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Sandy Beach
Tuesday, August 14th
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Well well good Tuesday morning buffalo. It is Joseph beamer for the hall of Famer sandy beach. We'll have a little fun will wake you up. We'll make sure it's a pleasant start to this. Yet middle of the week gang. As always for the first segment are too we're joined by Brian has a rusty Brian thank you for staying around hey no problem anything for Hala appreciate that first let's start with obviously the biggest story of the day. What's everyone talking about. The Mets beat the Yankees at Yankee Stadium. So they split the sea the season series Jacobs the ground actually got run support something we haven't seen much of this season only giving up two runs. And got Jose Bautista op O field looking great. Michael come forward port -- hit one out Severino given up some long balls the Mets victorious an ethical Brian. Some could say it's the last meaningful game of the season. Others said that happened in April and you know Joseph at this point. Are the ads on like the Mets broadcasts. Like tailored exactly to you because you're one of like five people watching the games still actually you you tune in you're like man I just bopping yesterday and -- like you know we know he featured the only person watching these games mostly ads are get ready for next season with. Thing to do it later this year they'd come out in September. But so the Mets didn't win over the Yankees I thought that was an important story. Brian on the other hand focusing on the buffalo pizza. I guess you know it would argument yesterday well I just cited some dude there's the article that came out where what's. This is all of the Daily Beast a Daily Beast I I think it was in a few different places few I saw all over the place. That somebody rose and national article about how buffalo might be the pizza capital. Of the entire US and I thought it was about time. That buffalo right got its deal when it comes to pizza Rostock dropper wings you know sometimes people mentioned to be found black. But pizza here I think anybody from here who go somewhere else. Can definitely say a pizza here it's it's just tough to match it's tough to find. Pizza is good is buffalo pizza. Anywhere else may have other places that different styles right in the your New York as a very distinct style of pizza and sure it's all right as Chicago. Has that casserole that they call a pizza. And it's it's their own style and for some people they like it that's cool too and maybe there are few others out there but that buffalo style pizza. How to get anywhere else. I I think you're right it's always consistent. Mostly no matter where you go here in buffalo you're gonna get a consistently. Good slice of pizza it's funny heading down to Blacksburg is often as ideal. The pizza down there he hears the places they they find as good pizza Domino's and Pizza Hut. It's all that chain pizza and most other places so. It is somebody tweeted out this article and they say you know what it's amazing finally we're getting her due when it comes pizza. In other states you know other places around the country just can't hold the handle hold a candle to what we have. Here in buffalo. And I treated banker said other states. I mean how localized that is try going down the road to Rochester. And getting a good pizza just an hour down the ninety it's like a foreign land not only can you acted to become black. You can't get good pizza anywhere they're all that apparently set. All of their rod Chester people off on Twitter still this more than happened yesterday afternoon still this morning people tweeting me about different places. In Rochester. They have good pizza and you know some of them might have decent points but. Something that someone else brought up is that buffalo has its own style. Like people are. You know saying these places in Rochester that had good pizza I mean you can go their useless pizza it's fine whatever. But it's like New York style pizza the kind of anyone can make. Right it's good. It's compared to the chains as you said. Right and in other areas you're taking a local pizza and you're gonna compare to Domino's or Pizza Hut in buffalo you have a ton of amazing pizza places. To compare it to. There the other there are a lot this standout. If you go to dom if you live in buffalo and go to Domino's Pizza I don't understand. The. I really don't understand either it's there's a great place on every corner just about everybody knows how to make that buffalo. Style. Pizza you know some of the comments are coming in to me you know somebody mentioned you know all these pizza places that the Rochester people Armitage interpret governor or New York style. There's no diss decent regional Rochester pizza like their is. In buffalo. And that's entirely correct in I'd argue now obviously getting New York style pizza for a New York is the best. But I think there are some great places here in buffalo offer New York style pizza very close to New York city's you