Jerry Rose- Retired SUNY Fredonia JFK Scholar

Sunday, October 29th

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It's hard line on news radio 930 WBM good morning this Dave Devo. President Donald Trump allowed the National Archives this week to release. All sorts of documents from the 1963. Assassination of president John F. Kennedy. The ones that were released include names and addresses of people who are still alive. There are some files that at the urging of the FBI and the CIA he did not allowed to be released because they affect national security. But beyond that this was the latest big document dump. Of all the things that came out of investigations tracing back obviously the assassination of president Kennedy November 22 1963. Between now when that and I'm sure this is stuff that you've all heard before there have been numerous conspiracy theories what you don't know though. Is that someone who is investigative a lot of it. Is Jerry rows of former professor of sociology. At SUNY for don't yet. At today professor emeritus there are now. Someone who at the time of the previous document dumps. Has basically dug into a lot of the records someone who in the past has even held scholarly conferences in for don't yeah. Looking at exactly what's what involving the national archives and some of the investigations going on. In fact if you if you during any research into JFK chances are you'll find. In various libraries in various places. Mentions of this man and specifically. The indexes that he's done and the research studies done on previous data dumps so we figured we had to bring a man and have him on there. Professor rose thanks for joining us this morning. Tell me a little bit about what you think involving the latest here. What what do you make of it is this so much ado about nothing in your opinion. Well it sure it's a shame but it looks like much ado about very little like UC's. Well. What we're hearing is well we have. In one faction or another. But finishes or intermediary action I try to. Yeah. Look at what I can find. From Ryan and Spanish relations war. Questions now those document are on. Our post on the lips. So they are rarer. Being mortgages and saying he would accomplish. But from what I can get a check and certainly from numerous should. Things I find. It in on line about edition. Kid. No information it is should. Shane elation on very short. What questions if any do you still have about the JFK assassination. And to what degree do the did you want these documents to to address that are there things out there that you still needed to know or is there an overall opinion that. That you know what happened in this what did you spend. Icing on on an already baked cake. Well you know I don't fielder has. The and they say. They icing rule or whatever metaphorical on the issue here. I and as far as for now they're having questions. I think question mark and then nine launch. Prominent terror trademark. Over the years in my church I don't really. I don't really seek final. Solutions and I ain't chicken advancement of knowledge. What what are you still need to know that these documents denial you know. What what did you still need to know that these documents to help you with. I need to know what are there issue. Adequate evidence turn on to support. The eighties. Believe Iran or any tendency. That I have to believe that. Let late Ari also was. Not only not to launch nationally. In Maine our men and national all. He ran out of their personalities. She area too radical level because here is show much. Material. In it it is. Fortunately. And I can. And documents. Forgery of records of places that he had been. Like particularly your trip to Mexico is here rifle. Discrepancy. Ash and and that the illusion division I mentioned that would be a major. Focus of these. New relation and I fervently hope that that was the case. Because I would like those question mark should be in a car acts on. Are you would like achieve solution this child the punctuation on that change only do as answer which broad and English questions. Do you think that some of his life story is is a phantom. Created meth. Yeah she. I I don't know that I would go to or issues. I think that he didn't this person. I don't know. Whether they are also. Cooperate it would see conspiracies that killed. In your daughter or that you is what they cling entity. From practice with him on average. A rich see it taken into the police station patience and Vista actually. Well lately doesn't mean I think that that is what laws she is sick sibling. And far more ominously as the match. You wish. It was eighth. Person who are manipulated. Or maybe doubles for him. And there's no literature about possible. Impersonation. And doubles. In any case he's made a later record our legacy. Of association rule it. It. What wing. Forces that was and they're the very purpose of recession nation. Wash is there. Create provocation. And see. We've dealt with these it would be of the outrage and action