Jason Nathanson in California Fire zone


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We're live in Santa Rosa California and northern California where those wildfires continue to. To that tear through and and Jason Nathanson is joining us no break today for firefighters right. Now we have another red flag warning today another concern about the wins now yesterday there was concern about the wins and they didn't. Flare up as much as a lot of people fodder feared that they might so. The weather could take a little bit of a break again today. Giving a chance to surround some of these fires they were able to get the major fire that roared through Santa rose of the really super deadly one that was the cubs fire. That caused so much destruction. And burn so many homes that are available to get that about 10% contained. As of now but that's just one of about sixteen fires in six counties burning across northern California this morning. You know we've seen so many of these stories families returning to their homes just completely demolished looking for anything. That might be able to be saved what are some of these people doing when they return to their homes and it's not just their house. But their entire neighborhood it's gone. And those stories that you're seeing are few and far between I can't stress how much enough. How many people are still out of their homes over 20000 people displaced right now. At shelters staying at friend's homes hotels. Most people cannot get back into these evacuations under. I heard evacuated areas of the people who are getting in you know I don't know how they're doing at some hitch a ride with us with the media who were able to get in there. But the ones who are able to get back in. Some of them they know you know he cut UCL this rubble and you know where your bedroom was so you know where something might have been on your nightstand. Were up with the approximate area so you just go in and you start to dig through there. And now the hot spots and died down just enough where it's not so dangerous on Monday Tuesday when I was going through some of those areas it was stilts the pot and smoldering. And yet to be very careful going in those areas are trying to victory thing because the ground was still. Very very now these fires are burning in the heart of wine country out there and Napa I mean this could impact that region for years right. They are I had a chance yesterday to drive around the area about a hundred miles or so around this area because I mean the did the expanse in the vast area of where these fires are burning it's just so cute. So I drove through Napa and young veil and callous though there was some of the spas are. And pretty much everything up and down there is closed several of the wineries are burned. And being closed the economic impact just just that allowed the probably losing hundreds of millions of dollars right now just because that. And the feel that for years to have to rebuild and they're going to rebuild. And tourists will start coming again. But the grapes could be impacted. The winds could be impacted. And again that's you know an impact for people who're already losing their homes. And losing money as well that's correspondent Jason Nathanson down in Santa Rosa California.