Jimmy Vielkind, Politico

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Thursday, July 19th
Vielkind on the Democratic primary for governor.

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I am with Jimmy yup kinda Politico and jamming with the status of the race for the governor. Is the primary even an issue right now between Governor Cuomo and Cynthia Nixon. We are the primary between Governor Cuomo and Cynthia Nixon has become quite heated. He could you are engaging on the basis with Nixon left flank challenge. People around things like upgrading works in some ways of raising taxes themselves. Legalizing recreational marijuana. And protecting abortion rights. And children who were there are clear distinctions between the former Sex and the City actress Russian air and to be democratic incumbent who's seeking food term. Started others there is equality between the candidates. And soon voters will be faced with. I actually at least partially on personality. And partially on their actions. Compared to Governor Cuomo Cynthia Nixon have raised a lot of money. How is she able to cause a stir is that her issues is her name recognition as an actress. We'll Cynthia Nixon confirmed. Good job drawn attention in part because of personal liberty and perk are doing what candidates do they aren't issues into colder conditions. And vehicle to get noticed for their word throughout would go one that they re how will bunch of effectiveness will be moving voters and the team. We know that not everybody's following news particularly in the summer. It's with the ability to pay for television advertisements or you know are the content in the run up to September 13 primary will be important. For the governor and former Nixon. And at that point. Well last week's race Woolsey pick partners for their children packages come to play and probably you can oops. How much a factor will the buffalo billion trial all the convictions. I have on people who maybe swing toward a different carrier government Cuomo. Will go next to an errant what you term executive mark or Republican. Have been arguing that Cuomo is a creature of Lockheed and culture. And that the conviction I don't count here and be their students who he mused with the business. Including would have been you know pulp and while buffalo. Are we need to completely throw the bums out and and big wholesale change. Whether or not that's going to. Stick in voters' minds wouldn't you need. Governor Cuomo not charged with a crime campaign contributions. While we were included in Accra that prosecutors may be heard actual. Firings in the provoking. Did not corporate trial they were not part of the needs. And although Governor Cuomo a group or did the bodies you mentioned from builders including a piece in the valley executives. When they aren't. On Tuesday evening. It's not clear whether or not the pay a clinician will breakthrough in the primary or general election.