know what there's great places everywhere that offer New York's right style pizza I guess what I don't think it's all that hard to make. Justices say I think you should do you should pull a Mike Bagram and and you should go to Rochester and test all those pizza places it then compare it. To buffalo pizza and he shall we elect a ten week series Stan you know I eating pizza that much GO just it's not gonna sit well with me even though I love pizza I can be pizza. For days and days and days idea people won't do pizza is like French Fries at league he said once French Fries it's almost impossible to say no tomb. If there's a slightly in front of me it's very difficult you're always think of what's once slice exactly you know French Fries it's a side dish you know come on let me just have the seat for me a slice of pizza just add calories to it because I love pizza did Tim blue jeans that'd I'm definitely tastes while I'm now blue cheese person in general I'm not pizza deeper some people did their pizza and arrange your semen. Yes and no thanks have you ever been somewhere else I know this happened to Mike you've been somewhere else he'd gotten a Pizza -- you asked for blue cheese dip and if they give you couple ranch now no law I'd never to worry about that and said the pizza stands on its own if it's good enough that stands on its own Mets how it works here before that's why likes clean wings right now as we're asking. I always get both cops the Gucci suit you people cups of blue cheese if you like the wings Celtic all the drums in a useful now it's I've played this talk about food now I ever had one of these and almost two years. But I have been craving a double whopper with cheese. For the last week or so and I have not seriously have not honestly gone to Burger King in two plus years. And I am creating a double whopper with cheese is that that is weird rule to get the sniff. Something like that that happened to me ever once a while but only if I think about something you know yesterday new I was having for dinner. Before hand early that morning so I was sitting here all morning long thinking about what I was gonna have for dinner. That night felt like what happened. We on the day before I left for Vegas I get a show on fast food as the big neck was celebrating in the years it I was looking for all of these videos of the big Mac. And then what started popping up on my YouTube positive front page now now Google thinks that you just like to watch videos. Of hamburgers and. Look like top ten fast food. Mystery menu and I've been watching all of them and when I was in Vegas I did have an in and out burger. And now all I can think about is a whopper hey we come back. The pyramid show I didn't even know the pyramid game had returned to I didn't know it either until last night it'll be Italian is back with a bang the last time I remember I believe it was in syndication. With Donny Osmond hosting but apparently it's back and we have a clip the Bryan Roth for us also we're gonna get into. New York 27 what are you looking for what is the party looking for when it comes to a candidate we'll get into that after this it's still lever for sandy beach Chinese radio and 930 WB yet Joseph beaver in four of the legend sandy beach. Hear a news radio 930 WB yen. Texas just to accident I was a Terry you can call me on air what every one call me on air. It's long as it's within the FCC guidelines you can give me whatever nickname. I will greatly appreciate what you told your date the other two I did peg excellence is from the with me to speak guidelines passed before we get into life. The pyramid thing I wanna say I had what I would I consider was a successful day on Saturday but as I was talking about yesterday. I don't think it'll be successful until the second day actually happens so to me I thought it was a -- successful day but I thought that before and then. There was no second so we'll see what happens let the B machine. Did have a day on Saturday and nine more to come hopefully. Hopefully as she's not listening to this I think he'll be Mordechai yep well I notion listened to on Sunday's event might have already been on. You know sober and just for those who were up at 5:50 this morning set this clip up if you do perfectly and then we'll play and talk after. Oh my goodness IE I saw this this was kind of making the rounds all over Twitter. Late last nights and it's apparently the return of the period used to be the 101000 dollar pyramid then you said you seed 25000 dollar ideally when Donny Osmond hosted it was 25000. Dollar opulent it was in syndication at the time. OK so it's returned as the 100000. Dollar pair because it's just. 101000 dollars is enough anymore to devote our programming to. So. The way it works you have a celebrity you have a contestant. And then you have something that pops up on the screen and you have to say words that arts. In you know what you're trying to get. Whoever to say. You know say you know the word is house. And I to get you say house I would say break. It's it's something The Commodores not yet