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We're joined by Kate Kramer vice president of save Ontario assures a group that's been pushing back. Against these Windmills on the shore of Lake Ontario Kate thanks so much for joining us now once we get started with that fact says that a lot of people still see these Windmills. As a great source of renewable energy from afar. And they even look really cool. The differences may be when you get a little bit closer to the Windmills when they're on your property or maybe even worse. Adjacent property is where a lot of you are starting to see issues. Yes well at. Generally when people are talking about renewable energy and talking about wind turbines. They'll don't talk about the number of homes that will be powered by these and they talk and very generalized term. But when when we are looking at a practical expert coming into our community it but it's quick and it mattered. And flow that we you know people see obviously can do what they want property except when it impact their neighbors. And that's what we have come forward and zoning board at that we we don't have our neighbors in a negative way though it these. Howard is going to be. Enormously. I mean we Europe you've done it earlier they leave college and the policy building in buffalo. But when you look at this video skyline of buffalo how many tall buildings are that there. I mean you know 56 elevenths it really tall building there close to the morning we're talking forty to fifty. Forty to fifty structures that art Pollard and the tallest building in a couple of and they are not going to be locked up together in one area they're going to be spread out along twelve miles apart can count. So the impact on neighbors is going to be very large. I'm glad there is a visual impact we've and it's very beautiful beautiful area. And I don't downplay that everybody could have been late to do you know if you look into the country many people do it for the beauty that. But we also looked at for the peace and quiet good. On that bed late kind in the country are very very quiet so having. You know. Forty to fifty of these spinning turbines at nighttime it's going to change. That the quiet nature of a fire communities and that can have an impact on people's health. What do you know about the noise the hum. The Flickr that comes from news. So what we will is what we heard from people in other communities. And we'll watching them very carefully we've spoken with a lot of people who have had a negative impact. Both health impact and then when they try to sell their properties because they need to get out of there for their health. They can't sell the property. Some of these houses are gaining vacant and people have to find another place to go. They're kind of knowing there's and acknowledge you here and then there's that doesn't sound. And it caught in response that is below human hearing but they are effect that it is the thing that can cause. Things like vertigo and you know migraine. So so and they're saddled Flickr we the shadow flicker is let him run moving through the blades. Com and you might think that this is in inconsequential thing but it is like having little strobe lights flashing in your house. And we're in a very very flat area we're actually different than orange now. And Ares is extremely flat. So there's not going to be any way to mask these are. What have you learned about the efficiency. Of the turbines. You know what we have Derek we've looked. A crock. There's that New York State and and we look at the existing wind turbine projects. And we have found that there's about a 25 principles and efficiency bait so. For example this project and I think it will produce 200. Megawatt it'll actually only be fifty. It's about 25% efficient that the a 30% isn't as popular quarrel with saying it might be a little bit more than because Peter Mueller winter. Getting new design they are significantly taller than any other wind turbines in New York State and actually in the country. And and although Taylor called and that they are going to be they're keeping them to 600 feet. That is very tall that is. You either you're not gonna fine wind turbine like that anywhere near dates certain links on I don't think there really any place in the country. Which means we don't know what the sound impact is going to be. It because we don't have a place we can go and and even having operated for years. Kate is the company. Working with the community. Well I'm the company is working with the landowners who have signed leases I believe they have regular meetings with. But I would Italian debt the company does not meet with the bay Ontario stores. I'm we have a theory dedicated an active. Group of local people who are doing hard research and didn't have have done so much work and and supported us with that you know if their own financial contributions. On and the wicked wind developer APEC is not eating without. And they are not giving us any substantial information I mean we're finding out information by listening to English Channel and the you're talking. I'm not really feel bad when we ask them specific questions they tell us it'll be on the application. Looking application though they are not really working with we can monopolies that they have really listened to our our our complaints are issues are concerned. And correctly. There was a survey done when they first brought this project before they got into the heavily into the Betty and the two rounds were both counts were very opposed to. I'm not exactly sure why they're still here. Realistically what do you see being the end result here. Well I see that are. Our group along with the pit bull stepped down. Both towns elected officials and the and the council felt we are again they're calling to fight this wind project. We're going to fight through the article ten process we're going to. To be the voice of the people in the community who do not want this we're gonna keep those concerns. About the center. I'm nobody has really mentioned on your show yet on the issue with bird and back and raptors. We're in an is an international flyweight and it'll all the local. Hurting organization to most of them. I have come not specifically against the project. On because it eat it and and you talk about the height of the terrifying let me do it I have attended the. At K I'm sorry actually who were running out of time we have to go that's at eight Kramer. How we thank you for the information vice president of save Ontario shores and.