Is It Hard To Take Certain Media Professionals Seriously? 5/21 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 2

Bauerle and Bellavia
Monday, May 21st

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News radio 930 WB EN first we going to honor the fact that we sixty. Third how big talker. 800. But he error I will never get a proclamation would marriage drama that's no one cares or will we care. It's Tom Bauerle fairly good thing that could sure my way through that threaten the long haul I am. With a request is to show and David Bellamy I don't know how it happened or what goes into it but I will say that yes. Volley envelop the 63. On the heavy hitters just came out you know says they're proud to be sixty a really good golfer. We don't like the PGA tour golfers like humanity 63 masters like why now why. Look you know this golf guy it's Bauerle and they'll be. How are dull but on news radio 930. Sorry it cracks me up broke. I actually think out by the three ain't that bad I mean it cannot compare with an hour is do what it ain't that bad it's you know what. I'm sorry I think Sophia copilot got bomb reviews I think she was meg. She was perfectly cast in the role while Exterran cardboard yet. All. Gee I can be you know what I'm sorry but I hate these she I think she did a great job or reliever. And frankly. This is is it it's not as bad as I used to think maybe it's just growing on me but. You know I I have said before. That. The Alpa chino is played the same character in the last thirty movies he's done. Albums that. Are at it as has been hero by the way it is eleven minutes after four news radio 930 WB the and buy hourly and del via so the first part of the program we basically talked about. The media and its lack of professionalism. In covering the royal wedding and I have that told you. He's in all seriousness. And maybe I don't know guys maybe I should be concerned about myself and I've lost my sense of wonder but Prince Harry. And Megan could call into the show right now and I would not act like a blundering idiot. I mean that's how I mean OK maybe yeah the night I lost my virginity I was like that. Maybe though that first three way. Sort. But my point is is that I just think that people that are writing books. About take me seriously as a journalist and this is my take. On president trump in the campaign and why he's really bad for the country should not be sounding like this when they see. People there AG matters. I just don't think your series first you know what I can understand that if it was a friend of yours like. You know if if if Phil got married first of all he would never invite us but. If field got married and he walked. I can understand a reaction like that it to somebody you know and you'll love what my buddy give me from the nerds and Trisha when they get married. I'll probably be more excited for those two because I introduced them. That I ever would be if a couple of royals who just got Mary went and David and under the same day. But again I don't know if that that level but it's just it's a childish. Very amateur I mean again it but put that seed David maybe probably heard the noise Chris Matthews made when Obama was at the convention but you know what David and and here's here's the downside of this maybe they're right and maybe I am the one with the problem because I've lost my sense of wonder I've lost my sense of of being able to get that excited about external things now. Now if you know what when your when your child is born I think that is an appropriate reaction. Other than only got on the outlook for 21 years and 26 for health insurance but. You know I don't win your kid is born you and your reaction okay mister Bartley it's a boy. Screen meaning giggle in an acting like a little. Hello I think you've got it if you soccer arena party's third act like that where you find the balloon is pink. I'm sorry but that's just it's good to ridiculous reaction any are there any news you can ever received. That that would be appropriate. You know you David we talk a lot about credibility. And were often don't we will have to look at each other and we will permit that we haven't but. We talk about credibility how does somebody have credibility in covering the president how does somebody have credibility covering the Moeller investigation. Or anything serious when that is their reaction. And you end up again folks compare Edward Murrow during World War II. Or William shy were during world war two and there live broadcasts under fire. Compare. Here because. I can't. And even VE DM VJ day by the way BJ than ever clarify victory over Japan and its economic totally different meaning now but. But but you know people did not. They might have felt that way you know the famous picture of the sailor kissing palladium limited statue lot of that they might have felt that way but they didn't react that way. You know what Walter Cronkite. And had a similar reaction you know that the famous clip where it takes is glasses aren't you know this just in apparently official the president is dead out of it is that that would have been the perfect appropriate opportunity. You have. A time where you bow. On behalf of the country skier died eleven. A very good time off and have a motion right. But you don't go into lunacy you don't know get into our affiliate and that's just. It's important apologies. Well you know what if you compare that now Tennessee to a lot of people are realizing Edward armor roll