Joan Seamans - Run against Cong. Chris Collins

Sunday, January 21st

Seamens is one of 5 Demcorats that want to run against Collins in November


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Earlier this week. We had another candidate tossed their hat into the ring want to be the Democrat to run against congressman Chris Collins. Joan Siemens is with us he's one of those candidates John thanks for joining us glad you're here. I. Tell me a little bit I think people might be hearing your name for the first time it's been out there in the media a little bit but. Give me the 32 bio if you can who are you and why are you running. I'm very effective early years old violet. And I think they're right now you know basically I I compliment very humble backed out when they hit. Lie out others really cool guy he's a world court she maybe got he would say lifelong Republican. My mother who passed is a light under Democrat Alex say that their values in a lot I'm. So your fair and balanced right down the middle that. I I think I am. My Haley did not have its finances the semi to college I entered the workforce and then when I told that this is a short photographer Pete at about over thirty years. And I support my family was fast. You know he's a 32 so I guess we'll say I am very active and not by the business community but it also on a personal level work with failing to order talking with addiction and they issued its corporate with a lot of senior citizen. That's all I have a phenomenal and scary out over thirty years has two children or my blessing why you. I don't I I. Basically you know we broke up over your colleagues at what the heck happened. And over the past year I've basically seen an assault on their values decency and average Americans are being overlooked. And you know let. But the reality were actually talking about it nuclear war felt. I do think that it is time to stop enabling. And moving forward and really putting Americans first they're division and our country right now. And it seemed that the administration working diligently to keep people separated. People are sick of the political nonsense they really aren't they want someone that I don't look at it now to talk to them to hear them and what is important them and it just not happening and I plan on doing that. Talk about the interface you've had with the Democratic Party where they in the process of what they said specifically deal. Well. You know bull why don't mind mentors as a retired congressman who actually were talking securities in QQ the most gut. I think that our thing congress. You know I think as the year went on we started to look at the race look at numbers crunch and a little bit as well as time for leaders. Oracle myself an alliance are a community or country. Regarding the party. I Matt went. A few it has pretty shared mr. elder and now I'm ready meeting with get a creatures throughout the county. Abu. You know I think they're waiting to see who actually collect. Look at raised the most money and who has the congress shot and being able to pop out a win in the district. Do you think you have a strong shot the district as I think everyone knows and acknowledges. Is not just a Republican district but a pretty conservative. Republican district. Therefore conventional wisdom would be you need a more conservative Democrat would you agree and are you that person. Corporate I think I'm I think I'm the person that is some. Is it different. You know I'm I think that is certain values summer concert fairly similarly aligns some are not that I get there on the sound of their running. But you know at the woman on the outside an innate ability with its people I think innate ability to problem solve. And this that there are a reality that there's a lot of people. Actually sitting down and talk think I don't want people Republicans and it could be afraid to talk to me as a Democrat I believe Elvis so let's talk about the what you need and how we move forward. I'm not in this city you know much like this increase very strongly where our comp and was with mr. Collins. You know it. I think that's the let sit back and then back and I think really people are sick that how we move forward. And really create opportunities and now. Hope for people and as. I'd I don't mean to stick labels on people to understand how a lot of politicians wanna reject that. But I also like take that argument off the table. Do you do you see yourself as a very liberal Democrat issue sells more of a conservative Democrat where you on that scale. You know I'm on knocking him who he'll now I think it's one of the biggest problems every now our political factions are really elect think. You know the American that they understand that as we label ourselves and become more divided we are truly weaker. And politicians and actually took a lot stronger as we keep fighting. So the bottom line I think that we get the focus on the middle class. And I. Believe in fiscal responsibility of the sickness so early and also I. Really do. But you know I also think it's important that we provide opportunities for the no actually contrived I think we will not provide opportunities for those. Who poured so they can you know get out of poverty in and contributed economy so. I don't know how you label that to be honest. What is the