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Monday, June 25th
Eckl on Demand for Dahlin jerseys

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Joseph. It's anticipated as we speak your roster installing will be the number one pick for the Buffalo Sabres. Without a Jersey number in place how do you prepare for the demand for our Ross must only sabres Jersey. Well right now we have actually up blank jerseys at our letters ready to go so. They certainly can go ahead and make the nameplate again. Editor. And what they do it not happening plates ready to go ready to go on the blank cheered and let me just wait for the official number one step. Announced. Everything its own diamonds and will have them pretty close though almost immediately. Has there been demand than any requests from customers about getting irrational stalling Jersey. I gather actually has I think it with any new player other volley you know increased demand but. Some of his stature. It's even more so so it it's it'll be great for business and we can't wait to leave on the roster officially. About how many requests have you received so far. Oh geez we're talking about doesn't actually men actually are actually taking pre orders. For the jerseys. Because once again he signed in you know the number officially will have them. Close to immediately so we're actually taking pre orders for anybody that might want wanna had a. And once the number is known how much more demand do you anticipate will be like or when Jack Michael was drafted yours back. Yeah I think they'll be every bit. Has much of that that the the anticipation for another. The player of Jack articles and it is going to be there and after. So it's gonna really drives sales and I think people in. And buffalo here and wait and for the sabres. To just get back to their old selves and hopefully with him on the roster that's gonna. We're gonna go to that direction.