contention. Is that of course he held key administrative positions in the administration of George W. Bush. As counsel to the president and that's that secretary. And that's what I think that has caused some concern. As reported. By a majority leader Mitch McConnell about what the Democrats are gonna do during the confirmation process because. You know having worked that long for the administration at a time land. The Bush Administration is doing some very controversial things prosecutor in the war on terror. And and the like. That there might be some grounds for Democrats and the first senator ran Paul for that matter who is that indicated some reservations. On the Republican side about him for our positions he may have taken her advice he may have given to the president on the war on terror. And the treatment of detainees and the like so there is some concern. That there might be. Softened his background working for bush and earlier when he worked for Ken Starr during the Clinton administration and he helped write. The the stock report which led to president Clinton's impeachment. That there may well be documents emails sent and other things they could be exploited. During the confirmation process. Bob is there enough there that could. Possibly put this nomination in jeopardy. I don't think so and I think that. Rand Paul is likely has let his opposition recently as initial opposition to the confirmation as secretary of state Pompeo. I think there's Rand Paul is likely to ultimately vote in supporting his confirmation. A couple of decision cities issues that are likewise cost some concern among conservatives won Abby did you let. The claimed that the decision he wrote construing obamacare. As attacks rather than as a regulation of interstate commerce. May have provided the road maps so to speak for chief Justice Roberts. Opinion the following year which help upheld obamacare as attack and they spent some grumbling on the right at that. That he provided the road map further court to uphold obamacare. But I can't imagine that conservatives. That's particularly those in the United States senate are likely to do anything other than enthusiastically. Support him. Yes all that being said of what you just mentioned this it has been described as the pick that any Republican president would make in this situation which you agree with them. Yes I would agree with that and it out in his his credentials as such I I think that that. They're Republicans in the senate are likely to strongly emphasized. Obviously early in nature his credentials including something he noted last night during his remark. Which certainly has appealed today and that. At the very you have among federal judges a majority of this 48 Lockhart. Since he was appointed to the DC circuit have men women. And the outreach that he made to to minority applicants. Four are Ford is positions so in terms of the cosmetic. In terms of its two degree from Yale his experience in the White House is ten years on the DC circuit which is widely viewed as the main fear court. To the Supreme Court you know we have Celanese Supreme Court justices who have come from the DC circuit. His is attachment to a regionalism. A lot of decisions he's written it have great appeal to conservatives. I think I think it's a fair statement that they almost any Republicans. Suffice it to say he would've been very high on the list that any Republican president. As a potential nominees to the Supreme Court. What is the likely impact of this nomination. And Roe vs. Wade. Well it's hard to say. I think that he it's it's unlikely. That the card in any. In any future case is likely to over overturn Roe vs. Wade outright. Certainly what he said. About Roe vs. Wade and it's a decision that debt to have a descent that he issued. I'm in the case a couple the past year. In which he objected to the DC Circuit Court and seen eight. And it. Alien Meyer. The right to immediately get an abortion he dissented from that decision which he sent represent a radical expansion of the supreme court's abortion jurisprudence. I think it's fair to say. That he would be on the side of upholding traditional limitations. On abortion but I think the court as a whole is unlikely. Anytime in the near future for sure. To do something as drastic as overturn Roe vs. Wade outright. Well Bob we appreciate the timing and the insight it's Bob clump of kinesis college of political science professor there also the pre law advisor.