Joshua Hobes Sentencing


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Good morning you're on a change in each of them mr. Holmes. I have not final terrorism missions wouldn't it takes time. Judge just briefly Josh was a twenty year old man who has had. In the history of mental illness. Has acknowledged that during the course of this. Periods where you streaking down to access than those things written rule and his wife and his decisions at that time. It cost sourcing and obviously from the pre sentence investigation. Has some challenges and play. I've spoken extensively to Josh well the question this case. And I believe that Josh is ready to take responsibility for his actions but also take responsibility for what's next do what's right for himself. Two lead productive law might like to do right by people care about him and so. Good yeah. All you. Okay. Okay. So it's important your conviction. Okay well. Okay. We'll. Because you can but it was able judgment on.