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Thursday, December 21st

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Disappointed in the sentence I was I was hoping for some morally leniency. Among those asking. I. We hope it would carry Fserve. Absolutely you know and I think I think John Porter does skated this isn't the only time he's rested he's been booking process. Given the judge says that he agreed it. There is. Probably. There. Stars fixing that. More jail time inspectors who has done to fix anything that he. EO. So a lot. I guess that's there is a civil suit. Is excellence. What was your reaction to the judge saying that he didn't quite get it and that he apologized to his family for all agree that this this cause but not the victim. I disagree. I mean the first thing I said was I apologize to mr. custom order. I talked about how yeah right chemical defense attorney I. I certainly do in this case others you know I do not agree. Us. Yes it is much. That. Oh Berkshire isn't working hours and it was this culture. I'm numbers. My understanding the very visible forty position. A little more than half of them we'll we'll we'll build. In the day eighty hour weeks were. Where we're would come and that they were forced you it was a choice he would show for an eight hour shift in voters think very. And you had been bitten by the did he say it was who was forced to work. The reason why he worked that job was like you correctional officer. The case a lot of that the city thinks it's saving money by any of these guys and house. Thankless job. That does happen. I'm not there I can't speak. From what we're talking five. To messages to it it's it's a tough job. This idiot here. Don't understand places you I have no idea I don't know it's the city Heidi this city doesn't want people to see you know what what one. And in how they're awful police officers they. That this civil the civil judge whether the city argues they want everyone at first child but that doesn't make any sense to me is any jury that would oversee. The trial's gonna see the video. So I I had no idea. Which comes. Up for the first just. What messages do you know it's it is. Which jobs if needed Morrissey is is the one officer laughing about it almost like what you're in the mine in the two officers not doing anything about it. And it's right in front of other inmates do the Drake ambulances. There's another day which. This isn't a coincidence just. Letters. I think there's consequences yet it. Eighteen months mr. Burris is that. In addition to three stories and other three have put. When he gets. The supervised release. I don't recall it was. Kid creating his. Peace will. What about news. He's married with three young kids. They're concerned for your client's safety in prison knowing that somebody has worked. It has a corrections officer or. A there's certainly a concern us. Yes we hear hasn't had any incidents Maria's.