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Tuesday, August 14th
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Well thank you Randy it is joking or force sandy beach your news radio 930 WB EM. Thank you too Tony Caligiuri and Scott Miller Porsche Scott Miller he is training here at WB yen. And six of his first few hours had to be screen calls for Joseph beamer hosted show so Scott thinks put up what that really appreciate it. He was also here once before with me on Sunday which was great interaction again I have to thank everyone for listening. Sunday afternoon lot of fun doing that didn't York. Up to date reaction on what's going on the year in NY 27 that is what we are talking about this while our. The Tuesday morning show and it's turning out to be a beautiful Tuesday these clouds are gonna move out. Should be a great afternoon for everybody. But I'm asking you what do you look for in a candidate name recognition. May be fund raising ability war chest something else I haven't thought of and do you think the party is looking for the same thing is healed and fitting what you're looking for which candidate fits that criteria. Maybe your name recognition and your lightning you think well name recognition David LV is known pretty well throughout the tiger district. Maybe I think it's someone else and that's fine too 8030930. I'd love to hear from you because personally I'm not in that district I am an NY I think it's 46. Brian Higgins districts so. I can talk as much as I want about NY 27 but it is you guys who are going to make that decision and get that person. War to Washington or not let's start off with Lou in Amherst Lou good morning. Currently get command won the people that called in Sunday afternoon and we had a good discussion. And your previous caller medical pot which I was gonna make Britain week. We wanted to be or someone ought to apply options teach extra seeing that there are holding it department this position. So we're acting in the cage stop Carl tablet you know would be would be a good choice just that we use it. Plus a name recognition. I believe ballot against that it was really touting campus at midnight speed dial trial. App making expert I think that's not going to be really had a plot that he should be when the truck owners. I am more concerned. About getting. Getting out. College off the ballot. And your newscast chestnut that these that the DNC was gonna try to do equity. Keep an odd that the so that I won't say this is a major issue where where where. But it. And it solutions that this would be the RNC a local Irish Sea to find out somebody in a position. That would I bet to get a critical look like that. So they have a job. So college record epic to pick apparently it only. Yeah on the sick this week it's that they're micro open position. So they should look at someone who's who pulled out voluntarily. It's kind taken a play that position so console go look at. You know corporate debt that position I bet that. Execute properly it out of the way. Salute you like upheld the nose linked to the president right and he would just be a phone call away if he got to congress. Perhaps that's what they say that's what the Libya was seen you know they'll be sure I had him. And I like ballot I just look back to the area and I I don't think there's some real problems I guess you got torn opt out. The console and stopped still look I'm such a fighter and be sure to jet at a normal person like that persecute times adopt. We're a little bit how to elect a guy a lot dot I think he's the man not to. You know and you just that subject to fraud are usually front runner at least they like to stand front runner but we really know who was a front Robert pitched just merchant. Jacobson in the front runner reduced mean that don't want everyone else. All we ever going right now is just on a list there really is no clear front runner I was insane. The next to David I Chris Jacobs has got a lot of support from our callers in Texas that's what I meant by that. Also in your right journeys elder told the Buffalo News that it sounds like fraudulent activity. Moving removing Collins from the ballot this late so obviously the DNC is gonna have tricks up their sleeves when it comes to court. Look where you are moving back from. A Louisiana without him now that went into. I elected via outlook but Summers about the wonders that Fisher missed a beacon snowbird. Let me ask you living in Baton Rouge become you big in the college football. Not unfortunately it Luke thank you so much for Colin and Lou makes some good points obviously. Paladino what have I'm sorry Carl Paladino would have been linked to the president they he was obviously a big. Push during the primaries here in New York even when president trump gave his speech the night of those primaries who was right behind them. Carl Paladino every station was carrying the president. Talking about winning new York and when the primaries that day at trump tower in New York City and right behind him what Carl Paladino so. That that is the point that he does have that relationship with the president. And someone else that name recognition or fund raising come on Joseph being how are putting the best candidate forward that will serve the people. Great point that is also on the list as well. So we're talking name recognition fund raising ability or who will serve the best of NY 27. I'll do one better is there someone with name recognition. That conserve the people of NY 27. I don't think they have to be exclusive to each other it'll 30930. Is the call but for surprise you clear one of these out Harold and very berg. Herald good morning. Who I do not like your my own voice Carol we'll get back QB put that radio on mute let's go to Terry and Texas Terry good morning. Tiger mourned ago. One thing and I'm out and takes out there and you know I don't know much about them other