Insight into the #FloridaSchoolShooting 930in716 February 15, 2018

Thursday, February 15th

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Her kids 930. In 716. For the eighteenth time in 2018. A school shooting a troubled person. Acting out in deadly rage. The real key in my view is that when you get pieces of information like they had on this kid a lot of forces need to go see him. And talk again and night in and get them to come up starter maybe even invite you into the house. And see what's going on with him. And the conversation. That follows. Of course nobody's in favor of picking guns away from everybody with a Second Amendment however there are turned to bill. I'm Tim Wenger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. Students and neighbors described the suspect in the deadly Rampage at a Florida high school as a troubled teen. Who harassed piers talked about killing animals posed with guns on social media. And bragged about target practice. Nineteen year old Nicholas crews had been expelled from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school for disciplinary reasons. Some students say they're not surprised he's been identified as the shooter. But some officials say. There were no real warning signs. To voices with high level law enforcement perspective on this one. The eighteenth school shooting in 2018 alone. There are all very common on owns a majority of levels. Brad Garrett crime law enforcement and terrorism expert with Susan rose and Brian mess around ski. They're all driven by. Anger rage. I hopelessness. And L utter lack of feeling any power in their lives. And the become so that. And so enraged that he virtually have no empathy. And so that the people that you're shooting are just. Basically people that they want to eliminate and not them personally probably but whatever they represent and the shooters mind. And I think that's probably you know what you have here two variations a little bit. He did go back to school that he hadn't apparently. Been attending for. A year. Is he left which is somewhat unusual leaves the weapons and speak out with the kids. And then just caught a couple miles away. You have to Wonder Bread is Valentine's Day. Figured into this in anyway. Well and then that would didn't go to the question. Is there a girlfriend. Involved it in some form or fashion. That she's independent school they're Gucci. Push him away Indian city feel rejected an epic this kid's feelings. Probably. A super. Vulnerable and number levels my understanding his mother died recently as political and other family. I think you have a depression issues. You know all of these things are sort of I just fires are for a levers if you will. For people in the end up doing that shooting. So that a number of things sort of checked off with his life that would. Certainly raised concerns. Yeah how alarming is that that we're finding all this sound says immediately after the fact that when you look at the history of this person. And see what happened yesterday you know things start to click but is that tough to judge. I guess before hand you know we talk about. Raising a hand saying something if they see something disturbing. How hard is it to determine what is this during. Well I think you have to look at the following way vast majority of these reports. I that are in trouble wings sort of make you cringe that they may not actually be. Against the law or if they are not only any serious level. I think the real key in my view is that when you get pieces of information like they had on this kid. But you've got to get to a lot forces may be combined with a little help. Community to put him how it's set up that your particular jurisdiction. Need to get to see him. And talked to him and you know get him to come up starter maybe even invite you into the house. See what's going on with him. Talked to her about war weapons do you have so he may become belligerent try to turn you out but the point being. You make contact with things in here telling him we know about you. And then you're gonna have to do follow ups. And the problem is the law enforcement doesn't have I think it's time to do that and they're not necessarily trained to do that. And Lou these kids just sort of fall through the cracks until. The you know they jump from being meg a troubled. To a mash shooter because let's face that there's a lot of people that are may have trouble but never heard anybody. But it's is that is that distance in between him that this that we don't have. Brent is an unusual that the family he was living with. Had no sign of that did didn't see anything coming at you now he was living with this family. Just in the last few months. His mother he was adopted his father died early in his life his mother just had a couple of months ago from the flu so he's living with this other family. We're just absolutely stunned by this. Yeah if you have a kid and I think he hit this. It's. Super quiet just doesn't talk much kind of goes about his day to some kids and actually describe him you know he has these outbursts that they've also talked about. But in either leaving a cut he can't answer right to be depressed he's you know he has no parents is no place to stay. You know I mean at that stuff that is everything else in your life is tolerable. Until they may have overlooked the mean you know that most people are trained to look at these things. They didn't know he added they are fifteen apparently they did if you're gonna have a bash not have to have a a blockade which apparently he did that he would keep to it is is his. So you know is that an example of it could have law enforcement only at the very least informally got involved with this get him because at. I would tell you The Who did that all the time in his Secret Service. When it comes to threats against the president they have to talk to beat him. People all the time it that they don't end up arresting but they have to be sort of a profile and analysis. To see if they really are a threat. For law enforcement there's going to be a lot of Taka about gun control why would law