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Friday, September 14th

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News radio 930 WB yeah and stomp our lady in David Bellamy got its hourly and Doleac. On news radio 930 W GE there. Gerard the guy who called them to say that as an adult male he went through circumcision. That's right and he described it is being extra she did really agonizing the recovery. I can imagine because he was a is our call he was a teenager. And asked his parents to circumcised him because he was the only kid in gym class with an on the circumcised men part so his parents basically did what he wanted them to do. And he basically spent several weeks if not months walking rather bow legged which I totally understand. I can't first of all is it isn't the type of pain goes away. Record. The sensitivity that had anything sutures and your nose Regina. I just got to take Domino's knows the noses of sensitive area. You can imagine your eyes are very little speck its. Size horrible. But that area. Is the top 31 of the most sensitive areas to be injured in any way shape reform. Highly vascular missed include the thing is let's. Auction as we learn. You combat lifesaver. This to the adage. How to put together Celine support every. Possible injury you can match. The one injury in her cup. Was that region. And we had a guy direct 762. Millimeter round. Into the nether region. And it was impossible. To state because every time. You know this the more addressing that you put you know causes the bleeding just it's impossible stuff Diddy bleed out now. But. You week that the point I'm making is. It it was it was how do you address that how do you what do what do you. What do you do you know you can't put a split you know you know you said here's a clothe you cover. Now while we we actually. At what I won't get into but the point is is what those things though. Or those things it it's you don't think about you know what he'd known case of injury but that as an adult to go through that. I don't even know if you call to work he says listen I'm having procedure Don I'm gonna need four to five weeks. Well there's at this place you don't go into details about why you need time off as we have some queasy people here right oracle that they felt they know that. Which which which had actually no but they're not nosy here which I like I'm guessing it's the wrong it's the wrong time with. Darkness and this is the wrong here. Now we. Call him and ladies and gentlemen we got an email from a war and who is with child the sonogram shows that the child. Is a man child I feel like Luka proxy maybe if pushed child via manly child but the kid is going to be a boy. This woman and her husband are going through all kinds of agonizing decision making right now David these are people listen to the shell. Because they don't know whether or not to circumcised. Their assignment. As a PE after the birth of the son. Sell. I did some research on this and I happen to believe that it is the right thing to do. I want to thank my parents from taking the affirmative decision when I was not in a position either sent or decline. The circumcision process because like you say thank you like you'd in heaven for what you did because if I had to go through that as an adult I think it would be exquisitely. Agonizing. So here's our question to you. To use circumcised a baby boy or do you not circumcised they baby boy. Now in this country. We go through peaks and valleys with circumcision. Really came in to bowl after the Second World War okay. But here's an interesting stat. That the rate of circumcised. Boys in the United States has slightly gone down over the past ten years years ago. Actually slightly gone up every three or 4% were not talk about a cataclysmic an earth changing thing. But there are so arguments to be made in favor of circumcision for example. Circumcised men are less at risk for penile cancer. Now cancer and were your body now if your arm and it we hear all the time about breast cancer which is apt to be traumatize and for so many women and adults over the women were fighting hard. Girls strong breast cancer survivor it's okay and you mentioned having penile cancer. I can write to me it is only now. I think any cancer or. Especially adept. At cancers or again to me once you get away from here's the thing. Without. There's a reason why circumcision. Happened right. And if it was all cleanliness was all about the ability to be clean. And if you look at a Third World countries today where they have encouraged circumcision you're seen as sexually transmitted infections each year round. You know 7%. So there is a purpose to sort of surged. You you reduce the risk of of urinary tract infections you resort you are reduced the risk of other kinds without going in all kind to be tales. It its locker room Sheen. Like well that that's obviously in my medical situation that's morbid peer pressure thing. But for those of you who have had baby boys or those of you who have opinions on this is it better to circumcised or not circumcised. An infant boy. And I will tell you that 100% of the time I'm gonna say. That circumcision is the way I go and I'm never gonna have another child. If I had another child and it was a boy I wouldn't even think twice about it that boy is going to be circumcised. And I did some additional research and you know people used to call it I've done this topic before 1004 we get a whole like four hour show on circumcision and people were calling an instinct now you don't understand that when you circumcised a baby boy you are really depriving that baby boy of a lot of sensational pleasure when the boy grows up in a manhood you are really killing those nerve endings in the head of the penis. And I'm I'm sick and I am thinking to myself Billy and it turns out I was right. There is no difference in Samson station in men who are circumcised verses of circumcised. There is done but again. It's one of those things where you're saying. To someone who will have no memory of what life was like before they add the procedure. Do you know what you're missing out on well