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Sandy Beach
Tuesday, August 14th
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Thank you mr. Randy bush over. It is Joseph beaver or sandy beach here on news radio 930 WBE. And we are doing more talks on NY 27. What you think the party should be looking form. And if that's different than what you think what you think they will be looking for will this be a candidate of name recognition. Laurel to be a candidate that can fund themselves has the of still lead the fund raise. Or is something I have even thought about right now 74%. Voters on WB EN dot com we can find that when apple. They say name recognition I would 100% agree it add to that brightness or ask you brought up a great point this morning. How much money do you really need to throw into this race. Because it's just like the trump primary situation. Or even trump in the general election. He had so much media over what was going on in his campaign he didn't have to spend as much as his competitors. And maybe that's the case here the GOP side of this ticket is getting a lot of not only local. Attention but national attention to where whoever gets on that ballot by the time on that ballot you're probably gonna know who they are. Because right now the fifteen names fifteen or give or take if you are hitting a lot of air time on local media here. And then when they select that person off course that's gonna be a big story. So what do you think what you think the number one thing to win this seat yes it's a heavily Republican district. But let's not be naive you could still lose it. It's still possible. That the wrong candidate gets up there in Santa Clara was all in on Carl Paladino hey I like Carl a lot. And yes he's very popular here but can he win the district are there going to be a few of those people. In the world areas that maybe don't know as well. Now are gonna problem may be stay home may be vote for someone on down the line MI wrong I could be wrong and wrong a lot like 8030930. Like I sighed obviously I'm biased but I do like David Sylvia and I think that you have a lot of name recognition. Outside of just the buffalo media market but the entire district he has done radio not only here in buffalo but Rochester is while. I think he'd be a good choice but hey are also some other great names out there and if someone likes it like a Chris Jacobs or Mike Randolph or win the race. What does that mean for their seats in Albany. The domino effect. On if someone from all but he moves Q. Washington DC now you have. In in DC that could potentially change the power in Albany 030930. Start 930 on your cellphone 3930. Texas came and remembered show trump works his butt off wait more than Hillary 100% correct. I mean for every Hillary speech truck gave fifteen. Yes and he was this guy I was in Fort Collins a day. Five when it was close to election yes truck had so much energy during the campaign and still does I'm not saying as president he doesn't. Has so much energy compared to his candidate are compared to an opponent yes that helped. There's a lot of media attention as well in the media attention on NY 27. Rosie O'Donnell at one's favorite comedian. Rosie O'Donnell has given up thousand dollars teammate nick Murray so this is really getting eyes. Outside the district. You turn on the lower on the net network television it got a lot of play on Wednesday maybe not as much now but I'm sure what someone's name. In a price did back in the headlines is a very. Very heavily Republican district and if the Republicans put someone with money over name recognition. All you have to do is look at the DNC Babel role money here if they think. That's awful English I apologize but they will throw money NY 27 if they think they can change it. Because it is a very dependable Republican see that's what they're looking to give. So goes receipt that the Democrats are gonna spend no money on ms. McMurray was all his own. Hidden now. And now. They see it as winnable I mean so much though Rosie O'Donnell's take it a thousand dollars. She might not be the best person to throw money candidates right what she's the one that was caught with a little. I don't know who was a legal blood I should something wrong when it came to campaign fund raising it 583 number eight text you 3930. As I do not remember exactly. Also I'd like to throw this in the air if you live on Grand Island. The F something positive or negative to say about nick nick Murray. Like I said I don't look in the district or Grand Island so I'd really like to hear from people affected by these candidates. Primaries always been really nice here in studio that much know what did you do on Grand Island. If there's something that he should be running on or sudden he's wisely. Not telling people 8030930. And in the Buffalo News. Was at this morning or yesterday that was yesterday. The court battle likely. Go line. To replace Chris cal Collins on the ballot what you think about that journey is all there is going inside. No matter what were taking this to court they don't want Chris Collins name off that ballot. And do you think that would be successful. In what exactly do you for the campaign of the candidates elected could that hurt. BI candidates elected if this past that this looms in court remember were 8382. Days away from the actual election. The election is this November so you've lost a lot of campaign time. What do you think I am taking your calls on what you think it 030930. Let's kick it off with Dan and Todd alive that day and good morning. A joy to. I want them albeit all of these great but I just last week are all in the name recognition in the diary for Garber. He got the morning and start what you're gonna legal money for short term and short period of the world where this off the well I'd lump grow albeit likely Carl Colby will lead and he is wrong that it was also the guy that's that trump would never win the presidency gets walk. I would again it's like being that he wasn't in the print out right in emirates. And did what had to hold real quickly do you have an update from our Tim weighing on actually hate and Tim what is the current situation. Well Joseph it's not over yet but the this is rapidly headed