Kaleida Nurses OUT at BPS 930in716 May 17, 2018

Thursday, May 17th

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It's 930. 716. Hero shy Children's Hospital nurses. We do kids we we treat kids that's our that's our career. Collide and nurses will soon be out at buffalo schools. There's something strange going on with this process of selecting a provider this we'll nursing contract. I wanted clinic at the contract. They didn't show it again it should again last night and that's our second district we're hearing now that we're we're mark Spence says. Nobody ever told that because it's that they did accept their bit. I'm Tim Wenger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a Contra setting. Was at the finances or was it that the collided bid was just blew eight. Whatever it was collided nurses are note and buffalo schools after five members of the buffalo school board in a close vote. Decided to end their thirteen years school nursing relationship with collider and go with the instead. What we are now told as a more efficient bid from supplemental health care effective July the first. Collide as submitted their paper proposals sixteen minutes late and it's set off a firestorm. Over the process. Nurses teachers parents rallying to help save the relationship between collide at pediatric nurses and the buffalo schools. We are on second to none and what we do we we made this program we built this program for thirteen years. Before the board vote nurses rallied Audrey Tobin the clinical nurse manager for the school nursing program that collide at. Every point in the Harris scheme we meat course to supersede. Because again we built program. You feel you're being taken for granted I mean home or you are to the kids of these schools I think. I think they don't realize the importance of school nursing it's not standing in mice checks. It's we have kids on had that have traits we have won quite that they do 30 feet in the morning she took seats with kids in wheelchairs. These are serious. Medical issues and their children. And I think that's often taken for granted and nurses and nurse pediatric nursing is very different. We were told one of the agencies had there had there around employees to a one day. Conference I'm pediatrics that is not sufficient pediatric trainers we are O shy. Children's Hospital nurses. We do kids we. We treat kids that's our that's our career. It's not the same with any other miners wouldn't. This concept would expire would mean what would happen to you guys what happened to these schools and these kids that that you know need that. The attention. I have no idea I just know that summer school has started the day after the fourth of July usually fifth or sixth of July every year. And we have to hit the ground running those those schools that we cover in the summer the highest need schools near the extended school year schools. So there are highest medical needs kids. And I I'm a little nervous for my kids at this point in his district know what's gonna happen we're done June 30 her last day is June 22 contract runs out June 30. So obviously somebody else will be taken our place. And that makes me a little nervous for them. And once inside the common council chambers where that meeting was held. A parade of speakers pleading with the board members to save the collided deal that he won't. I'm Rachel Deming as parent and secretary of the buffalo parent teacher or in each and I am here tonight on behalf of over 2500. Members of the buffalo. Community it was an emotional line of gas speaking to the board of. And I'm grateful for the opportunity to address the board on behalf of parents caregivers and other alarmed citizens. We have stood up to voice concern about the continuity of high quality local health care for our children. And wins strange things are going on people knowing. They can sense excuses they can send stodgy answers they can sense that hatcheries are being present it. That is the perception of parents and other community members now. There's a fundamental disbelief that the district would mark and a contract provided her children with high quality care for many years. Over a sixteen minute hard copy deadline discrepancy. And there's also a sense of disbelief that the district is worried about being sued for how they did out as far as peace and success rate on the RB and I quote. The district reserves the right to cancel and or amend in part or entirely ER he at any time prior to a written contract. So basically board members I'm here tonight on behalf of 2500. Community members and need highly qualified nurses from right here in buffalo. Are integral to our schools well being. To calling you to re fat this process. It is within our legal right to cancel or amend the RFP. And I think our ears because this is not something that the district of its to decide. I just found out about the process for evaluating these are happy at 2:30 PM today when the recommendation from the district with pork posted to the court documents online. There was not a parent representative who reviewed the proposal. We determined that the polite proposal was he he dismissed with the polite proposal reviewed and then dismissed what went on behind closed doors. As a BP TO executive board member I have been involved in informed about many such opportunities. In this instance cricket. There was no apparent representation on the selection committee why not these are our children. The community outcry over this issue could have been avoided the district has involved the people whose children are most affected by the system. Look I understand that you're trying to balance the budget I yet that there are financial constraints due to burgeoning personnel costs increase in charter schools and inspect. The car level support from the city of buffalo the fact that we're paying people placed there as the NF DA including part time service. I understand that these are the hard reality. That's the real reason the district is followed by slighted because of the desire to paint masks for nursing staffing companies located in Utah and the Sunbelt and not be present archaic cart copy deadlines. And the district needs to be upfront and transparent about that. If the district went to balance the budget on the backs of our kids health and well being say it. Or remembers your constituents consent but something is a myth it is incumbent upon you to listen to us and reset this process. Do you top of the sun belt or in the rough spell and support our local nurses. Now into the decision. For the school board member Larry Quinn talking with Susan Rosen Brian as around ski about the new deal voted on with supplemental. Last night. I voted or yeah. For the new date where the contract was awarded which was sun belt exit staffing and supplemental health care. Yeah I wanted clinic at the contract. But in the final analysis they were. It was about two between a million times in two billion dollars more over the three year term of the contract and let you know what's really a judgment call you can't. You can't award a contract to I've entered its. You know several million dollars more in a public contact like this is I don't see where we have the flexibility to do that. Can you give us an idea of what nurse staffing in schools will look like going forward how different or similar it might be as two years past. Miami series let me just at all lately that that thing that I wanted to be sure you have the same. Objects of registered nurses and license. She's it was a chilly it degradation and their quality industrial level so forth and has been assured that these. Distribution of nurses by category is same. What do you know about this company that you just contracted west. I don't really know a lot they have been that was one of the creations. This kind of rushed deal. The that it claims they've. Vetted that they operate other districts effort state. And you know they apparently have a good track record business and they. I think a lot of the controversy around this was. Let me. There are peace process I don't believe was handled real well either reached first it's group. That she's in January. 