enforcement realistically like to see when it comes to that you should would they like to see a more uniform. Law across the country instead of so many differing things across state lines. I think if you wind up all the police she stood in cities to do besides. They're gonna tell you that there needs to be more control of who has firearms. And I think many of of what today is there's no reason for anybody to have an assault rifle under that law enforcement and the military. A thicket of theory is is that I think. That's what they'll tell you because they are the ones day in and day out adapted it to have to deal with gun violence. So. Mike senses that would be some version that answer that that's what you would get. And much of the discussion turns to guns of course. In this instance it was an AR fifteen reportedly purchased legally last year by the suspect. Well I you know they're military weapon. Pete day turn is the former agent in charge of the buffalo office of the FBI. A law enforcement consultant and regular contributor to WD yen. You know they're not necessarily use hunker. But the weapon in the popularity is is something that there are an older seem to have be attracted to. One of buying more Arab whether it's something that can to a military assault. Well Michael mentality of happy that weapons. I don't know if it's not for the American release day there's a reason for that extra weapon but they are pretty much everywhere that he could score to go to. There's a statistic out Peter that's really shocking a lot of people many don't believe it but this is the eighteenth shooting at a school so far this year in this country. Is this the one that tips the scales do you see something changing as a result of this. After the week we've been with the cart many times already like you said 1718 car last year six since January 1 and you know you can that you that the devastation of this what will lead to something. I would like to believe that I mean it's beast that you minimal the key simple issues are universal contract to beat that nature. Of course nobody's in favor of picking goes away from everybody with the fact man however there are certain things bill. And right now it's it's early in the investigation to focus all we are focused on the gun. We don't know how he got him whether he should have whether there were ways to stop and we're national medical would be part of this so urged it to the investigation is directed train on. When they are looking into the background of what Richard was slightly worried that the weapons whether he should have worked as he really had any. Do it with polluted. Or that with an arrest. And we'll be critical partner. Looking at the laws in Florida Peter this is a weapon that this shooter at the age of nineteen could've obtained legally in that state with out it without him having you would go through. A background check to the different laws in different states make it difficult for somebody who was in your position with the FBI. Two whether it's investigate stop these things from happening now proactively just because there're so many different laws across state lines. However every state they do have grown a lot and we've seen again this is more questions the call our our investigators that you were the weapons. The sale of them and in the heart of issues. But you are in wouldn't illegal gun on the street to street date you can Trace back the state where their departure we're book of laws that restrict them. Based on the state that will bind the gun and so it is problematic go to out. You know he's seeing where the gun purchases and he's he's a trail that leads to other cities in the states. You have the straw purchasers of people that are purchasing weapons for those that might have a criminal record. And that's that is a big issue and always have and will continue to be one. This started yesterday with a fire alarm at the school at the end of the day the gunman pulled it together everybody out and of the hallways. How alarming is that an of people went to start hesitating when I hear a fire alarm going forward. Well good looking into the there were few interest in issues. He's you know he clearly knew what we're doing that with coldly premeditated from what investigators already seen. And something like that based on what they know. Paula that orbit had a fire drill earlier in the days and also. Police agency's air pocket about the art computer training would call. Schools go pro football school of helpful schools do you know so yeah. He knew he was doing and why do we never called the the panic people could not always where I think he knew he would've but people who you know who the devastation that he did or didn't it was cartel. Is it possible to train whether it's the resource officers that are in schools currently your it if it just faculty and staff. For all the different ways that an attack can happen whether it's pulling that fire alarm or something else it seems like the possibilities are endless. They they train for every every event to our concern is that now. You know it's such as schools say they train churches that mean we we've been getting calls from church is ever since of the church shooting. They'll go Google street stages of a crisis in the system the crisis but honestly when it happens. All that training a lot of times can go up the window however. You know the basic training you could see was that wait suddenly its reacted they do with that we're going to try to do what they obviously at work when you deal with on hardcourt. Mentality Joba of what's going on with the attack is happening balance they are you're dealing with the outcome of the victims the witnesses be patient. And that's big one is operation like he just. The training and hardening of the of the school areas where torture is cameras awards. It's all their training is done. Image just you know when that happens there and pretty good you'd been a crisis you know. It is it's crazy. Much much more in the hours and of course d.s to come. Back tomorrow. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.