Karen Travers Live from the White House


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We had live to the White House where we find Karen Travers Karen it was a busy day for the president on Twitter yesterday. Yeah I think the president is kind of an all over the map what would you like to focus on wool Wu look at says some of the tweets about fake news it not only mentioning it on Twitter but then later on talking to reporters with Justin Trudeau wind so too. Yes Ed the president yesterday. Was pushing back strongly on this report by Andy he mused that he had asked for a ten fold increase in. The nation's nuclear arsenal he says that didn't happen he wants. The current nuclear stockpile to be in perfect condition you once modernization but he wasn't asking for more. Secretary defense mabus also push back against the report but. In the president's with taking it then in a different direction his favorites just to use it to blast the media. Saying he was disgusted that the press is able to write whatever they want. And people should look into it now these tweet that he's been writing about television station licenses and network licenses. And the federal communications commission and some experts yesterday were saying this is all just complete empty threats the FCC doesn't give broadcast license to networks it's all through individual stations there's a very complicated lengthy process for even challenging. A stations renewal. And in that it it it's basically nobody needs to worry about this if you're an executive at any television network by the president says it too. Gin up his supporters who are the you know like when he goes after the media. You know less than Saber rattling. Two decisions coming soon from the president on NAFTA and the Iran nuclear deal. Any inkling which way he's going. I mean yesterday he psyched about NAFTA he asked is it dead he said will see certainly has been very consistent that he doesn't like it he said if we don't get a good deal then we'll discrete bent and scrap it and move on and try and do something else. Like concerns from Canadian officials Mexican officials. Right now the negotiations are in the thick of things for round of a planned seven rounds of talks and negotiations. To trying come up with an alternative gore tweaked deal. In terms of Iran we know the president has said that he thinks this deal is terrible he is expected to have to recertify in the coming days. He might just on this to congress to say you guys now need to deal with the question of sanctions. When might the president takes some action on health care in what could it look like. He's gonna sign an executive order today that would try to. Allow insurance companies to sell across state lines allow for an expansion association health plans but none of these things will take any impact. In the coming months if not even longer than a year because of their complicated rules you can't just change this with an executive order artist Karen Travers reporting live from the White House.