towards some sort of conclusion within the past five minutes or so buffalo police have started to communicate this individual who's holed up in the house. Untreated and it being with a loudspeaker asking him to come out telling him as mothers out here. Come out safely swat team members have now pulled their armored vehicle crossed the street they just kicked the front door in. We can hear that happening right now. And about eight swat team members are now working to enter this home so they're quickly trying to resolve this and bring it to some sort of conclusion. This individual has been holed up in this home tree haven and beam. For the past several hours. The armed swat team members are now. Making an attempt to enter the home. Right now with their at their armored vehicle right on the front lawn pointed at the front door of the home. In the swat team members have just used their device to kick their front doors in. In its some individuals have gone in five minute we'll see that from my. Perspective right now but this all taking place within the past several minutes as they started to try to can communicate with the individual whose name to Rel. Obviously despondent inside the home. And treat it and so is this continues to develop Joseph will bring out more details to you but buffalo swat team members. Are now very dramatically making an entrance into the home and as it unfolds we'll bring it to you live. Often Tim thank you so much so that is developing it looks like it's going to come to a conclusion sometime soon and when it does we'll have the latest here on WB yet. It's funny. Not six hours ago this was happening downtown pretty similar situation so we'll see what happens. I'll we'll keep you updated DNA title and I'm so sorry I cut you off please continue. Not okay guys what they Carroll has the recognition he ran for governor Gary is well qualified are you done more for the GOP at a local politics. And they actually. That another Republican that mention them in the sixteen guys are telling yet. He helped trump get elected then people all over different states that took gold door not considered useful. Put signs up. And trump is making America great again and I think all of may question their greedy yet and I will say this that. I have the ability to put our little bet it will remember that I wobbled. I think Carl this serves as an end each wrong Carl will win in a landslide just like trump did. There actually Carl will win. Him down and I will say one more thing the Democrats the longer they put it in court I think it hurts them because it makes him look like they're trying to lock up the Republican Party from avenue Q did which we deserve. It's not our fault that we had a crop politician in office you know we didn't know about it. And their hold us hostage to put an a name and a belt which I think local go to Democratic Party in and a ball in their face in my opinion. Dan thank you so much for the call I get I agree with the I like Karl TO. I'm just not sure no other parts of the district if he could cost Republicans and votes but you're right he he what he did a great job for Guinean president Troxel elected and president trump is making America great again I think you'd have great access to the president. I'm just worried compared to some of the other candidates if he can hold the district that's my only concern. But I don't disagree that what you're saying. Hundreds of people general. Great now Kyle hit harder to people Wheaton ready to to go volunteer and his attorney. All over west Yorker only placed the baby to call sort he's got the manpower behind him already. I've seen it when he got to be possible to people or different state of to have truck per. President trump. The storm forms are I know that you got that you empower the monies and the Wear a poly and then and then made recognition to win this and he will win where we're like no problem. They didn't think so much let called don't be a stranger to the show love talking to Vicky and David. You are on deck when we get back it's Joseph beaver and for sandy beach news radio 930 WB yet is that Carl Paladino was a statewide candidate of course he has name recognition. Yes he does prolong would name recognition is it positive name recognition. Yes people can know who you are but is it someone that they know who you are that they'll go vote for. Also plays and can name recognition let's go to Vicky and all the and Vicki good morning. And good morning yes docked to the swat team. Yes for sure what you got for us. I'm I'd buy it I was hoping that David does you know what rotten. My sister went to school at him he he grew up but it could act. Very honest community. Found in women don't. If he doesn't run and I probably will vote forward Carl Paladino. But I was open that David would put on. I voted for a car over Governor Cuomo right and I don't care for global at all at that. I despondent that he had not to David. They Vicky quick question on so you wanted to run you would deal cabling for Carl Paladino is doing you've heard out there. That you would not be so comfortable with running on the GOP side. Wouldn't. And on the other. I really don't care the other. I think he's sounds good thank you so much. That's big you know beyond giving a little bit of a war for our friend David Bell via he obviously has the support. Of our listeners here on WB yen I think he would have great support throughout the district again a guy a guy well known. Throughout the entire district not just at this end of it and I think that helps a lot way name recognition as huge as I said positive rake or the name recognition. Is huge. Behalf we know in the entire district and take a look at that district it isn't just Yuri tell you David it'll Laporte David good morning. A good morning. Well first guess about what Rosie did Rosie O'Donnell as the legal. Other than even their house looking in surrounding the way she is. What she did it was the same thing they locked up but the system for. She. Make campaign contributions to her favorites under aliases so that she could go over the limit the legal limit. And she is still walking on the street giving money. Yeah and you know it I notice you're topic but I'm. Not you know Donald