you know something like why anyways on to set this up this like the final round. And they had a clue ready to go and at Tim meadows the actor. Is on the L one side of the chair of the contestant is on the other it's the contestant. Giving the clue to Tim meadow. And at the clue what he's trying to get Tim meadows to say is. People whose last name. Is Obama. Kevin. Intend or fifty. Thousand dollars. Is your first set to go. Bin Laden. It takes is time he has to take his breath. People who the last name is Obama Joseph what would you say. Iraq and he goes. In line is not your supposed to say in that scenario that would not be the first put out maybe if I got through everyone in the family. And I just had to get out clues of the presidency. May be like with finally get there but the first thing people to last name or her Obama if hook. Bin Laden. I bet. I I laughed as hard as I did I Matt I woke my wife up from my downstairs she had no idea what was gonna what are you laugh and acting guided tear rolling on my and it's probably the funniest. Game show moment there's been in years and years and years and it was the first Monday with out the bachelorette so the pyramid was the best thing to watch list it was well other than the nets being yanked I wish I wish I saw alignment saw the clip on Twitter and that was. All I needed to see and I think Tim meadows the ladies' man. Looking pretty good men looking pretty good in the ladies' men Muslim and pretty yeah I know we had share bear on last half hour talking about the Vermont governor's race in a fourteen year old. Who obviously had no spending trailing his pierce can't vote for him. We are fourteen Brian did you ever think of whom I wanna be governor. No I never. Would have ever crossed my mind that it is kind of a bummer though I didn't even think about that. Now only ever runs against such big deal he can either vote for himself. It's not that. He was gonna rally his entire class out to the polls to vote forum that would really give my bump and can't vote either. They can't vote makes it biggest teacher I was gonna say maybe a few teachers but I think even if it's multiple bottles that's not going to be enough via Ansa news extended family. Maybe maybe can make a bullet. I don't know pass that it's going to be rough I have to say when I was fourteen I was a member of the Amherst high school student government but that was because at certain times we could get a class theme just like why did the morning announcements at I'll let you had a class if you're the governor. The extra. That's true the year that some CO do you think he got out of class to campaign though I I doubt he had that tight campaign. I don't think so I think this campaign has been going on all throughout the summer. Once school starts. It's it's gonna be rough after school events only so like 3 PM to you know like. 8 PM is got bit tight window there did you all of this campaign he'd be very different to cover because as you know now. We'd get a lot of the governor in politicians' speeches. Early in the morning around nine and ten not with them they'd be all evening. He might be able to hit the evening news yeah the evening news he might be up early bird dinner special. You know night you like going meet the voters exactly if he wins this primary. That's that's just my thinking. I think it would be interesting just see him in a general election. I know Brian we've been talking about in like 27 cents 907. Wednesday morning when Erica durst he called and I've done six hours of programming on NY 27 let me ask you as a news guy as the co host of the morning news program. Has this been more fun than a regular election to cover since what's happened. I mean it's definitely more interesting right because see in but what the months leading up to this it really didn't get any attention certainly didn't have that and the attention nationally and locally it was really minimal. Because in that district two with those two candidates. You could kind of see where it was headed I mean there was wasn't a whole lot of polling done because not a whole lot of polling needed to be done. At that point there was no primary challengers. On primary day on either of those lines. Now everything changes I mean it's a scenario. That you're really not gonna seek hopefully you don't see too often were I sitting congressman. Is indicted. I'm charges like a Chris Collins was but it's certainly something that doesn't happen very often especially so close to an election where. Not only do you have this story which is a huge story of a sitting congressman indicted. On charges related to insider trading. But now you also have the fallout which is what we're covering at today what will be covering the later on tonight as we set all morning long the how. In The Who. Dot how do you remove Chris counseling from the bow and then who. Do you replace that name with so all of that has to be decided in a really quick. Amount of time and then even after that after all that hustle and bustle is done of Howland who. Then you have an actual campaign