Interest Rates Due For Change - Daria Albinger


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From terrorists to interest rates. Let's check in now with correspondent Gary holding her this morning borrowing money is getting a little more expensive as and it. Isn't it really shouldn't surprise anybody because the Fed said the cure we were looking at probably three interest Jane thanks. The member killed and well not only do we find out that. The interest rate is going up now it's gonna probably go up. Four times this year yeah that's not necessarily a bad thing for the economy impacted not a bad thing for the economy. I'll because when we see interest rates going up. It's the signs that the economy is playing on all cylinders but things are going the way they should be. Especially in the labor sector job market. Better than we've seen you know in almost twenty years but then again it is a little bit more yeah out of position on consumers for the quarter percent increase. Yeah not much to panic about. You know what is the good and the bad because it's been awhile since we've had these increases what do people need to know. You remember it was the Fed does not raise interest rates that defined the economy is not moving in the direction that shut. And when they don't raise interest rates. That's the way to act one step before they have to actually artificially stimulate the economy and you don't wanna see that happen because at that decided that the economy. Is you know is stagnant. Or even had a president heading into recession need to win this fear that. When we see interest rates it means that inflation is on the line. And inflation won't mean that we might be paying more foursome thing which. If consumer you're never going to be happy about but it's the fact that the cost of our goods is increasing in the value of our money. Is increasing and those are architects of the economy. Are in the also need to have them up because. In the event of of a downturn you need to be able to lower them. Right exactly that that that's exactly right because you can eat Kapalua worked from the bureau. You know you can lower from one point 75. Or indicate that the console one point 752%. But you can't lower from 01 thing you can do is to consumers though is you can take care any adjustable rate debt that you might have played now the good example of that is. Credit card debt. Well even if petty 0% balance on the card when you look I play than. Tend did you balance the gauntlet it probably not a 0% now. It is just according to the prime rate took care of that includes an adjustable rate mortgage and and there are a lot of economists that think. Why did you do that grain LSU well multimillionaire. Consider refinancing prep echlin. All right some good information from correspondent area all thing or this morning.