when he was running how many times if you ever watch his campaign speeches and they did. You remember airs that we don't hear anymore he say it was going to be the law and order president. We if people marching in the streets in Allah the United States without getting your head speed and they're they're spit on police without getting their head speed and Rosie. FBI. Does the State Department people. Where where this law and order president. Great point because went up President Obama was in office Dinesh was behind bars. Yeah it was behind bars that because he made a movie about being guys in about Obama's America. They made him a political prisoner but he was dumb enough to give them an excuse to lock him up. But we don't know how to fight on our side we are just. We do we have to know also on our side to give them a taste of their own medicine. But anyway what the hell you're topic I'll Karl. But I know Carl would be great but what's gonna happen. You know the media wore a countrywide they're gonna go to every Republican in office. And they're gonna say The Who support this man who let's look at the tweet that he made. And they're gonna connect all the way up to trump every Republican they can as being a racist because they're supporting. Who they're calling a racist and Carl. And you know I know that the left is never gonna stop lying input to give them ammunition is just plain stupid. David great points and one more thing about the Nash never has made a bad documentary I would say go see all of them when you can't. I haven't seen the last swim but I will. All right did it sounds good always been called David and Laporte. We have frank dog Terry and Daryl all on Jack we'll get after the news would Randy bush over which will be an update from tree haven. Also one last text before we get to news. David it would be great but there isn't any possible candidate that the GOP could put forth that would keep me for both from voting for them the seat he's just a rat. That's also a great position is that where you stand 8030930. Its children were in for sandy beach. Half way home on a beautiful Tuesday back after this. We are talking about it Y 27. We are we we are asking you what should the parties be looking for name recognition. Money. Which is always a big deal especially so close to the election were were 82 days away. What do you think will be the best like I said right now is rusty had a great point when it came to money. We need that much money and comes advertising ever want in the district is talking about this race no one was talking about it before last Wednesday. Maybe need Marc was talking about. But no one was talking about it now it is top story every day everywhere. And I'm asking you. Who would you like to see fit that criteria is the party on the same page as you do you think it should be name recognition but maybe you think the party is looking something else. 8030930. And if you live on Grand Island you have some positives or negatives about mitnick marry the NY 27 should know. What would you look at this dog on Grand Island. Is on the line Doug Martin. Good morning. Well I recall. And I go over her and BN or urban newspaper but I recall. McMurray making comment that that really did not impressed me paragraph Allenby but last year we had the on the top Acker basketball tournament in the summertime. And it brings a lot of people off the island onto the island and some of the merchant expert on security concern. Well instead of addressing the concerns the into the net that they're complaint that great. Battle that's. Probably cheap but that. You know that's in line with with very much that sort of leftist tactic of we don't agree independent. Defendant she so oldest. Well mr. shot to will call you race it's only a homophobic. Only misogynist and you know. Berkeley trying to you know pretend conservative speaker from talking on campus and no doubt they're leftists who looked past some hate speech slot that would really. In on that date we've worked so they can use it is pretty much any opposition that like. So his constituents are complaining about something they've liked their voice be heard and he. Isn't even addressing. That's that's what are now I you know it was it was some merchants you know I don't recall that each held it was important that summer was they were last summer the summer before. You know I wish I could do go up you know the article but it had to do it got back department. And some merchants had expressed concern about security of their whole Lotta people on the island and usually pretty quiet place. In your usually here include at concern and you know he's at at the net and and you know call them cult Rick and I thought that was. Yeah Doug now is someone who lives on Grand Island. What is your opinion of the cash was tolls so far something neat nick Murray also helped web. Well a competitor that does that does seem to be it's you know on her outlook involve but it does seem to dispute saying. Through you know I mean they're they're going you know the Bridget over the potential bottleneck but I think the it seems like it's it's it's it's being single along a little faster so. Hey Doug great call things are listen. I. That is dug in Grand Island had won it. Not so good thing about McMurray I am one positive they'll give you credit for the cash was told you know I have to admit I have not driven. Over Grand Island since the cash was tolls have been put in. That's what I could easily take. If I get that second date I'll figure somewhere in Grand Island just didn't go to the cache of poles let's go to Darryl on Riverside Darrel good morning. Do it and it also tells us. Yeah there's no or. Mark mentioned something about yours. You know post quote unquote good note for and not all the more so you know get a lot of angry breaker. From left but at spitting in what but they're not great. In stores but candidates. Like. Carl. In the air a little bit and architecture. And no extra on. All of that halts. Narrative on on that putt. I would go I like them and I like ransom Alford and eat. Does total audience health starters all and arms. David. That the utmost respect EO. It's still used to and there are these. Here. Knowledgeable. And take