Joe Emminger, Town of Tonawanda Supervisor

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Thursday, August 9th
Emminger on the "no big deal" of Stormy Daniels' appearance in WNY BEFORE her shows were canceled.

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Have there been any concerns brought up by residents here town regarding this upcoming appearance. I haven't received any other correspondents are phone calls or notes from them and he residence or business owners. And quite frankly you're the first one to bring it to my attention. That that's coming up at. What is that surprising too considering just how much stormy Daniels has been in the headlines recently. Really quite frankly I'm. Maybe maybe countries it's getting a little tired of the story. And I think they did wants might order community I didn't think it was that the elite there is that the deal one when it was announced. And the you know what I don't think it immediate gave him any attention I think should come in a column in a lot on the girl. Any you know any problems are so. I am not surprised by. A little surprised that it's I'm sure it'll be some. You know attention drawn to it by the local media but other than the local media I really don't know too many people who whatever that you should go. When this was first announced did you anticipate. A large. President's going to that facility. I do I picked up. I partied like it if I get the country is is and he's tired. What of this story it's an old story may be at that was reform octagon picking the right after no question right after you know yeah. Her you know the story broke. I think maybe then you know you would would get more people prone to open now middle of summer on vacation. People are doing other things. I just don't know it's going to be that into the deal. You know I hope I'm right maybe not really pick it heats it and that's nothing against you I just making it he had it depressed what who wouldn't play does not. I don't I don't think it would do you think you know are the only one who benefitted me in Boehner you know the clock. Yen. You know I'll I'll wait to see you know what what what happens this weekend.