something that's going to be a whole lot closer watched. And probably a whole lot more exciting than it would have been had to fend Chris Collins in that seat. Yes a lot to fit in in what's gonna be very small time we'll talk about that when we come back page update from tree haven. With Reggie Bush over. All right welcome back it's Joseph beamer and more sandy beach here on news radio 930 WBE and and yes that talked continues Y 27. The elections heating up Chris Collins getting his name off the ballot or the party to get his name off the ballot lots of luck. Ways to do what we had Kevin Harvick on over the weekend talking about that and now you have a list of fifteen or sixteen candidates. Who have all thrown their name in there or have been mentioned from state senator state assembly. Local politicians not in the county and our very own David Bell via. So I'm asking you. When it comes to. Replacing Chris Collins on the ballot. Which do you think will Lou more important to look like to know what do you think is more important. And then do you think what the party thinks is more important is different. What you may think if you were picking who'd replaced on the on the BB yen dot com we have name recognition. Hip or campaign war chest in what ways and ability in 74% of our listeners think name rec and recognition. I agree that race name recognition through out the district. Right but as we saw when Chris Lee was booted off and Jane Corwin. What is put on the ballots ran against Kathy vocal in a special election the party obviously there. Win win financing. Over name recognition will they make that. That will they do that again and you think it's a mistake is there some way. In our eleven I mean we're talking about it district Republicans have a pretty solid hold on you think that district. Could go. Democrat do you think there's someone out there is during name out there that the party to go with say it's because of their financing. And not their name recognition that might not be as popular with the party is somebody else and could cost Republicans this neat. I didn't think there are certain people out there and we'll get to those I'd like to know from you who think the Republicans to put on in an. It might result in not ever Republican guard voted for them. Okay Republicans staying home. Maybe as Democrats didn't 26 team may be voting down the line for a minor party or just skip that all together writing someone and is that is that a by a challenge for the Republicans could they make that mistake. What one of the people running. That would lose them in our eleven we are talking about a heavily favored. Seat and then also we can talk about the domino effect we have Chris Jake knotts Mike Randy hopper they're earnings were on their what do they do it and now you have it in DC in Albany. And you can risk that going Democrats how does that affect overall politics here in the state eagle 30930. Start I thirty on the cellphone and maybe you don't wanna talk today. Make your voice just isn't 100% there you like to shoot you're taxed 3930. I will be happy to read that. On the air we have. Our buddy Terry in Texas lightly on the tax board this morning which is always great always great to see Terry. Up early Seles says the cardinal put someone on with money and lose the seat typical Republican think it. We seen this before from this party specially locally now I understand. When the Chris we have and that was a different seats are at we've lost to see here in New York so that was a different seat not the exact same district. This one's a little more heavily Republican lot more the world area. But if you go money over name recognition. When you're talking about not talking just about. Do you are odd for Jerry Kelly you are talking about New York State. You're talking about just Erie county this is a huge district in if someone who might be as popular here in Erie county. Doesn't have that name recognition or maybe it's somebody that. Okay they have big name recognition but it's not. It's not a good name recognition I know who that person he has. But not Charlotte throw my support I am in stay home this isn't an election year where there's a lot of important elections going on a president not on the ballot. Right are people gonna stay home could the Republicans lose this seat if they make a mistake I'd like to hear from you 8030930. Will started off with Dan in west Seneca dig the morning. Why Angell hall aria and and congratulations you're getting a lot of very high. Jolly unity you know what I'm listening to the whole thing and yet I think this is a wonderful civics lesson for everybody in Western New York. I'm like I mean we've seen other public officials do bad things should be revoked. Which girl Agnew who would like president undertakes and he was removed for income tax evasion. Our addictions himself was impeached. And leapt off base. I am I think. What's lacking. In British discussion. About the 27 district in the back yet. It was another politician who missed PA. Who we've of people a lot. We sent them