Jay-Z; Beyonce "On the Run" to New Era Field - Matt Wolfe


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We've got entertainment contributor Matt wolf with us this morning but big announcement Jay-Z and beyoncé in concert are coming to buffalo. Two for the bills play out here mapped out a new era feel. The city avenue air field on August 18 of course that's part of their big on the run to. Tour hopefully all the snow will be melted by that. And yet we hope so well I wouldn't count on. This you know it's pathetic downstate here right now I'm calling you from the the home office and farming bill New York on Long Island and it's it's piled up down here right back up to. Well yea your right in the thick of it. Both are we always been fantastic for. Well hey Matt you know we've it kind of stadium shows they were a big thing here in the past just over the last few years. Seems like buffalo started to bring them back we had The Rolling Stones here I guns are roses played the stadium I think now one direction. But Jay-Z and beyoncé with how big both of these names are and this can be one of the biggest ones buffalo scene in a long time. Yes and I think it's has done a really interesting point you know we. You have classic artists like let's say The Rolling Stones that you know aren't gonna fill up stadiums easily and that sort of thing I think. The onstage AZ I think you're going to get a pretty significant turnout for the I don't know what it's gonna sell out immediately say has the stones well there might be more interest leading up to it you know tickets go on sale. I believe on Monday in areas and won't have to see but I have a feeling it's not exactly going to be an empty room there. You know man they both have had successful careers on the ground will they be performing together at all. A patent that's pretty much they've been under stated in 2014. They toward together they appeared onstage together several times so definitely expect to see them both there. And what it would. This is the part two with a two or the part one exactly how big did he kits and are are we talking about one of the top. Touring acts of the content in the US or the world right now are usually those are classic rock acts that could that be switching. Well listen you have to lend what you have to land to beyoncé especially okay she has a massive. Massive global following Jay-Z is not a joking there is a greater Europe draw on this but I think. The bigger. Draw comes from beyoncé and her fan base I mean we're I don't have exact numbers here you know from the last urinary thank. But again they didn't exactly start on tour put it that way. I'm married well bam we appreciate the time this morning that's Matt wolf talking about the on the run to work beyoncé Jay easy. August 18 at new air field.