inched. Castro or you could actually union. So let's be playing you don't think he was in the book depository and pulled the trigger. I don't know I got it there there's a lot of evidence. Not lately the other records terrible shape. Much more. Critical records that is. Movements on the day. BE. Pictures that modern mind now outer shell amendment that would go there. Those are neat. Or information no you know actors and I hit it into an action related disclaimer at the start I have not been active in their search. For some years. And I would Shang. Do you ascribe any motive. To the lack of the full release of the documents this past week. Where would it really promoted to that. The idea do you proceed do you ascribe motive to a do you think that some documents were held back. For reasons. Of the conspiracy. Court possibly though on polish. Is a professor of English and what the. You're coming down what you and I were. Early. Appropriate word we've been dumped. This before in my account. Huge. Certain that you mentioned. Won't aerial. But I. Where that. Just to me. Situation I don't know. 8030930s. Or number. Doctor Jerry roses here he's a professor emeritus professor of Sunni for Dona. Someone who for years and years has been involved in a lot of the scholarly research into the JFK assassination. And we figured this week as they can have one of those document dumps looking at some of the files that had not previously been released that he be a good person headline here. If you have any questions or comments along the way we'd love to have you aboard the phone lines are open 8030930. Is the number. Doctor rose tell me a little bit about your involvement in all of this I can recall in past years when their events scholarly conferences effort on the that you posted to bring in have people on and basically kick around the different theories about what really went on. And then as I dug into a more I found your name in a lot of the earlier referenced articles as someone who sort of categorized or. Our catalog some of the records have I have I described you work adequately tell me what you've done. Well I have published in the journal. Church over seventeen years. I'm sure are calling for certain dictated. Charting a little bit more than ten years strongly session nation in 1984. And then as you leave blue shirt juniors later in nineteen name there are reading this I kept saying. Activity goal and calling for a decade. And doesn't dish worse case. Today. Opportunities for. People agers in the conspiracy and we're doing or church where to ship it. Two through. Which an editorial review. And and there are actually a little try to create an. Actress try to create a community of scholars on me. I think they nationalization. Do you think that a lot of the work in discussion and books that have been done are not necessarily scholarly. Is that is there is there a bunch of stuff out there this just selling books. There's our oceans and the fitness book tour and yes there are many things. You can count. Pretty easily. What's the biggest thing that you've heard out there and popular culture. And that to your mind is definitely wrong that did not happen that should not be part of the JFK assassination narrative. Your question that the biggest do you use your phrase the biggest piece of junk. What what is out there that your mind is absolutely faults. A great deal. Floor. Eight change. That it investigatory work. State errors. Crude is. I think that's a great problem what say. Information that we have an Ali shirt collection you know he's sound sure. Releases over or whatever you want. There's a tea. There's a tendency is. Our irons are us lecturing here. Yeah yeah you were talking about how there were certain things. In the in this guy in the that the scholarship on this or in the investigative documents on this. That weren't necessarily realty your mind. It's true. And and there are documents Shipley and are largely. Reports. Of agents. Or agents. Are. Yeah hey. And some partners democratic groups. We don't we we don't get. See very much. The actual. Evidence from the people it. As we know the practice as such and so insurgent show on a certain date. Based on informants and based on something other than firsthand knowledge of sank. All are are these reports that you're saying pretty much based on hearsay evidence or secondhand knowledge informants that kind of thing no no firsthand accounts. I'm saying that that most of our arguments even the most recently. NC. Our. Recourse of certain agency of what someone else Yeager or didn't do well in other words. Hearsay. And court what color. Hearsay evidence your honor exactly. Yeah yeah and oh we could very well have affidavits. Actual statements. Submitted by. Agents so the FBI or CIA or whatever. But an Easter. We could know that it was city. Urgent things are for that position is important fact. How likely is it here we are some fifty odd years later. That we will ever now has has timed shot those doors for us. I hope not. It