you would have no idea what she talked to the 5% of people that haven't done over the age of thirty ul statistically I missed out of a lot of urinary tract infections and yeast deck at infection so I really missed out on a lot thank you mom and dad but I think people caught up in the religious aspect. You know as it's like it's some identifier there there's places in the world that. You know they force circumcision and people aren't circumcised him and all that but I think from a health standpoint. I don't feel it would make the argue argument against circumcision. Well I. The Arab network in Florida I heard horror story from somebody who knows if they're telling the truth but apparently something went tragically wrong in the circumcision procedure. And the beautiful little boy that was born basically became a beautiful little girl that was born. And that was yeah yes of that went horribly wrong. So when it comes to circumcision. Yes or no we have a lady who is listening to the show right now presumably who sent us an email during the most excruciating pain you've ever felt show she is pregnant with a baby boy. It's the first kid and she and her husband wanted to know if they should go with circumcision or not. Keeping in mind and it at all man I know three men in my life who would have to me. As men they were circumcised. And all I will tell you is one word was common to all of them. Agony agony and it's so hard to heal that area of the body because there are certain. How to we say there's there are certain. Responses that might take place in your sleep over which have no troll so it's hard he'll. Let's go to track the phone number by the way 8030930. Start I thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB EM circumcision. Yes or no. Somebody texted him something I think is really stupid how would you like you're eager to be cut off. Well let me just give you basic anatomy lesson your year is not force him. Thank you. Well I you know I just figured the Apostle Peter that worked out. You know if you if you're gonna get your ear lopped I don't know like the nerve endings are one thing. But it to me it's the idea that you if you get most people that they go on for procedure under adult is because there was something wrong. That necessitated that ranked very few people do collectively. I mean I'm sure other people out there that say I'm sick of of this but there's a reason why you're getting it done if there's a reason why do they don't at 32. They're probably reason why you should have had done a date for. Excuse me but I know of women who would not beat with a man who was not circumcised. By I I'm sorry but it's just it's just affect the life that four skim is disgusting to them. Well look it I just think it's it's hygiene issue alls and listen again people that are circumcised and it really defensive. When you start talking hygiene. But the reality is that's a huge reason why people are circumcised because it's you know debts it'd. Two big. If we okay so we accept the premise that it is better to be circumcised from a hygiene factor and a bacteria factor and an infection factor if we accept that as the premise that isn't it better to do. When somebody is very very young and faster healing than it used to do when somebody is in their thirties or forties or teenager. I mean I'm sorry but that pork tidbit called their blue your grown man who called and who had a number when he was a fourteen year old boy. Can you imagine how long it took to heal because every night Beckett went to sleep and you know darn well what happens when you go to sleep as a man especially the younger you are. Can you imagine I mean the scarring from the constant entering a recurring healing an army healing of that area. Good grief but about the makes a medication which is like. By at and reverse split. David I can think of few things as bad in terms of surgery as being circumcised as a grown man and I think I got my parents at a time when I was a kid I have no recollection of whatsoever. I have no recollection of being at any aimed. I have no I mean apparently I did not cry like a little baby I just look like a man. Well. Amid a fallible way to set but Willis and. I note that that there are some mistakes that happen when that goes you know when procedures done an active obsolete issues on the road but. I don't know of me I have a friend in the military who had to have it done multiple times because. There was there was just issue. Where he had to have a start to issue. All year so something that just developed in and it was something that was done well Maine you know if you wanna protest anything protest the Foley catheter now battle you battle destroyed the ordeal for the. No you certainly will the hot and he should definitely not. 526 of news radio 930 WB at your calls coming up if you're just joining us after our pain show we have an email from a woman who is pregnant first child it is going to be a baby boy. And she and her husband wanna know to circumcised or not circumcised. I forget who was four and who was against it but they're having like an injured couple dispute over this and that we want your calls. Or does it so up. We got email from a lady who is pregnant. And they're gonna have a baby boy it. I wanna know officially get the kids circumcised let's go to Susan on a cell phone on WBBM. Susan. Susan your WB yeah go ahead. All right let's go to Jeff and tell Wanda I'm WB and hello. She got cut off. Are you doing guys. Are you. The title of the law. Recently in my reality and I had our first son. And that was kind of our enemies of ours whether you circumcised and I had no particular reason other than. Worried about what the it would heal. Oh went when we decided to go through that the director came and all of us you know we used pain relief it is really as simple process and honestly it was. Mailed about three weeks after use healed. Never seen any light. Haney was in because of that procedure. So I would say you know if it's something they're worried about the pain aspect of it we went through it and it worked O line. Now my son went through it and I saw absolutely no sign