John Kelly Makes Emotional Address - Karen Travers


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Was emotional yesterday at the White House briefing room we've bringing Karen Travers White House correspondent to talk about Jared Cali yesterday White House chief of staff. Who lost a son. Wallace serving overseas. I Karen John Kelly making a surprising appearance and they're really laying outs in an explicit detail. And the aftermath of somebody dying while serving. Yet he went into you know DT on about the process but end of the headline is of course just how he says he personally. Counseled the president learn how to speak to grieving families he says you know there's no perfect way to make this call. And that his recommendation to the president was not doing it that it's not a phone call that any parent or family members looking forward to. He said you know of course it's it's one of the toughest calls that have to be made. But you know he said that the other advice that he gave to the president was you know there's nothing you can do to make this easier. And he described how he was told. When his son was killed in Afghanistan in 2010. How the message from one of his best friends general Joseph Dunn effort was that Kelly's son was doing exactly what he wanted to do when he was killed. That he knew he was getting into by joining that 1% and he knew with the possibilities war. He said that was the sentiment that the president tried to convey that phone call. To sergeant Johnson's widow of course that phone call is now very much clouded by controversy. Ended the remarks that basically kicked off the controversy was he knew what he signed up for. Kelly put that in perspective. Yeah I mean that's what he said that he was told to wait and as a descent that eater general comfort is said to him. Wing beaten he was his own casualty officer explaining that his son was killed in Afghanistan that was the same message and that's how he tried to tell the president. That that was something. That you could touch on because these are people who sign up for this this is. Date they were. And willingly going into the military because of the honor and duty that they felt in the patriotism was Kelly. It's an attempt but it's certainly just means we're still talking about it for another day this was it entirely John Kelly's idea White House officials tell us that he. Insisted on personally addressing this the president did not send him out to speak to reporters. Officials say that Kelly is very not at the media for the coverage of this this week these very not a congresswoman for talking about the president's phone call the president. But we're told he's not mad at the president he thinks this is an unfair attack but it is notable that it while they've launched these criticisms against the congresswoman. The White House is certainly leaving out the part that president trump first talked about this on Monday. And president front and prompted broad general Kelly's son in to this on Tuesday right and Karen Travers once again live from the White House for us.