JP Morgan Corporate Challenge Tonight - Race Director Melina Buck


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Molina buck is their race director of the corporate challenge which we've been telling you about all morning long Alina thanks so much for joining us. Corporate challenge of the huge event every single year. What should people know if they're hanging around Delaware park this evening. Why is it the big event every year and the biggest ever this year fell on me. I mentioned already that's my aunt to avoid if you're not participating in the race. And if you are participating. I would get here as early as you can and utilized our shuttle service from about eight about sweet cute gators up here. You have parking is always an issue when it comes to this race. But there is a free shuttle and it's constantly going back and forth I guess from the park to buff state. Aaron that left open about aids act rpm rule shuttle service starts at 430 and then everything began at eight after very. And that's probably the best way to get their CE you won't really even have to worry about Ohno might gonna get there on time to find a parking spot the kind of alleviate some of those concerns. Right. But Molina what about dubbed the field of runners this year sounds like you've got the biggest field ever. We do it's very exciting come over 141000. On the attention it ever had out. It's going to be a big race and it can be a day. How many companies are represented that's always a big thing with the social. Event afterwards with all the tents. Act yet 391. Companies and over 300 turn now. It's going to be a big party. North of knowledge about it the highlight of the event and it's really great to bring together. Upload drinking and didn't community and we really have the perfect day for. Yes he mentioned their record number of runners all those companies taking part a dimension that some people who are going to head down there tonight don't even know really what the corporate challenges all about what is it all about. Yeah I think I'm better than you can argue on corporate and I ended. It's the celebration as. Corp Fred teamwork and a lottery. It it that can only thirteen cities in the world so we're lucky to be one of them here. On as the great. Local event and then they see part of an international race here is Bob. Right so the race starts at 645. Is that right. What is the course. On the start and not impact street. He just between Coleman and Nottingham. So that's for I don't know I don't out of the effort tried to close at 530. And they should really had a good hair on Iran if it keen. I'm and then runners float without a doubt Palo act and got me ask her are turning against a call. And then back at LOR and finishing in eight dollar park honoring what's the winner. Well our our top teens armour type winking and use. Have the opportunity is and people need be challenged its is being. On the different city and part of everything here. All of a scent that's pretty good. And whether you couldn't probably have ordered a better day right. Yeah it's pretty greatly definitely lucked out on that means that there is a nice breeze so it'll be wire I know that you are. All right so it's sounds like the makings for great event put again the one thing you want people take from avoid the Delaware park area. If you're not part of the corporate challenging if you are. Take that show from buffalo state kind of relieve yourself of some of the headaches of parking came Alina thanks so much for joining us it's Molina bucked the race director. But the corporate challenge takes place this evening.