Jim Ryan- Health Care Town Halls


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Well beginning early in the year one of the hot topics amongst members of congress were town hall meetings some people holding them some people refusing. And those who did the whole town hall meetings at times they got. Pretty wild Jim O'Brien joining us right now to talk about so many members of congress. Saying now we're done with these town hall meetings is that right. Yeah. Including some low period taxes the congressman who represents that Fort Worth has decided it is just too risky. That they become nothing more than shouting matches and so old she's decided not to hold anymore town hall meetings at all. As the and other parts of the country Tom reed for example there's the representative from your part of the country has decided he will hold them. At it the uproar often comes about healthcare and the effort to try to repeal and to replace obamacare. Now reached is that it's a conversation worth having NL panel has decided that in fact. Today lawmakers can use campaign funds to increase security. At events like this had to Terrell homes. Is it repeal or repeal and replace parts that are really offending people are upsetting people I should say not more properly about this health care issue. Oh I don't feel well it is supposedly saw holt they haven't president trump has sort of link those two things together. At that I think that you if you look at the people in the crowd in the signs that they're holding supporting Obama carried Obama cares on the way out. They're hoping that it is replaced by something constructive and that's what Republicans who hold these town hall meeting say they're looking for two. Now a lot of people are complaining that these meetings have turned into nothing but shouting matches but other they're doing it for safety reasons. Absolutely hate and I think the two go hand in hand people who seem. The do you know the oral rhetoric here ratcheted up people shouting at each other. And and then you see the violence sort that we saw. A last month lead there on the baseball field outside Washington DC. Go back here several years to the Gabby Giffords shooting in Tucson. So there is a risk out there associated with the lawmakers congress members walking around in public and then finding themselves literally in the cross hairs. And as you mentioned this goes on both sides of the aisle right that they'd be both Republicans and Democrats are the ones that are not holding these meetings. Right yeah I mean you you'll find both parties out their members of both parties stayed decided that is just too risky either. Or that it's just not constructive anymore and in the hoping that at some point take told his ratcheted down to one conversations can resume. Aren't there it is Jim Ryan joining us talking about why some members of congress saying no more town hall meetings.