whatsoever of pain agony or anything bad. Yes I would say you know if if that they're read then just you know I did they're they they do it all day long police said he thought about and felt about them so. You know let you know somebody is not experience I would release search through their who's doing the job by. You know I'm all. Our depth to do much to go to Chris in to prompt it to circumcised or not circumcised that is the wet and gross. Yeah and that is the question about it a lot in Italy and go to Canada. It. And I'm of course in the old country didn't come back then and when he wouldn't it sixty. He's started to get a lead in action. Periodically counted in that region and ended up having to procedure done. And adult and although I remember him being in any particular form. Agony hit it certainly hurt and so calm when I got my boys circumcised. The electorate that could put that in consideration. And you ought to alleviate at some future potential in them. Only mention it. Terry Holt circumcision was considered cosmetic. I nature and that we had to pay for. That makes assist be if he got done. Because of infection. Then it was seemed to me that that's not cosmetic that same article necessity. No it's right here is what article but from my always there circumcision was considered cosmetic whenever or. And we haven't done. There's everybody at Ontario have to pay to have it done and if so what is the cost roughly. I didn't back a couple of hundred block. Yeah I'd like where I grew up just start. Operating procedure no pun intended right leg it was just yeah I guess it is sorted out a bit wary now like we got or at. And yet it. Well big grown men I know who've had a done. At had a done because of repeated infections and they all have said that it is a special kind of agony. Yeah he did it certainly hurt you know other a lot would you describe it as. Beat her straight in but elegant and I didn't hurt. It while. Them. I guess you know the thing I don't understand how first of all what year we talked in a couple under fire. I'd think it important ways I have two boys are both. Kind. But it was you know ten years ago. Would think Agassi in the states just looking at the insurance that's got to be more than 200 plus I never pay anything for. Really I really don't. It's a pretty duck tape and now we adopt. Board and it was yeah there are. We are too much well the question is did you just view of the 200 boxer to leave it to. That's dragging old joke in my somebody had to say it's coming together the way. So kids ordered to. Who who don't have any contact conception of the what you put Stewart have they ever say hey what did you do that he what did you do there. Yeah no. I don't think it like now I'll never know or. Come up. What do you say to people who say that circumcision is me ill genitalia mutilation. Are genital mutilation. I don't know. I. It's early but are we this is now we're getting Albert Scott. There's an item in it doing it could Al this year is right it going back. To whenever I mean. I'd I'd I'd had it done and I'm not upset about did that all pretty good. Why did you have done as an infant right. Okay but here's my point hit the in the think about. This this mutilation argument first of all people are mutilating their bodies as adults voluntarily. With all kinds of piercings do we start out with your rings and others nose rings and they are prince Albert which if you don't know what it is I strongly suggest Google on the work computer like I just did object called an hr no doubt about it. But all. Well yeah well obviously because you've got one and that of course there's does that does that add to call. I can be ultimately and add a second attempt to you. Where that. And while you know I. How to do it. By the way but also is concerned about a load your mutilate we mutilate ourselves like never before or in western society. And any you know public author and does not obviously a different opt into belt and I am. You know whether or not your patient but male circumcision it's been it's been the standard for long. You know all that really there are really on site. The third as far as though the female is concerned I must confess I'm not all that well versed on female circumcision but. My understanding is it's it's more like a cleaner McNamee then a news expect him to a male circumcision your essentially removing a woman's ability to feel. Back kind of pleasure later on in life. It. Otherwise known as most guys first wives. All that's just a joke just a joke on anybody take that seriously. But you know like a circumcision that the belt and are so long again. It but I am I've got total. Basically that I'm not out of the parent and I get adequate standard and the audit by forty with the standard thing to do thank our old baby born. Alec to confess up to your IE the one thing and this is gonna sound really really stupid but. Can you talk about mutilation you talk about unnecessary procedure I still do not understand for the life of me why they add the calf motorized meat for the open heart surgery and the by Alaska's and I got a place at the I get to have another surgery done because they destroyed. They're catheter destroyed me. Yeah. So I gotta go get another surgery on my second surgery just the patch up at least you know it's it's to make an immediate that's the thing. Yeah. Well you know about that both whole other kind of agony into it felt perhaps. Well yeah if it's also a tremendous inconvenience I'll tell you that much that was probably in the TM I department so our we've got two votes in favor of circumcision. Yeah yeah I would like and shoot a bit better. And I am circumcision but it's not like it's. Can its. Like I'm right like that I would but are thinking too like. It wasn't a major topic discussion about am I likely guess what part. All right thank you. Much say as a parent I have no reservations whatsoever about what we did to our son who is circumcised my hope in his mind my saying so he's probably laughing at atomic talk about it 803. He's not right either 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB yet if you're just joining