represent us and our concerns in our district. And what they did is they got there. They represented their own interest. They act on their own behalf. Walk and then not only lead they'd think their above the law. And it's weed that people whether you're Republican or Democrat we the people who are laughed. Wondering what the heck is going on and I Alicia and do you yesterday it was expensive yesterday it was very important to have. But no. Nobody from the Republican Party nobody from the Democratic Party nobody is addressing the fact that maybe. It's an opportunity to have a discussion. About the integrity. Of the people that we elect. And sent to Washington. The great point Jenkins what you say it's not just one or the other party we've had numerous corrupt politicians who have obviously didn't DC. And couldn't care less and Chris Collins was obviously already. Dabbling in personal affairs he was going to run again. With all his focus on a legal battle. Get I have to ask you look at it like 27 do you think the Republican if your candidate out there are being someone from the other end of the of this of the political spectrum. Is there someone out there that you think the Republicans would pick that would lose them the seat. 88 EE yes. That could be done. Based on steps forward but I'm a Democrat I'm gonna tell you there's a lot of Kline a Republican from Western New York in the other parts of the state. That could take that seat and and may be become the next. Check cap maybe you could see a future Hud secretary of my presidential candidate. We have a lot of fine people and it doesn't matter that some of the party to come from. Right Graham had to get tired of party politics. I looted the United States of America wants or lack it we do the people's business. That is how I wished caught and I would like to see that again Patrick Gallup and there there's probably. No reason why he needs to be congressman from that district. He's doing a fine job working years he has been a wonder. Public servant no matter what side of the IO UR from these are Likud stump up go to Washington he'd do fine job I'm. And and and that's where I would like to see they'll call this I would like to see I land in women. Not talk about what party they represent but talk about the community that they come from the concrete that they were privileged. To reach their success and and I how can they make it better. All right hey dad always good call it as a great point I do think we need to have that discussion. Maybe we should start focusing on people we know will actually serve us and washing and not themselves gamble talks it. 030930. I'm asking you what should Republicans be looking for when they when they want to take Chris how spot on the ballot. That's gone who what should they be looking for to replace it name recognition war chest. Fund raising ability. I'm also asked if we can continue from yesterday who of the names. Chosen are the names listed. Would you like to see Iran if there's someone there may be selling you have heard mentioned on this stations running or have thrown their name and and you like to see them on the ballot. Not so well known Erie county but other parts of the district I'd love to hear from the 8030930. If you're in the district also we did this on Sunday and got a few calls. I'm gonna throw it out there again he let on Grand Island and have something good or bad to say about nick nick Murray. To the people who would be voting. In that election come November I'd like to hear from you as well 8030930. It's a great Tuesday the range goal away it's gonna get sunny out gonna be beautiful let's kick it off right Joseph beaver for sandy beach more after this it's Joseph beat her in for sandy beach your news radio 930 WBD and we are talking about everything to do with NY 27 were getting closer and closer to a candidate being named an I wanna know. What should the party be looking at. Name recognition. Maybe the funding behind that candidate something else I haven't mentioned. Is there someone out there all big name candidates you think could lose the seat for Republicans so attacks and asked what is our eleventh. That means that the Republicans had an 11% advantage over Democrats in that district so that's what they need when they say are eleven unity heavily favored Republican district. Is very name out there. You'd think could cost Republicans. The seat. Again name recognition is that what you're looking for our odd people online at WB EN dot com 74% say. They think they should be looking for name recognition what you think the party's gonna look for you in the party see the same thing. Do you live on Grand Island the have a message for people who could be voting in twice in my 27. Good or bad about nick nick Murray I'd say I don't live on Grand Island. But named Mary. Always nice when he's been here in studio he's been on with. Kevin at least twice on Sundays so I'd like to know is there something the voters a NY 27 should know about Nate before they get to that poll. 030930. Start 930. We have Sam and clearance sale on