like my mom knows exactly of whom I am speaking but. Lead a week we could go back even in 1963. And Walter Cronkite on CBS and you know Walter Cronkite to it was close to Kennedy the president John F. Kennedy he interviewed John F. Kennedy in September 1 1963. Just a couple of months before. President Kennedy was assassinated. Might have talked to him between bin ambiance summation but you know Cronkite was probably. You know just in the middle getting ready for the 630 news broadcast and on the bulletin starting coming in from Dallas and you seek Cronkite in the short sleeves. And even you know what refers nuts is he is Dan rather. During the Kennedy assassination as when Dan rather made his national bones and Dan rather he was composed and Dan rather knew about the assassinate you didn't before they happen. And Johnny on the spot split but again. No again ever owned was composed and because. You want people that are giving you what are they always say kill the messenger right people get emotional and the bad news you don't want. That person to delivering you. Something that's horrible whether it's a doctor in ER. You know how's how how's my loved one is in how the surgery ego and they start. Blubber in in following their feet and cry and get a lot of you get peace and I can tell me what's going on without being emotional wreck do you want that. That highly. Well woman got sucked out of the plane that what that you. The fact that she's a woman to me is the postscript. That professional pilot. Was absolutely. Cool under the most predict I think she expected to hear that day was. Paid the woman in ETG. Currently sucked out of the plane. That's a ridiculous thing to have happen you lose an engine and she handles it totally cool everything's great there's a time to cry there's time to be emotional. But I'm sorry but as a professional you can't do you go. And folks this is an anybody who's ever taken for questions you can back this up because my flight instructor John male or a it has been awhile since of actually know now that John dale what the blues guitar and other John mail and DHL. John told me very early on when he was teach me how to flaw I when you were on that radio. If you sound like you are losing your mind if you sound like you're excited you will lose all credibility as a pilot he says I don't careful wing it comes off this airplane you're not gonna go on that radio and sound like a glittering idiot he said no matter what. You will be respected in the aviation community it went everything is go to hell and a hand basket and you're not really sure what to do. You have got this town hall moment. On the aviation frequencies and if you don't it's gonna reflect report earlier on you and you know what I never forgot that advice and David. You take anybody at this radio station during some very are going breaking news coverage whether it's sandy beach whether it is you whether it is me. I don't care what happens. I have never in my life. In this business behaved in that kind of a way where I was not in control all. Oh my emotions. And add by the way David that is that goes for sandy beach it goes for you it goes for our newsroom we don't behave that way. And it's not you know and again. I keep on vacillating because I'm from start to wonder is is just because I'm Jay did. Is this because I've seen at all and have done almost everything or is this because I just happen to be a professional. Much you know I don't know why I I think it just is. Also what your employers are paying you to do. And if you had a tattoo show where you know let's be honest went back. Got a lot of viewers because he would cry and television. And for whatever reason. It's really weird and awkward to watch a grown man cry on TV John Boehner. I want to see John Boehner crop is much but I can't look away from the really it's something you have to stay because. Having so wooden so free whether by ocean who obviously. Obviously does not care what you think of it's just so strange and so we're kids for much to handle whatever they that is all. We gotta find the audio of that yet Kennedy name got my middle pile skiing whatever all of the a string of embarrassing it would have an emotional breakdown like Taylor. We're just two guys talking right now on a Monday. I don't know how this whole thing got started but we're going wither and if you wanna get in on the conversation. With the number 63. Most important radio show in America right here in buffalo new York and seriously guys that's. If it is quite an achievement not to like. Not that we walk on water Ernie thing but seriously it is a a very nice honored to have that. You servicer in the hall of fame. And you know we got people here at three all live for and we're at that level ever 63 this year to this chemical. We were talking about emotions. On the year in light of some of the in and I'm sorry but. On professionalism. Amongst the media I'd during the royal wedding. And you know what I don't think you guys want robots. Doing coverage okay. But I also think that whether something is tragic or whether something is happy. You want the person to whom you were listening to at least sound as though they have some. Control over themselves now I have cried on the here. If I talked about people close to me. That have died but it is never bit in the you know it's been uncomfortable for me because I don't like doing. It but you know for talk about it on my dad wore our dear friend Rachel wells when