Joe Percoco with reporters

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Tuesday, March 13th

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Obviously. We're disappointed. Not let's hope we were looking for work. Hopes were raised when we heard that not guilty on the first two counts of it was not to be but we are. Reviewing the these kids jury's verdict. Trying to figure out what logic or consistency there is in the verdict. We are. Reviewing other options and what we might do in terms like motion for. Pursuing our appellate right up. Until then. Did you do this. You know the guy I'm okay. As of yet science and this point that's it's gonna consider our options then. Peaceful it's funny. I am not thankful to my wonderful legal team and I thank from family friends. That's stood by me through this process supposed. Animal standing money as we go yeah. And well. There's there is an inconsistency. In in the the verdict as we redid it and we we are as I say gonna review it and figure out. What it means and what options are open to us and we will pursue all available options. But the politics that. Well we're not gonna comment something like it was a difficult. Time in place to be trying a case involving Albany politics is that question about that. We think that it was a much closer case than somewhere led to believe. And I think the jury's verdict is a reflection of that and and so we are going to look at any and all options going forward in terms of pursuing further review. I. Regret giving up with CP being truly. Bureaucrats and little pet project.