than what I hear I'm 30 PM. You know. And to say that it's bound lyrical our cars they're ours let you know that he's solely responsible. For her Donald Trump become of the president. And I don't think that's true I mean in the countries that. As a nation in the united. And elect Donald Trump to the presidency on shared mr. Paladino a little ally right away anything that he did you elect. It out keep them honest here and understand that it in the country the voters that put Donald Trump or not there and I am. That being said you know. Safe from Rockport economic circle of them under there outbreak we can't say not to you know you may be a break. I understand and they carry an explanation. While invalid VA yesterday. I'm and it is understandable but the fact that matters he's compromised now and in the political climate that we have. And you've got to be dragged through the mud in whatever name recognition that he does have a positive it's an apparent that Beckett who can't have that compromised. Taken over the seat because the check not sectors. All of the is that there isn't in the future will be question will be labeled a racist because that's what they're fake news and and grabbed my immediate. We need somebody that's gonna be all appropriate somebody is gonna stand up and why they're passionate somebody like bella in voice. You know a proven patriotism behind the things that he says. Again not like it's not that anybody what mattered at Paladino beat yet connect. It sounded very required you know and and it sounds like a lot of these collar feel like he's been idled this position. While by the you know what that he doesn't have very many in the country deserve what we do permit people. We need a younger guy rate by itself via. In their feet. Counter whatever tax they're gonna come from the left. Not only now but in the future you know somebody that can can stand that. And lead and show people that period in my lot lookup he's there isn't a full flop. And that we have good solid strong individual. They're gonna make decisions that are for the betterment of the country not all of the candidates made very low paying these same bank. But like that I got to on the low bias you know give a soldier myself and and David beautiful older himself by the out. A soldier when making economists are not to be corny cliche or not mainland and the late that mentioned again like at that yesterday. I think they've he had taken that he would not only. Be the best for that district will also open up a lot of doors for him to cancel Delaware. Political career and and that would carry threw for generations and that flapping their boat is the best candidate. He'll tell you that's a great point so we haven't mentioned on the pole. Well on the original question which is name recognition or fund raising but you also have to look OK after they get elected. Will they be a liability. Come 20/20 great angle not yet looked. I. Thanks sir appreciate Atlanta that my peace that at this and if we need Whitney Young fighters there. The left move and not sort radical direction we need people there can be a stand up underneath that pressure. And fight back. Jerry. Great call in a text Justin says this caller is spot on love talking did terrible toxin. I Kerry in taxes I know I say this about a lot of our caller we have great callers and listeners at WB yen. Terry obviously one of them loved what he called them frank Dolores Harold Diane you are all on hold and we will get to you I promise I'll be right the calls. After this break it's Joba in for sandy beach news radio 930 WB yen as Joseph beamer in for sandy beach. Twenty ansari 37 minutes left with view on this Tuesday morning. It's been great great calls and let's have those great calls continue for it in buffalo to kick off this segment frank the morning. Big board and Joseph on the part of certain graduates on to beat someone and are now in the Riordan and doing so well in what seems to be kind of naturally. I'm. It's fun to see come want. I'll think you so much for they appreciate that. On Joseph. I think Carl is the worst possible option he came out of is already be reading and other Republicans that first thing that was not Wear a bit. Everybody else was and trial at a time he he had the great a great art. What his message is is is executed so portly that he issued a report every time we get situation there is no worse choice. They're being patent. I would love to see you as a Republican. I think David has put up just because PRD. Is kind of gone through the ranks in on it I'm with the primary where it. Two BRL would be good choices they would argument for. Or break it's funny you say that about Carl if I don't know he felt a front page of the Buffalo News Paladino criticized as a whole lot. My hi Lou first leg right on the front page. A horrible. Start bringing republic are pushing Republican part. The first time we've really really need to come together and and actually it was in my cause to do it. I mean how. Aren't the kind of a tough guy to warm up to. But it would just stay with the state land and now. We're at first instincts are to criticize another Republican. That's a law that's not the choice he should he should be in the background he's got a lot of money that basically his strength. If you want to support the Republican he would. Help out Republican Party so much more. I just being able to truly be a support role Urbina unreasonable but he's not I'd be out front. Right I'm right there with you why risk it in this district and then asked Terry mentioned one about every gets messy he would just be a 20/20 liability. He is it time. You can permanent spot and he's quite the mind that the important before too long they'll say or do something that we're embarrassed how on yet. And then then you're going to be back totally should be open org should be and you call was. Not having to be and pushed