Intel Dangers - John Cohen


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Threats to the US. Jon Cohen is joining us live former acting undersecretary for intelligence at the Department of Homeland Security. At a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing some intelligence chiefs were taking turns detailing threats to the US and John it's pretty scary stuff that. Director of National Intelligence of the country's under attack. By entities that are using cyber to penetrate virtually every major action that's taking place in this country. What's your opinion of this. Good morning things out on top yesterday's hearing. Area start it was one has me. Start but I heard from a long time. And the U intelligent she. Provided aid. Freddie each held analysis. Of the area. And diverse earth shaking the US whether it is let events transpired country like China North Korea Iran. Our heritage and I think it's an al-Qaeda. And in particular threat posed by Russia I think as reported know what lies. Most. Interest and immediately was the emphasis on not just wrecked in the physical world per cent cervical cap the threat of attack. Our ongoing each and every day. I in the cyber and and social media are. It the one thing that was eye opening to me is that the threat of Chinese tactic that is embedded in American products so many of our electronics. Made in China words. That country is so much power. Over what is done with in its borders and the potential is there for a massive security threat. It is how this community is concerned for years that. Computer and other communication technology manufactured in countries like China are or would be essentially. Dealt with App Store so that the intelligence services that this country. I could accept. I systems using those components. It's a huge this year it it's an issue that requires. Action but not just by the government of by pirates after. I think I made now I think one of the most startling I am an alarming. Issues raised by the intelligence huge yesterday it would be ongoing efforts are Russia. Two. Chet cap this country in cyberspace in the digital world. Are you in the old days you know. It Russians will cheeky and chair conduct influence campaign eking you know media and other traditional source. Eight amplifies. Those efforts incredibly want to see social media. And other Internet based communications. That's highly sophisticated. I mentioned earlier are seeking to undermine credibility in our government is seeking to. I influence our government and they are seeking to undermine our our very electoral system. It. You attack at all or cheese or are off Archie. Is it just start. And who you detection of the strike and raised the alarm. I'd something that all Americans should really take our. Real quickly Jun. It characterized the efforts to stop this in your opinion. What's being done. I I think our efforts have been woefully inadequate. I am an anti everything you do you heard that from intelligence chiefs yesterday. I've this the type of issues that the White House should be a senior policy group to develop a strategy. And can slot and are we heard yesterday that just occurred. The other challenge here at that particular letter relates to the influence. Campaign and yeah and accuse social media. Some of the actions aren't government option that are going to be required to counteract that in some respects it's all about that. You'd understand. That the Russians are seeking to influence our Indian and they're doing it through the spread out policy in relation. And to some degree. Our best defense in dealing abstract sort each about two and a little bit more carefully about. What we're reading on and what we're seeing social media. And how we're reacting to it it's very possible that what you're reading is inaccurate. I'm all our words created. I foreign entity up for the purposes. It linking Europe and. Ari that's Jon Cohen we appreciate by the time John former acting undersecretary for intelligence and DHS.