criticism. So we encrypting not a black. I wouldn't be repaired. Neck and because until the assumption would you first witness to a degree. He has some color to the mayor last internally. And I don't mean senator and a and on ways but we can't Wear a sweater you know just no reason you know. Note any doctors it's co host's remarks. He's a great mayor on Puerto. Knee. Like like I just demonstrated letter then human she's a change and I don't know that. Other than that it's. Probably more much sort out to me and I mean we all you know dropped extra electric Christian pilgrims are essential apparently. It. But in witnessed first there in person but. To. Prove that public speaking. Sort of external. Our ability I'll pass it on bill thanks for the call we are asking of bill brought up Michael Brandt and offer which is why the angles we are looking at this morning. What would that domino effect of Michael Brandt and offer movie to DC EB. On Albany. You know it's a very a very odd type majority. Could the Republicans. As a domino effect you lose power in Albany lose another seat in Albany if it rather than half for Laurie Jacobs went. And does that bother you is that something you're looking at. Maybe you like Chris Jacobs. What you don't wanna lose his influence in Albany. When it comes to state politics and you're gonna look at someone else does that play into your vote if you live in NY 27. We'd love to hear from 8030930. We're also gonna talk about. What you want in a candidate if that name recognition or is the ability to fund raise or something else. And what do you think the party ones are you guys on the same. On the same page or the party gonna make a mistake or make a decision you think is a mistake and they could lose that seat. Towards Hamburg is on deck you could beat you 8030930. More after this on WB yet it is Joseph B were in for sandy beach and look what I got for you. It's today's deal of the day from my buffalo park it's 850 dollar off air duct cleaning and try to vent cleaning from pure air care. Enjoy clean. Pure air in your home. We've 99 dollar air duct in dryer vent cleaning trumps your air care go to my buffalo perks that come. And that could be yours what would be yours. If you wanna go if you want that deal go to my about the personal comma without. That was not the best -- not about three we are talking about it Y 27 but first I would say a they look like they're having a lot of fun at Fox News we just came back to a break Berle laugh seeing there's like eight double and a table talking about. Different things and you're talking about the Google privacy. And no matter of the settings. Google follows you. Don't we kinda know that by now. You know it's funny I I'm always a channel 7 on in the morning. You'll all watch they have an overnight program called ABC news now and it cut it's kind of just kind of headlines program of what's going on. In the country but when I come home channel seven is still on my TV interview show called the shoe. Now it might be on my TV for at most two minutes before I'd football on the MLB network or something else. And FaceBook is now suggesting. That I followed the page that you. Which is the show I've never watched. It just happens to be on my television because of what I left it on. What I got when I left the well my plays the that morning so. I'll I is is anyone think that were not being followed of course we are. Privacy settings the only use for Friday's privacy settings is I don't send my number to someone maybe it'll actually answer my call. Pat in Lancaster kicking things off at the morning. Secret. Because they're all law. He's not going to lose that much. He does and they're all right side and beat you at. All by. And her. I don't know why they don't like the special. Hour art right now it would not back any vote in. Lock it up are more like oh. But you're wearing work in our readers report due. I don't know I happened to you live in Florida are. I don't know what point them to a ball. I. Hate. It may collateral all that are all are sure and it exactly the kind of pay their direct Ray Allen ball. People what to do it going to wreck but art. Go to special election but I suspect that read and they don't. Worry there. Other republic. And don't be out on the candidate barrel are. I'd like mr. I could go prepare irrelevant. I live in that district but actors don't like the process. Good point I have a question about Chris Jacobs I also agree that I think he'd be fine. Fine congressman down in Washington but do you. Are you concerned that losing his seat could go to the Democrats which would give them the power in Albany. Chuck Schwab acted the only Democrat that are on their speed yet on him Merck are at all in. Chris Jacobs and Republican are not serve. All right a pet that you so much for the call. So there's evil for Chris Jacobs his name is at the top of the list we heard him a few times yesterday. And on WB EN dot com right now we do have an article about a possible domino effect. Does that affect your vote come November 8030930. Also what should the party be looking at what should the GOP. Be looking at when they pick a candidate. Remember it's not going to be a primary they are selecting the candidate should they be looking at name recognition. Should they be looking at war chest and fund raising ability remember not much time between now in November if you think about campaigning. We put in this perspective there's 82 days until this election. The race for the 20/20 presidency starts in January of 2019 starts in just a few months. So not a lot of time for who ever is selected to campaign what you think is going to be more necessary in this district name recognition. Or campaign ability also the Grand Island tell us something we don't know about nick nick Murray. Good or bad we'd love to hear it 030930. And we'll continue from yesterday hey who would you like to see all of the possible candidates and why do they fit that. That criteria of name recognition or fund raising ability. All of that afternoon with Randy and after I give you this how. The 118 and passcode bulk. Beat you and K as end. When I dorms in college. For two straight years I had beat top bunk. Tax it to 72881. You could win 1000. Dollars.