Jodi Altman, Kids Escaping Drugs

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Monday, July 16th
Altman on why Kids Escaping Drugs won't support legalizing marijuana.

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Joey. The state health officials released report today. Saying it recommends the legalization of marijuana and Joey what are your thoughts on that first off. Why are apt to think it is that we understand the medical Merrill marquee event we do not with the epic. Court legalizing marijuana. What we deal with what our kids. Is that after drugged are cute start. They call it a gateway drug Fareed and cute how you start with marijuana and make progress further so it can't. We do not support the legalization airlock. In your mind. Pole off maybe it is the staffs of the patients who have their. How many of your patience the started out using marijuana. Every one of our. Art out Whitney kicking our outlook alcohol may start out Merrill on every single can become honor. What are your thoughts on the report predicting legalizing marijuana could reduce all Peoria dependency. I would need if he did that I would need to see the proof about but again it's that the more support legalizing marijuana. Opt for a variety of green and now it. They are the reason it's taken shelled out an edit the order. OPP the net debt something certainly what happened. You mentioned that the gateway drug as one of the reasons why. Are you when it's escaping drugs Renaissance house are opposed to legalize marijuana what are some of the other reasons why you're opposed to legalization of marijuana. Well I think the main reason is that apple market partly and I and airline act. You know. My frame of reference to an Internet person wearing it and formed. Completely until they are in their twenties and I twelve are smoking marijuana every day holiday it would counting their brain growth in network our future problems. Belt you know for us. Not something that we wanna Wear and using marijuana and hit on our solely because of their marijuana use and had gotten into trouble in their life an apartment or.