she died look I get choked up. But. And I try to fight it. I'm not gonna sit here and just conjure up tears. For the sake of conjuring up tears. Or or conjure up a a school girl giggle they don't because I think it's good theater if the sports channel you know we draft the guy that they want. And their response is. To basically. Pay the bill does drafted a quarterback. Would you listen listen to what do you like old yourself it's ridiculous. You know what if you're just starting out in the business I can kind of understand that the dude. In this business yes even in Buffalo, New York I mean for example. Sandy beach who does Medimmune here I mean he interviewing John Lennon. OK but when The Beatles were just covenant. And when The Beatles basically walked on water. And I don't know of cities get a copy of that interview or not but it was Eddie well enough to say you know how we didn't act when it was talking to John Lennon. There is zero chance they'd be active like that when he was talking to John Lennon and what he did act like that would be interviewed Vladimir lab and that was a totally there's a difference and this story altogether. Nobody but here's the thing to me it's like it's one thing if it's your entertainment. BC. This is our energy analyst Katy Tur is the one that's taking over as. You know. No nonsense should they put her on the truck campaigns cutter he wrote a bestselling book in you know did you read what Katie turner had just saying about the president. Well here's McCain in terms of the world wedding. And therefore she's disqualified tell me anything serious for the next eighteen months. Voyager. It's a browser and do what what do you what do you think about the the brand new. NBC live up this fall Katie. How are you gonna. Seriously you can't be seersucker is it is there a place in if we had a formula to question and get the audience and it is her place in media for emotions like that. Because. And another thing that just again David I think you can beats I think you get away it would be sad. You can get away with it emotionally overcome. You can't get away would be beauty but it frosts me that these reactions are being killed by other people. In the media. As being all I got these are the best reactions from the royal wedding but if if Rush Limbaugh did that if Sean Hannity if acted that way the head on wouldn't be best reaction from the royal wedding the reaction would be. Multimillionaire. Talk show host giddy over other multi millionaires wedding. I mean it would have been spun completely differently and that's what just kind of it is is it really turns me off about the media it's 427 news for unite the WBM. Hourly ability at the number 63. Most important radio talk show in America and can be reached the right people. I don't know four rated it to leave the whole emotion and media topic because we found the the sign off of all sign offs before we get into the hole Mickey Kearns V mark Poland cars than you want us at the top the. Begin with a you have other royal wedding yet know Phil's got a we've been talking to us as a sports guy that. Is now I think you still had to either jail for now. He wasn't channel seven. And he. Was under the impression he was leaving buffalo. At the weekend sports. For like three how many years three years two years. Two years. And while this nick. Little house he died that he and nick Phil Powell gave this was a sign up at the time the channel seven like two weeks later. Came back channel and it's important before Phil plays Vista point out that. At the time he was leaving under his own state created under his own power which always made it sound just a little bit weird because if you are making the choice to leave. This kind of statement seems a little bit incongruous so let it literate. It is the last 870 conceded and apps and blast. Cobb I have a few words but it wasn't forego if I cried and I inherited from my mom. Not my dad won't admit any emotion whatsoever. He's kind of a big deal by the way. Pop a slightly with this if you haven't dream. Go chase it. Nobody is going to believe your dream like you believe him but it doesn't mean it's not worth pursuing. I'd chase my dream and I ended up here in buffalo. It's. If only for three years ago. When I got here in buffalo has everything I can about export import those sort of sports. Great food. And even better people why buffalo it's about rap I have no idea that in his newest city is aidid they would make this place. Proud to say my daughter's buffalo. Every night she asked and art. And can connect favorite. Nobody could. The part of it sorry to figure out there but I would love that I would love you Collins explains day but it. This to me. This is over the top this off with the oh vote. But at least you can make an argument that giddy. I mean nick can interview the coach of the shippers enacted giddy. He doesn't act like Katie heard Eric in terror from aide to compare. Not this over the top of the since he's been there for two years and lead but the the the evil or noise he made when he says hockey. It's like the his voice his vocal cord to write teetered potter and Eagles like Hong. Like he'd nothing that he hawker was pointless yet yet she's a little yet nuanced ought to sit indicted they would make this place. Proud to say my daughter's buffalo. Every night yes and aren't. It's hard through mic like be the Gray Davis guy in the world you're. You just can't live that down notices. To every considering that