iOS Glitches and How To Fix Them - Garret Cleversley


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There's an iPhone auto correct glitch which has frustrated a lot of people were talking about this with Garrett conversely with Max solutions plus. In buffalo Gary good morning. Good morning and hey have you experienced this. Anything and I run. The beta version on my own and I never saw the issue but I don't like that it's sort sort of on. The. Have you ever seen a glitch like this I mean it seemed so simple why can I type of werder letter I. Yet it is just part of BE RR dictionary but I incorrect and so you update your form to. 11110. But that allow anyone to get through. Yes speaking of funny there I had treated at a picture of a church sign in Georgia says the lord is my shepherd. A question mark shall not want. Which is getting a lot of a lot of buzz but this is only affecting people that have IOS eleven point one would this be affecting the new iPhone ten. I'm dot org and judgeship with eleven point one but you update charity out pretty much pitcher following. And trying not started up its gonna have to be the opera update panel bill collector elect. Now how many people do that software update right away whether it's too didn't you update given sued the eleven or how many people just haven't. Even switched up to eleven yet. I've read yet about Draper what exactly that a little bit slower than and I've ballot in effect you're pretty good time to update they've addressed you know some battery life issues and specifically this. This I don't know part bug. It might alone because it it seems like whenever there's an update and never do it right away I always wait. No I mean that's pretty much. But I tell people you've either Iowa or Mac OS Austria and you know practioner you know we own super port now a days. Well is given a weaker Q you know let everyone else beat a Guinea pigs and you know had issues. So it's Smart to wait out the bugs but you're gonna wanna update eventually because it's a big security I think two ranked. Yet helpful the white bite issue that it'll acted pretty much any router any Wi-Fi although as bankrupt as well. So I mean activities they about a week or two you know wait for the news reports come out and you know make sure there's no major she could you update the typical is that an Israeli crease all one though it. It's in my opinion pretty darn funny. Was this kind of a big glitch for the eleven point one. Would you say. I'd really. Small auto correct glitch but it just happens to be out letter that we played all the time. I guess a bowel Buchanan is an Alaska affect. I would say pretty prevalent that was there a lot of people stopping in to your store saying we want is going down. Yes we have a lot of traffic through trying to figure out what they did their own when it really doing it just you know what's. I've built in feature that nobody wanted it. Our rate Garrett thanks we appreciate it. My point to thank you have to always good to talk to that's gear conversely. He is with Mac solutions plus they've got all your answers when it comes Ted Mack an ample products.