parish. I have moved on to other things and I am our interest is I used to be. Essentially let shooters are kind of re Kindle alliant Christian right and I know other people. Quote retired from me. Greg will have investigation and there have been inspired comeback and try to deal which questions. You know I think from Russia and for most people that are focusing. Attention on this issue will be yeah. Is better. For their. Work. More more knowledge shore professor rose stem by the spring and a couple of quick phone calls to see if the listeners can. Add to the discussion 8030930s. And number. Professor Jerry rose is a professor emeritus of sociology it's an effort on here. And quite an extensive researcher into the JFK conspiracies that are out there were talking about obviously. The release of files this past week Jane and south buffalo you're on the air high. I Ayman during the show. Could the bigger quick comment. How he believed. Argued that very baker bit into the fiscal. Situation opt reportedly being wolf girlfriend and every teacher researcher into. It cancer except growing cancer. I read her book and you know you may not believe all of what she says but many you know a lot of information that she gets out seemed to be very credible. All right first of all it's a bad couple little bit professor rose who was Judith baker and what are your thoughts about. Her involvement. All right that's a new name to me that's. So all we're are not and and memory they're okay donated in the name. What is Leah. Discretion. The caller was suggesting she may have been a girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald. Yeah and it hurt a girlfriend yeah. All right what what if let let's go back somebody did say earlier though about a lot of his life in his life story. Being. I don't know FM or things that you're touch in the day they break apart maybe like a spider web. Talk to me a little bit then about the things that you have heard involving Lee Harvey Oswald. That's your mind just don't wash don't necessarily connect. Well Mitch yeah it initially in the water wanna talk about. Eight. Another female life. Which is it are eagerly. Colors don't want longer with us professor I'm sorry about that. Act as a lot of times after they'd when when went back into the program here after they issued a question I'll. Try to move on for the sake of time and I apologize that you can't elaborate much anymore. The big appoint what was it that you wanna know from cholera try to maybe summarize. Well our initial and I just wonder what CEO Patricia to book about her and and the army outlook was. I appreciate inching it. All right. Is there and have an example you can give us of something in Oswald's life. The tier mine just doesn't match up doesn't make sense. Group contributes to decide he said earlier that that in some ways parts of his life for affection. Well. Let let me get an example. Well. Very great tradition. Situation that sort. Of America Mexico City and that. She. Pretty. Surely it. It non. Stay in a particular hotel. In Mexico that it record. Supposedly. Shows should stay. And then and then an evidentiary record in here is saying well Carol registry. China it. For cash. And mental. Bill commercial channel. And it is. It anywhere and eighteen. It names China and in years. And writing. All right. Yeah the rest of the ultra right here yet is shrinking room. And they're all in mentioning and I think. Except it's. Well I'm issues issues no one would think party. Torture and written name on here the F yeah when trying to get it written out for lunch rule of the year. And and they. Found out from OK so. Managers. Hello. Yeah actually I'll also the only new pitch. People Chiming in their own maintenance and or sent Asian and asking how it will work. Well. Cherry there can edit before picking. It this sort they're nature or written. In sanctioning. She's sitting. Just a plain fabrication and some are. Using his actual signature. We only have a little bit over a minute left here we we haven't taken a commercial break yet and twelve new and by the way. Meet the Press comes your way here on news radio 930 WB and as some rice farming if he can professor rose. What what overall do you think is going to happen next not so much what happened in the past I think we've we've heard you there. But how does this play out did they continue. To let documents out a little drips and drabs. Will the public Evernote. Or will there be some things that'll just always be locked up and under are never seen. Well. That. You think we'll never know. Well. It's going to take shown her true and Eric for from an agent cheered and groups of individuals. Or right. Also borrows. Entrances in and it's been pushing for intentionally. Excellent books. Along. And yes. I am hopeful. I'm hopeful that there is going to. Bear fruit. All right professor rose thanks so much for your time that's all the time we have for. Professor Jerry rose is a professor emeritus at SUNY for Dona in their sociology department.