good morning. Good morning Jolie do a great job. I appreciate that Milledge got breast. Are among Clara Carol we do not want a Liberal Democrats here I'll be working hard for any candidate I haven't had never worked for candidate. But I do not want this guy to win but Buffalo News says is accurate we concede that the guy is a pro abortion liberal. He's an open borders liberal people and pushed transgender bathroom. This is a radical party that hates when people hate christianity. I gave up the Democrats 3040 musical. I won't wake of the nail a double door to door I have to put signs up because I do not want this guy I represent my district and Sally. Now Sam let me ask yet there's. Fifteen names out there. Alltel deal is about the whole lot but I'll vote for anybody over this guy. Even if by a lake establishment politicians I don't let the governor and fifty billion dollar defense industry body yet. I have left leaning positions on some issues but on the socket amendment guy all the I'm an independent actually. I'm thinking man I was a teacher in political science and history I don't know what's common we'd have to wait. You blocked that have taken over New York will never win another governorship or senatorial race you colonel general attorney general's. Will never win another statewide office. We can only wait locally now if he loses congressional district I'm I'm here I'm whenever you look. The point and I like Carl to you Carl's a great guy obviously if I was in the district I'd be all about David Bell will be but it's not my district. Well let me ask do you think Carl. Would win the seat easily easily and is there someone on that list that wouldn't win as easily as Karl. He'd waited in the Erie county part don't you just mentioned earlier that the big districts so they don't you know I know Karl one. I think you want Erie county against quote walk on the. He did yes. Sold at. That's why. He's being produced at that he didn't even live in the district ultimate commitment what so I don't know what is can you feel welcome right in the district. No he's just like button. And nick are also out of the district but they did you a year to move into it if you win the election. So he can't residency. And in this district and Carl. Yes he can establish if he wins yes. Oh well that's okay there was light Detroit news. Forgot about OK but it still I just try to target I'm order up because I know what I ought to vote now I can't win. Senatorial seat anymore that's gone. We can't do it president couldn't come here anymore they use their yours ago Reagan won New York innate need for. Just slowly. The California and the west told the New York. You don't even have a chance to win a statewide. Election anymore so all people we have. Conservatives. And I'm pretty part of the right you can help what you say it is. We don't have which at that point both of them that this political liberal who favors abortion late term abortion. Open borders operated more refugees. Pregnant transgender bathroom is that the that is torture for me. All right hey Sam I guess I can definitely tell your fired up go out there and campaign will talk to you sealed thank you for the kind words as well don't be a stranger to the show Sam and Clarence. Here's a man who's not a stranger to show always a great call peak in Ontario people born and. Hey. You know why. I think one thing is ought to be clear out like that means that he brought all. And the lack in the twenty I partly lead should be pretty good. I'd like a good. Note. It. The split up. Caught. Up. Well across the aisle. You're on their feet on graft is called it the it's an ideology. It's like a credit back. The kitten. Figured out at the. And then they'd go backward very few crop awkward but one Eckhart talk ideology. Up up up your liberalism. Our our our that we wanted you to come back work. It weren't eligible for. Debate ran across people like it's all go Roger get back Islamic state opened their iTunes 888. A lot. Pat well I got to aid is yet we got to wipe out. And I agree with you about David he is the probably the one candidate that is known that every aspect of this district. You don't have anyone else on that list that is known as well through out the district. You think bill. I'm mr. beamer that it community. That people picking net I hope they don't have any other remote. I hope they eat out. All eight people calling it. Allenby and you've been recognized about it. Exactly if his movie comes out with in the next month that would be the best campaign helpers of all time. Yes. AP we got to go for you is always a great call thank you so much Pete's right. I I think personally might might opt and it obviously have a bias is David is the best known in the district I think he probably has the last baggage and it's going to be name recognition and there was much money as one someone. If no one knows who they are it doesn't matter it'll 30930 Paul talked after news but first. I have a passcode for you. But 10 AM passcode is sick. As ICK. Set text it to 7881. For your chance at 1000. Dollars.