bear were. Frank great point thanks for the call. As frank in buffalo he says hey let's let's stay away from Carl he likes everyone else on that list but obviously I did those names. David LB is his choice let's go to herald in varies berg Harold good morning. Hello yeah herald that he got for us. Article that are certainly certainly. Yeah. OK out. Why. Agree that David Bellamy it would be the bat candidate because you were and for the district. He's got great name recognition. Great qualifications. But it not ballot via a piece that onus hat in the ring I would definitely support Carl Paladino and I think Carol would wind. And and then somebody clean white guy David DP HOP could be draft. Well Harold let me ask you as freight in buffalo just said. What do you have concerns about Carl if he goes to DC as being in that liability. Well I see I want somebody that old bolt. The way it all my issues. And I have no doubt Carl Paladino. Would represent our issues were represented my issues. Our future is now we'll get him in trouble just like comps now but. I don't care. And I think they both are winners. Or else that I see your point and yes he would vote right along where we would want him the vote. But do you think that come twice twice maybe not for himself not for that seat but he can be used against the president if he's sitting in congress. Yes well and and constituent services saw is that traditionally used to have in Western New York I don't think Chris Collins is very good at it. On I go back like gut. John Daly and up Paul Volcker they were state senators but all don't actually was probably the vast congressman interject. All right hey Harold if there's a vote for bella yeah if he's not there Carol says Karl we'll get the job done thank you so much for the call let's go to Delores. In Hamburg Delores the morning. Good morning thank you for taking my call. Well Delores thank you for calling me to show zero. I cry Andy you're impressing me. All thanks so what's. Your. Act is silly before. OK Peter. Tomorrow duller. OK if it I'm just thinking that these say okay. Any way to remember things that I I did think about in terms of which one and why. Gold and why and where and how Carl Paladino is ready brought yes Carol. Carol. Made how to win friends influence people but I am tired of the argument ad hominem. What we will get out of Carl Paladino would he run. We are going to get an earful all across. New York State is what is it going and he is they really. Don't attack them for the way he does it. Because woody is doing is saying this this get any attention. One of the yet if things so he will be at and will be racism excuse me 70% of the buffalo always. Buffalo school boy. And that graduating they're dropping out of school he fought. For those kids and I'm gonna tell you in terms of fighting. If you step but think about it elephants fight Dodgers play. Married people fight everybody fights for power Carroll is fighting for what is right and ask why I'd like Carol ability jokes. And doors I agree he did fly on the sit on the school board and I think it's a shame that he was not removed from the school board. But you know how the immediate nationally works if they get their hands on someone like Carl Paladino a sitting congressman. Who supports the president don't you see where that could potentially be used against trump come twenty point. Well I don't know well what would get won't get child book titles went France. Influence. Jorge Delors they do so much for college back to back days diet at East Amherst you are on deck but first. The Wayne king is like column he says he's not. But might beggar man is doing and truth will be back after this. All right 1137. Belly up 23 Mormon to Joseph beamer. On WBD and do not worry. Hey I had a request on the tax line. And that request. Ice shell actually answer some inside the cash I missed it please please repeat the Castro okay. The 11 AM cash coat was bulk. BUK. The example I use. Two years door meaning college I was the top bunk in the door being you and Kate text it. 72881. In before we get back to the calls. I have to remind everyone great great piece on WB EN dot com the last few weeks it's been Mike Bagram and winning trail review. Number ten up there right now. Great review and at the bottom you see the power rankings in a list to every video. I would suggest that you have a little free time and go check those out. Very interest dean and of you still is too left of the trail. But I've only tried three on this entire list so I can't wait to go and in four. Or not confirm. Mr. Bagger men's wing trail review that's on WBD and dot com Sri check it out diet it East Amherst to kick off the segment Diane good morning. Good morning yeah I can hit a couple quick comments to make I agree totally that spring from Boswell kicked Carol L bean would be an X. One spokesman for that represented at however. IE at the conservative. I owe a lot of other conservatives. Who feel they're at it in action against Michelle Obama. Croc a line and I thank. We did not trouble of sending our. President's reaction and can get Carol I am doing Matt. For about I don't think he's elected he can't let it or not what I'm accusing David Olympia with great missed one. And I feel that anyone who would leave here opt in Albany to go to Washington is that the Antony on. And not looking out what that term Republican Party in its constituents. So you're looking at that domino effect and you don't like to have to put another seat up. To possibly lose to a Democrat. A court especially for the state of new York and we are are eerie actually has saluted not a Republican. Like that one collars and I would want to leave the state out that it went to a Democrat he could hear hang around by the skin that actually now. And as you said Diane if Carl Paladino does win. You don't think the national media is gonna get a hold of the