us and you're in traffic disabled boy this really we're at right now I'd like to circumcised you have met some. We got an email from a woman who. Basically is pregnant through the son Graham they don't accuse going to be a boy and she and her husband are looking for guidance on whether or not to have the kid circumcised I've done my research on and I think of them might due diligence electrified milk compelling argument against circumcision. Here is Susan in Cheektowaga on WB and Susan. I know I find. And eat right. Her height and after a month month long debate I would act and quite ill but it won't and at that point I kind of regret it it now and I never thought ill say. And why did you decide not to circumcised your chip. You know I how to add and point of view why is an. All. It why. I'll keep at it and there's not. An end at every year. It out with. All of its. Top part of the older. I'm now. And I'll. Talk about the polls. Felt that debate because I let it. LE. NNE edit down a little bit older. On an. You know eighty yen but. Let that. It YR and and an eight get older I didn't even know what they. Stretching out that you're in the that they don't have problems when they're an adult they and beer. All. Aren't I more painful than your original dirt that they would have ever. And I heard it and all her. On the oh yeah now they're at it it. And I. Apple. I. Regret I again and I thought I'd say well. I mean your decision was based on the fact that a so that ain't broke you don't have to fix it. But now your son is begging to be circumcised in your son is how old Al. Well I think what you need to do is you need to explain to him that you if you want to you be happy to do it but you need to explain to him that you don't wanna do it during swimming season you don't wanna do it during the summer. And I mean I would say look I'm not a doctor but just my own personal common sense and experience tells me it's a lot easier to heal from something when you were eleven then it is when you're 3040 or fifty. Yet I I agree. And cool. It might view that the one aimed at I did not know it. Here and I hear the light. When it even and accurate eight airing any wet blanket each little bit like our marketing and that at. It and they know where you're at all at work yet when they are all. Walks underneath it should. You act and every one should know now all that they act and act them pretty significant. OK that's good that's good Goodell. Had. Thank you know we're trying to adults about their split. With me behind the microphone how's it even possible so if you're just joining us woman writes as an email. President gonna have a baby boy wants to know she should circumcised yes or no needle 30930. Start at 3180616. WB yeah I just ate some of the spice used to admire like that was Tuesday. Here is Jim and a cell phone Jim WB yeah. Well thank you we're a little bit concerned about the topic but that people enjoy helping other listeners so that's cool. I think I got him story one I'm a general contractor. And one of my guys that work went for forty years. These GQ and a majority religion they have opera. And all ceremony about the circumcision and rabbi I don't dark intimate. The boat earlier or it goes and you're reunited and depth. Not a Lundy was talked about it he said I can't wait to get to have them get reunited they gave me that their war wait for me and have a minute left beyond our. We laps are real thought to grow. But. I thought I was I'm now 36 you're all. And circumcision. Advocate and a night Arum and such as the table on. And they didn't cut enough it was still back. And accept tell my wife ought not right not right. She got the doctors tell the actor who. And I. And I'm an actor and I said. What what what I'd just sit there. You didn't. I do. I think I love you do. It a manly way that is one of the most are simply whoever. She got up. Three years old she kept telling you always you know enjoys that better when you go there and go well Bennett but it's started to be judged on one side he got netspective. And it would get a three year old gold at the surge to I'd have. All the because the doctor wouldn't listen to you after you said that you did eight blazing saddles on them. Excuse me while. It was related to art well you know what. That's interest. Gently we gotta go work we're glad you called what's what's up to him. OK we got time to talk to low risk. On WB and Marisa in central some other we can't see on a computer screen whereas cigarette WBBM. Thank you so much for having me on the first and collar and I love the topic. Thank you just a question about ninety seconds delay two point it will shut up. I hope I'm. Well what I did want to talk about it I know that they're really hot controversy right now they're actually documentary movie out about that if you know that. I was really scientific journals before the show that were actually executive producers and well they're a documentary that would get early on August 31 called American circumcision. It's streaming now on Amazon and iTunes I would recommend anyone that interest in learning about a topic what the movie. And I'm biased and all you pro and anti. And I think that people find it really interest. Did it change your mind and if so how. It didn't change mine personally. I feel and all the Ackerley beer. That the argument is clear again. Circumcision and help and but. It is read here. Currently at their own conclusion on the top. And you don't get medical our nation and the world. Recommend routine circumcision of intent. There are. It bit cleaner and either highly contested. And can always be cheap and are let in heat waves and amputees in I'm a healthy tissue. Are right. Unfortunately we're out of toddler Issa thank you very much it's called American circumcision. Doesn't a Michael Moore film we will I'll definitely check it out thank you very much. You are right but David we should start this topic earlier. Now I don't know what to tell hopefully the ladies listening I'm sure she was. On to something new town are always something new it is up hourly and bill via a news radio 930 WBN news coming up at 6 o'clock.