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Jesse you always you talked stay a lot about helmet and how it's being pecked away. I these developers. And maybe losing it is his historic feel you know. Why do you think that's happening. And what can really be done to stop these. It's so much a question of stopping it developers and I think unfortunately that tends to be how it's app and it's the people vs the big bad developers right. And I don't think that's the issue the issue is when the rules read about in our community in those rules should be based on how do we get a vibrant successful community so the reason I think lack of developers are in. Salmonella right now is because this is a really vibrant successful community of people wanna be part of that. And for many years that six fast was jammed and almost entirely by small business owners I homeowners I folks who own maybe two or three houses in the neighborhood and also lived in neighborhoods so we're really invested in making sure that. On that quality of life see it's not. Now that that has paid back and outlet is routinely. Listed as. I'm not just one of the most vibrant neighborhoods and have Western New York but routinely we re not in national publications about being quite as migrant communities in the United States. Out I think developers who want to be apart now and certainly they should be in a lot of cases they are welcomed and there's a lot of areas. That need infield and I meant and we need more appropriately scaled development. But the question is we don't want it lose the things and make us unique and special and successful in the first place in order to get those things. So it's really a question of what the development rules proudly hold everyone accountable how to make sure all playing and a level playing field. And finally get a community that continues to be success on insanity that's a victim of its past. Mean like you said it's about the the right spots right locations are and Helen but. Once answers to work its way into these residential areas and homes are being taken away you know that's win that's when they're really doing something that is is wrong. And that's it weed and I obviously like to see teens in and in this project so these houses. We never offered for sale on the market so that at home opener against Italy can I dabble in exit app and live in my heart rate at the other Parton at the identity and that vibrancy. They were purchased ads basically accessory properties to this large development here. Which was also built out of scam Olympic green coat and so now the developers and light bulb is really large building. And which have business in and that is serving not the local neighborhood that is a destination for. You know people from outside the neighbor had and so now I'd like to further impact the neighbor had but also taking doing houses where people cut land. And replacing them with things frankly you could find in any suburban community in Western New York overtaking make things that are on national superstar places. And replacing them something that. Could literally be in an eastern Armenian resting heart and that's how much became special and that's not what is gonna continue to make much success in the future. So it's important to protect what's special about this place. And also to have rules in place that say content dude about it where it's appropriate and how it's appropriate and that's how we're fighting for today. You mentioned there's twelve buildings that are planned for demolition fifteen more that. Our that you know about that that posse and and even if you could continue to grow is there causing concern that I'm wide. 1020 years from now could really be a real different place and maybe it's not you whether you wanna see a change for the better for the worse. Wrote the replacement for people know right now. Adding that is that concern is and every community grows and changes overtime and certainly that is the history of how letting nobody wants it. Preserve this community exactly the way that it is right this minute it's not Colonial Williamsburg right we're not going for that. We just wanna make sure that adds an element comes hand that it adds to the vibrancy and senate takes it way we wanted to add in the six instead of making classics asthma. So you know. Buffalo's slightly behind the curve of a lot of cities when it comes to re urban is them as the turnover folks moving back to the city little bit I met her but our record which is exciting because we weren't on record many years ago. But we've seen what's happened in other communities where. Neighborhoods that really started out as like DIY grassroots efforts revitalize. Have now crossed over into an accurate where. It's really become a very different place and it's unrecognizable and it's an affordable and it's become more of a playground for folks. I'm coming in from outside and I'm real place or people live and their kids to school and locked to the grocery store and locked in neighborhood supporting businesses and us is we don't probably was just wanna say. We know if they. I don't panic the pace of change if we don't manage that type of change. That we will be currently these places and twenty years we'll look back and how did we let that happen it was only how steer house there was only. A really big bar here are really large restaurant there but in the end the cumulative us accent pollen that are. Are what we're really concerned about possibly wanna make that we have new development that fits in ads appropriately scam that takes advantage of the backs of our community. And preserves the aspect community and then hats and the arts where. You know where we do anyhow I think for instance this building on nine up I. Alma avenue was getting in love and be handing gas station an ounce and read about as an excuse building which I think is agree. IDF the problem. Only is that this building was overly scaled this neighbor had and that. Bar and restaurant that's inside as well release out this neighborhood so it's not a neighbor and I asked and it's a place that's really design in them to attack people from all of our. And they didn't. Taking account the amount of available parking that also protects and neighbor I'm right so. You know we call that India urban planning game is a self created carts so this adjective and designed differently. So we kind of replace that at any gas station and Batman building and development it's in adamant that neighborhood that is causing these problems so all we're asking is no cause more problems. You know let's protect the parts that are working out let's steer development towards those tactics really need to be on ethnic ethnic and mouth and then we can pound live happily ever after.