emails that got him kicked off the school board. Our I think it would be awful on I mean him as a representative. For. Would be good except like cute that I agree that he will be actual miles I. Also because they can't get to charm and his parishioner. Is they try to protect him. But telling it would be lower and Odom talks and don't eat chicken strips him I think that they would turn they're. Arsenic. Diane great point nine right there with you when it comes that domino affect you don't want to lose seats in Albany. David Bell of yet another vote now again I have a bias but Diane our caller she says yes. Carl than some great things but David Bell he is the one to run. And also I have to say on the tech support someone mentions. Carl's fight on the scoreboard and I said I think. Carl held you know what he did he want to turn the ball close city schools around. Obviously. And it's unfortunate he got kicked off its unfortunate. They made him a mighty made some bad decisions in the language of emails yes. But I'm not saying I'm telling you what the media will say about Karl that's not what I'm saying. I'm looking at the long game OK yes Carl could probably win that seat in go to Washington but you have to look at the long game you'll get attacked as soon as he's there. His relationship with the president could hurt trump in point when he that's my point nothing against Karl. I think what you try to do with a buffalo city schools no one else gets me the buffalo city schools are complete joke. Carl tried to turn that around I'm not taking anything away problem. I'm just saying I think some mistakes she's made. Would not would come back to bite not only him but could buy that seat and point point in could definitely affect the president. But I am not bashing Carl all that's not what I was doing just went clear that up let's go to cliff in buffalo Clift good morning. Yeah. We got Russ. Well. I would probably won't put any one of those that I can see that I know. On I like David Bell via. I like the money here. I think he has some good sight. As to what happened in history and all of us of what's happening now. My biggest problem is. That he's tried and convicted Chris Collins before he's even been to two trial. He's been and I did that. He's not been the trial and and and I always say. He got. Got to leave I mean Chris. As said and it kind of fight it is saying and and an appropriate name. And that's fine. Uncertainty in the glad office but that. But that that's that says it is a legacy com. Tom and David being together yet on the air attack like this area. But. And they get sick that the problem when you go. Fighting against something. Before you have them all all of it he says he has all of that quality not the want to try it. No it in and clip I I believe I've heard of David says he obviously a deserves his day in court. All David's reaction to it is the indictment that came out on Wednesday yes. And debt as Bennett but I say. Most definitely I'm little is a fight it. And I think he has to clean slate and doesn't. And say anything that you say beforehand even you know I like alcohol you know these dances some good things. But he speaks out too quickly. And you don't have a place to to hide after he's settled. And and I agree that in the I mean he's trying. Get on to other races and as somebody that. I I don't I don't consider him a racist and considered proper racist. You know all of almost as statement citizens of the of the media. Contrary to that. But I think steps definitely donate a good. You know a good history. And I like David that can create the date DiPietro he's. I personally know him. And I don't know how well these little. Out lies in the 27 ticket but. David is doing a great job in Albany. I don't need to stay there. Club what we ask you this. Stuff on the highly runs does that concern you about the executive positions county executive coming up next here who would run against Paul cars because as it stands right now I think stuff on has a great chance to death row and mark Poland cars. Through. All these things. But I think dead I think it eerie. Might might stand up. News that. That that risk. But to have rant and all we're coming out of Albany and others that you know we need to have good people in Albany. I agree with cliff may thank you so much for the call and you know. Obviously everyone has their own opinion I love here and 8030930. I believe what David was reacting to I don't want to put words in his mouth I'm just going to say Chris held obviously deserves his day in court. But I think we can all agree or most of us can agree. He had to get out of congress he had to take his name off the ballot or suspend his campaign. Even if you think he is 100% innocent he does have a huge trial looming over him. How much work is really gonna get done in Washington DC when he spending so much time on trial. In Manhattan I think that was the movie had to do he's obviously not does not have the time to focus on his district. I think he did the right thing after doing the wrong thing goes Wednesday. A very poor press conference. I think it's here a lot of people that Saturday. The right people gotten easier he made the right move it yes he deserves his day in court I'm gonna say this indictment is pretty strong again. I'm not Jerry and that the judge this indictment very strong think what you well. Again if you think he's 100% innocent. He had to suspend his campaign there was no way he'd be picked up committees there is no way. He was going to be able to focus on the people of NY 27. While he has a trial going on. In all this other thing all these other things looming over him. You need somewhere in there that can eighteenth to see Brad Wright in an all or eleven that shouldn't be too difficult. And someone that can focus on their district and why 27. That's my point. Again I don't wanna put words Davis now but cliff did