biggest difference do you think between you. And the other for Democrats that want to run against Chris Collins. I think I think that. They made it his policy occurrences which. You know I think they're minor I think the reality is my ability to be able to communicate with people. And not really strong grassroots following has been doing political activism over here. I have an online group called your voice your vote which are very which is about electoral issue could certain her members. It is the year of the woman a lot of women following the end. I'll lose. You know I'm already buildings and national campaign. I. Could get a taste of two women in Chicago we're supporting people trapped when the traffic country and actual printer support. You know you cannot finance history. Based on the Western New York. So I have to write national campaign actually that's probably why I can could I do differently and you know felt it would differently than a gallon. What is the biggest up policy. Biggest issue in the district biggest policy change would suggest. Well I'm I'm. I'm not I'm not an attempt on the Mount Vernon is because they're so many issues that are affecting so many people I. Without them actually I could put out my email. And and sent that out and and that quote and I think getting. Survey question back probably wanting the most important in the district. Beyond that you response I'm getting I really hit hard. It is a very big district people concerned their theory if people are worried about finances are worried I hate got a job to worry about finding out. Women are worried about how to return to work and paid the child care and we are tanking right now about helped here senior. Worried that not to say content in congress are going to appear that the security and Medicare. Armored. Manufacturers are having problems attracting and keeping workers. There's no period epidemics felt there are a lot need to be addressed it and I think one of the problem is that. You know it reality is I'm I think grandiose plans. Don't. There where it and I fired up about one thing I know your in at a click here. I like by the district permit. Okay. Yeah glad this. There are manufacturing. They're manufacturing businesses there and the average age in some cases of the workers are in place second or fifty. A lot of these businesses are you know making advances in technology. And what we see is that the people that are foreclosure and keep up the technology gap. We can't get college students to come out and coming into the program they don't wanna work in manufacturing company. Well so you are more training. So why talk about not about greater Lansing it was our infrastructure everything else went back after it was him or. You know why are we not just doing something this simple as OK what are your manufacturing eat what you need and training high school. Do so they can come out and become comedian quite immediately fight let's not forget this. Only 25% of the population that district a college graduate so there is they need for training very that he or. Technology's school I mean this is what we need felt you know again. People have to talk about individuals who wanted to kind. What you eat instead began infrastructure great week. But what we do right out to get people work wanted to try to make. It does John I wish we had budgeted a lot more time before we let you go. I wanted to get a very quick comment about the government shutdown from. All well quick comment. That the people are ours is really losing her mind that our politicians. The blame game is ridiculous. Character ridiculous. Here's the situation. Congress for a bill they knew was not going to go through this kind of thing you're sorry can't be you know patting yourself on the back and say we Gator chop because you know you get. And the reality is you know as much as we get angry with the Republicans and the Democrats eagle. Eric Cantor tight whenever a president. Who doesn't know what the heck you want and you know court they're trying to pull an answer out of women and it just. It is ridiculous. It is just ridiculous ammunition that ever happened you know on the business owner I was pregnant and I can imagine it at 11 o'clock and 11 o'clock at night on. We that we need to depart this is nearly coach leader like I had a I would weaken it will it shall not which should be running the government. Well I'm saying I think it. It is major changes that we really do we read it it really make major changes its. It is it's not self serving I am granting a little bit but this thing when you hear constantly. The question as well I was going to Sudan in the mid term and will they get reelected my goodness please think talk about the people who get up. You being elected and I can't. It does and I think they're pretty much covers it and there is a lot more we could probably get into if we had a little bit more time. But I wanna make sure that I'm giving each candidate about the same on a time and we've reached at the clocked at the par with a class telling me I got to move on. Joan thanks for the air time this morning we'll be in touch. All right thank you look at and again we want to talk about. I'm sure Jones Siemens is one of those that's running to try and be a Democrat. On the ballot against congressman Chris Collins.