4 rivers didn't really all we're really aware of you know the very issue of collider should do their bit late that those kinds of issues it's several weeks ago so. The criticisms. How the board Haley RP process or scare them but in the final analysis. When your public official view you know you look it is stupid responses is this an apples to apples and this. Roughly a million prize to two million more. You can't just supported and I don't even legally you can you can go to work something higher center. So that Dell whole issue of collide as submitting their bid relates from what you just said didn't really play into the board's decision. It didn't play in the mine anyway that but that issue came up I thought it was it is well I say. Press really cared what the district I was sure that district. Took the position in the I think you're right that they reserve the right. Q to consider any proposal. Eight which ensured that it be previewed it I took great pains to make sure I knew left. The cost of the collider proposal one loose. It's because proposal over the lowest. There I would now have a bush iPhone well he did and I would have been system that we have their proposals on how I think that whole issue of sixty loads being lady. You know I think I I don't think it was a strong man and and I. Yeah I mean there's no excuse for that I mean the results used to be for them relate that. And they've been great service for the community or greater appreciation Irish guy or that I'll make a big deal about the sixty. To think for me personally it was a problem. Was our Larry within the new contract with the new company will it be any changes at all in schools. Libby just as many nurses. And it definitely say governor is kidnapper type prepare. Every there is people last night and so we're gonna hire agency. So that I don't know are there going to be. From a nurse is currently assigned to the school. They're gonna they're where we had an errant before they'll be married now. So I know it is very tight at any point last night you know asking whether. A nerd super super collider can apply. Horror of a job with this group than it I'm sure they were there there are. Representation issues shouldn't be so cool lenders as that are represented by the US EIU. This company does not ever varying unit. At least similar and utilized by look at it is that deal could chop and quite frankly if I were. Hi collaborators who wanted to continue my work at the school I applied for his job by I would eventually net. I can't keep a reason why the district court which we now higher they just finger. And it it has the union representation or an issue that I might call an organization wrote them. And cracked created Newburgh in you know it yes yes you were somebody else who unionized so. Look it's not a great situation I think a lot of respect that urgent that the work in our schools. The respect that people. But it came out a lot of respect for the clutter workers Haitian leadership. But then it you have to look at this. The district is in serious financial shape. Every dollar that we don't save a dollar real span and that. Class I guess really not surprised considering. You know at the cost cutting measure for. Reaction now from collide executive and spokesman Mike Hughes on WDN. They had been looking for ways to save money through this budget process and unfortunately they made a decision last night that. In al-Qaeda money in the back of the kids. But Mike allowed a lot of the discussion has been about the bid being laid and that that's you know the whole issue was over at the lateness. But it really in the and it wasn't it was over them the money right. Well I guess you're gonna have to ask the district that because they said that they didn't consider bid. Because it was too late you know let's remember it was sent electronically at time now we're hearing today or late last night that are paid was. Over. The cost that would be accepted in terms with the new bit so. Again it's once again at its dysfunction at the school to do except her bed they accept your bed where we too high were re in it and Nadal were even close. We can't get treated troubled school and I think you know that it just showed again it should again last night and that's a second district we're hearing now that we're we're more expensive. Nobody ever told that because it's that they did accept their. Well a lot of the focus now we'll go to though level of care which shows school board members say. It's going to be the same staffing levels across schools same and are seeing and amount of nurses. In buffalo public schools. No what do you say to the level of care that was something that says nurses who rallied outside the school board before the meeting were focused down. Sure I mean you can't expect David F million dollars a year and provide the same level scarce so you know we had. A majority of our friends. And nurse practitioners in the school. Upwards sixty. There's no way that it can afford to have that many in and so transit admin nine down here I guess that the trying to use like practical nurses were a lesser. Qualification so but that's their decision and an and that's fine at this point. Promote more focus on our staff and take care of the nurses and and getting them back into our our our organization and make sure that everybody's. Made a hole. You mentioned at the different levels of nurses that may or may not be used in schools. When it comes to a school nurse. So what exactly is the correct level needed. How far does scare ago. Within the school before they're sent to a doctor sent home something like that. Every school district heated differently some. Some think it's sign have a part time or agency nurse certain LP and and that. That the school district's decision and it urban settings you need a much higher level care whether it's an R&R nurse practitioner because. So many of the issues that the kids that the kids have their kids with special needs. The skids with social issues so it's not just about you know ten days since you know bruised knees here there's an awful lot of. Major impact major health care issues that these kids sat. And relationships to which we really haven't talked about but there's been on a special relationship these nurses have had with. Natalie the students but the families and teachers right. And I think a lot of displayed last night the parent that spoke out. I even met nurses they talked about unique relationships that the developer kit that and the command and kindergarten. Through the time they graduate. The nurse is developing any bombing of the kidney ailment and an issues and you know those special medical need that they have so it's not just about a nurse. Who may be going to school to school truck we get spinners that there every single day and knows the school or not knows the kid better and schools. Like cutting nurses are we talking about that. That are collided nurses that work in the schools. We have about eighty staff and that examination of registered nurses nurse practitioners LP and the medical system. Will will there be layoffs now because of this contract going. To a different provider. Apple cannot we have guarantee everybody that worked in the city schools and job and glad to help. That process begins today as we need where to step in and our labor representatives. It guaranteed them positions potential hostile. Our client adult hospital's culture company anywhere in the organization so again our focus now it is understaffed and making sure that the nurses are made whole. 76 nursing staffers with collide are out effective July 1. They'll find new assignments within collide organizations. We are told to act tomorrow. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.