like it'll curved left after 77. Years I'm and it was just like everyone see you later Bob by. Jazz pop and he was like drops the Mike and leaves rate is our 97 years on TV. What when we got there I honestly ADB's how long's it been a rate he's Italy the airwaves saying hey guys love yeah. You know keep feel that whatever catch phrase sandy beach. He's going to be like that that was ridiculous right right. When I decide it's time he will do it from Asia and I'll be short and sweet but William here that's. When it leads the Wii US open. Audience will be very happy because it threatened to go I mean human. Well I think that we did. We challenge for you can you fine. The audio which is going to be on line. Of dolphins beat the dolphins or whales. Aaron we wanna dual A and B is it dolphins or is it news anchor I have so when I'm in my life that laughed like that there was like. The. Odds are that's really annoys me OK as much as a lover of miss is there ever laughed like that was the last time. Actually you're really jab leg at the. It's like a coward EP. Portable. And. I don't think you search that's what it's like a young and you wanna go out there and be taken seriously. Especially young women in news this into male dominated world would you take it seriously. Maybe it's because you were a pound and RO ordering him to sexism now well Al Roker. Okay. Sure thank. Roker was the avoided as well though White House. I happen to me wanted to talk about it David because Tuukka. Were. You know there are some unfortunate symptoms of the company Iraq were I cannot imagine you ever publicly saying. You know it's. First visit to review issue which you. The first time I talked to Donald Trump. The shall we said he had an accident. I mean seriously it's just something that people. That one of the mental. But again you know it's like you're the friendly. Mark as a birthday she's two years old in whole or. Yeah that looked like Norton actor the vendors all about it. Pray it for those of you who are now. Creative listeners to radio if you're listening to music station which would discourage you should always be eager for the united thirty WB yet but if you ever hear a DJ playing stairway to heaven. Then meatloaf. Paradise by the dashboard lights followed by American pie I will guarantee you that there's gastrointestinal. Flew at work. That DJ is just at the sequence or buttoned and that DJ is taken care business in a bad way. Don't find it odd though that if York. If your job was to you know look a lot of these sports guys they're fans of sports. That's what they love all that they've played sports. You know they they grew up withdrew with her row and guilty pandered chuck in Toledo thick rough all the guys in the eighties the seventies. Dana a lot of hockey and loved football they're there they're and they get to see you know Thurman Thomas. Like the real deal Thurman Thomas as he is now walking on the street in your like that is a guy. I absolutely idolize she was tough as nails he blocked the body to actually do everything. At running back he was aggressive running back catch a ball he was huge. A nice guy. Not a breed of ocean. It's your job is to talk to him like like give me the story don't become the story Ed. Phil there's also where there's another bit of audio now I don't know if you're going to be able to track this stuff but. I can remember when the Buffalo Sabres. Went on to the finals of a Stanley Cup the very first time I think they beat the Canadians. Odd to advance to the Stanley Cup finals in 1975 against the Philadelphia Flyers I don't think Ed darlings play by play. As a guy who lived breathed and slept hockey was as emotional as the announcers were the royal wedding at least. VP NBC folks number one no. Pretty shy girls parents worked as the emotional end what you just heard an NBC what are you talking about you would have been released from. Captivity DOW Terry Anderson composed himself more. About the and. What was our broker and an Al Roker wrote OK Ed if you can't find that bit of audio. Feel which I doubt you're gonna be a qualified I know for fact you'll be able finally audio. The play by play audio of the Stanley Cup finals the Boston Bruins against the saint Louis blues. When Bobby or on a pass from Derek Sanderson behind the net. Just as quick sweep of the puck past Saint Louis goaltender Glenn hall and the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup. The an announcer was extremely excited. But he wasn't as excited as what we heard over the weekend with the royal wedding Bobby if you look up Bobby Orr Stanley Cup winning goal. That all of them straighter and I'll tell you meant you you know if you could great things about the Internet is a lot of you cannot get enough hockey and we are huge hockey town here in buffalo but. You know what I love about it V the Internet is he being able to go back and watch. Come full videos. Osama of the greatest Stanley Cup finals of all time and some of the greatest players of all time and even though I actually watched him play it in person. There's just nothing like it but that was after his he's got a winner Adam there's just nothing like watching these tapes of Bobby war. Or going back and you know you you hear all the time about. How strong. Too important ones and the trump and his upper body strength it's important. But when you actually are able now that we are able to go back and check out videos of two important through his career there. I mean