bring that up. That is my perspective you can have your 8030930. When we come back rob it East Aurora and hopefully you know it's Joseph Bieber for sandy beach news radio 930 QB yet it is Joseph beamer in four sandy beach on news radio 930 WBBM. A pleasure to be a deal on a Tuesday morning about seven minutes left. And before we get the call I have to say. Did they just want out of commercial ideas. Roto-Rooter now approaching. That we would have the family with a clogged toilet we've had. The sync issues let's have the toilet talking to the customer. I don't know. We'll see who works robber is East Aurora to kick off the segment Robert good morning. Joseph I speak review you know Lang were the only down a real more. Work. Which say it's tonight. That's what FBI and the race track in Batavia. Okay well. Whatever they pull out slot machines better ability because. These guys which are other caller mention. And it's got a unit because the energy. He's got a clean slate. And I think all the other candidates all could win but if they get our ability network an example you're New York we're going to 27. And he's the one I would vote for. It Robert I also think David could have that long jab Eddie. For years to come in that seat. Well I'm not and other professional politician situation I think. You know Chris did as well as to rebel that is lead but yeah that this little electrical power is good about it based. Let me let me rephrase that Robert I'm sorry I mean he could get a Turkey out two or three terms out of it. And. Look the food chain as well yeah every dollar might wanna try to go after that it bigger whatever but right now we've we've got to keep the truck agenda. The focus here and he knows what daddy is gonna carry it for. Well and Robert to injure call that it now it and not analogy again I think if the slot machines though David David David the GOP hit the jackpot. It exactly Robert thank you so much for the call that as Robert in East Aurora now also been asking for people on grand isle in the call in about mitnick very. Jim heard the call. Jim the morning. There. I'm dictate what you got forty. Logical. And answer the 27 minute the Mercury is on going problem Republican Party. When. A lot more than lie you know criminal activity. This. What I'll go a lot deeper Doherty is gonna find more and more people in congress and the senate. Who bought into these guys. Snake oil held about that rod. He is a whistle acute. All are global. And. Age I have a question. What you say or people that say he's abandoned Grand Island while running for 27. Despite a legal way to get somebody else and get it but Ollie ever dealt. It shouldn't a done deal on it now. All to try by the loop all but seeking union and get somebody and know that they can throw millions of dollars into. You know a lot a lot don't try to read or write a lot like. That you were watching it. Agent thanks for the call it's Jim and Grand Island. He says hey give me McMurray chance he's got no baggage he eased up and coming from Grand Island. Jim with the Grand Island so there is our first pro recall of six hours of Collins prog but in my 27 programming I've done Joseph in Hamburg will be our last call of the day Joseph good morning. You know the Internet is yet program violent you know what Democrats what passes that you really want to think about it. But name recognition doesn't do what happened was meant to. The guy on the outward hourly. And for the past years something's come out of his mouth that. That was well before it was all after you ran against council he said some things that you can bring out what he's not a currency things he has. In not singing not not as war record number of I used to play attack helicopters. Blah blah blah world veterans big deal but I think the best candidate for the job because she's got real world experience. And he has the that he worked for them. The news media he knows to deal is disarm. There. I think he's the best candidate he's young he knows deal in. I mean his politics. Our average OGD does that concern you coming up for the Erie county executive race. With taking Stephon away from that that mark Ford cars are having easy she went everywhere and. All you know mark or cars that's another issue is long national show and saved the day. He's always got to get elected in and you're counting that's always gonna be the case you know let it doesn't worry me the buffalo thing here in Erie county. You know it's a lost cause. You know but just give the congressman and there. But you know what it's all in all public believe because we're your work in werder is really doesn't make interprets and it's. All so. Joseph thanks for the call me I disagree with you when it comes to David I think David would be a great choice for congress. Obviously I have a little boy is there but I really do hope that Libya gets that. We will obviously continue to bring us up that meeting is tonight in Batavia we will have coverage of that my bag and be down there. He might play a slaughter to a well. Hey it's been great filling in for the legend sandy beach thank you so much for the called the tax. Thank you for with me it's always fun to do this thank you Tony Caligiuri and Scott Miller. Scott sorry again six hours of Joseph your programming and Al. And I'll hate it gets better don't worry also won last things and he's been talking about it and I want to let you know you'll never have to clean your daughters again go to WB yet dot com through August 26. And get into way and a gutter system from lead guard of Lake Erie the number one choice in Western New York for protecting your gutters. It's been great have a great Tuesday morning or Tuesday afternoon before I got here how I got one last chance at 1000 dollars to 12 PM word is audio. They EU DIO. Audio text that the 7881. For your chance at 1000 dollars. Thagard is actually the news and then Rush Limbaugh.