nick I was like 510 out of eleven and he was an absolute. Bull. And there's a picture it's important without assured. I'm wide and big guy it was you I mean what he got 1% body fat if that. Be that guy was bill lightly busted at muscles in his feces. That's on all built begun plus see. What that's an old expression. Yeah I hit it is it is the very real expert here here's the thing though. I just think that you should have a little bit like you know. Bed they're done decorum but there before you. I gotta go back to Thurman Thomas because he was such an incredible example here at the end zone. Football these professional. He's Thomas he's Oklahoma State. He put Barry Sanders on the bench in college he'd he'd approve anything he dumped the ball well. He's got the chip on the shoulder and he's like you know I expect this or patched up and make a spectacle itself you'd impressed me Miami. In you know and that is respectable acting like you know like this stuff to me is. It'd get over here yet shirt I L sure this is the well. His Al Roker. On how to loves. Now to compare that we have. One of the greatest goal polls ever in NHL. History ladies and gentlemen this is Bobby Orr what are we talking. In 1970. 1970. Bobby Orr Stanley Cup winning goal in overtime the Boston Bruins against the saint Louis blues there's a very iconic picture that was taken by the Boston photographer were you actually see Bobby or suspended in mid air but this is the audio of that goal. Or they put a lot about my ankle on the apparently. Went on golden. I've thought about why didn't he imperative okay. They are behind it. Okay. Okay. I. Goals in NHL. History and that give a go between Bob Orr and Derek Anderson was just so old block all of Bruins of that era. And it might rope with ties listening he he may actually I mean he may be excited Jazeera. I just again I. I go back to all those you know there were times in its neighbors we have a lot of emotion in this city people. Tens of thousands of people would. Go outside of the stadium to watch you know outside an arena just sit around while the game was being played inside people love their sports here. People were sick when the bill possible plea after after all that the roller coaster ride a get into the play out. Emotion out there. But if date that it it's one thing for fame and act that way. It's definitely for child act that way. But you know I was disturbed by a lot of things outside of Savannah Guthrie upper lip I was as you saw that's just not right. Absolutely sure fire Marshal on that upper lip it's always very dark man. Now here's somebody who's actually clueless on the export. I'll I'll cling to separate radio zero. Hoops given about hockey a good server you keyboard tough guy. You clearly do not know the buffalo market because even without the sabres in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Hockey this is one of the largest media hockey markets in the country so. The next time you're going to speak Archer's past at least try to separate and you know we're talking about what if they don't give. Zero. Proves that there's probably don't want so what. Against wide they feel the need to issue there that's where you don't want because they had miserable lives and they want to make us miserable or they go to the royal wedding and through this. Up up up. And the buffalo sabre the VV future Buffalo Sabres who was a part of that Boston Bruin team mr. of the audio. Bobby or scoring Stanley Cup winning goal. GM lower rents. Was part of that it. One Boston under 19691970. And Jim Lawrence proudly work is Stanley Cup and Jim Lawrence has never made this audible sound. Not like we have David through the good worker fill Kennedy's yes we we have actually were actually now a position to be able to compete here. The sounds of real you'll living dolphins. With the sound of the NBC. Media professionals so. Let's hear the dolphins' first and then it will age and be at the dolphins followed by. The NBC reporters. NBC reporters I don't know it. I am confused as to which is which. We even okay one more time but all things. NBC report. Call me okay. We flipper flipper you know what I think you're near laurel and we adage if you had the early laurel. It. I had not Yoni vs laurel a full four hours on oh but listen he knows there's if you you lose. And he's sort of take me serious down the road when you are screen mean. You know as if you're yeah Buffy and The Beatles in the sixties now we have to bring. Take a news radio 930 WB and when we come back. Should illegals should New York State give illegals driver's licenses. There should Ricky Carnes worry about what the county executive says cedar county executive and Erie county he loves illegals in fact the Democrat hierarchy loves illegals and what I can't figure out for the life for me is. What part of illegal is so difficult. For our elected representatives to comprehend and understand. You do not have as human being born on the face of this earth an inherent right to be an American citizen because guess what if you did our population would be six billion the entire world would move to the United States okay because despite the fact that were a racist horrible country where the rich call all the shots and nobody can advance at all there are still billions of people who wish they could be Americans and we can't accommodate the mall Jericho. We have borders. And we're not a nation of illegal immigrants were a nation of immigrants big difference.